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Can you flip pages with a mouse wheel scroll?

No that is not possible.

Hello, I am using dflip plugin. I have an issue with the plugin that is the content of the PDF is blur it’s not clearly visible.

Hello, Thanks fro the reply. Could you please let me know from where I can change the settings?

I have changed but no effect. I will check this again by tomorrow. If i need further help then I will ask to you.

Does anyone know how to disable the highlight on areas that link to URLs? My PDF has invisible hyperlink boxes but on dFlip they are yellow.

OK, thanks a bunch!

I figured out where to add the custom CCS and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your help with this!

That’s great news !!

Feel free to leave a review about the plugin and you can also help us and the plugin

Have a good day, Cheers

Hi! In my website I show a list of magazines made with your plugin. How can I track each one with Google Analytics? I want to have information about the users interaction with the magazines.

Can you send a message through our profile page and we can send you the latest we have?

We can’t put links to updates in the public comment section

I’ve sent you the message. Thanks again!

I have replied through mail with the update link.

How can I see a list of dflip books with MISSING pdfs? This shows me ALL of them: SELECT * FROM `wp_posts` WHERE `post_type` LIKE ‘dflip’ but I need to filter broken/missing pdfs due to file renaming.


Broken links are usually identified when requested.

If you delete any pdf then update that into then respective flipbooks.

This is very similar to the broken images in a page. You wont know unless the pages are loaded and images are requested too.

Best, DearHive

Yes, but this is a very MANUAL process… I have over 700 booklets!


You will have to create a php file/function.

1. select all the “dflip” post_type
get_posts( array(
                'post_type'      => 'dflip',
                'posts_per_page' => - 1));
2. then loop through each post and get the data.
$post_meta = get_post_meta( $post_id, '_dflip_data' );
$pdf_source  = $post_data['pdf_source'];
3. Then apply some check for File_exists or similar. and echo the status if file exists or not.

Best, DearHive

I have two questions: Can I block the option for downloading? and, how many page I can upload?


You can disable the download button.

You can upload a PDF with as many pages you like.

Best, DearHive

Hello, Sorry but I have a problem : the active links in my PDF don’t work with the premium extension. Is there an option/settings that I omitted despite my research and my various tests? Thank you very much J.

Hi, Can you share the link to your PDF. Some links are actually auto-created from a normal text in desktop PDF readers. but not explicitly defined. You can use the contact form in our profile to keep your links private.

Best, DearHive

Getting this error when loading a PDF on a page via the shortcode:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Bad end offset: 66579601



You are using superpwa-sw.js, through some plugin, that is not friendly with partial loading that pdf.js supports.. Can you try disabling the plugin and check.

Best, DearHive

Will this plugin allow for a searchable archive?

No, it doesn’t.

Thanks for responding so quickly.

I’m loading the shortcode in a modal, specifically the Foundation Reveal framework. When the modal opens, the PDF doesn’t show, but controls are there. If I resize the screen the PDF appears. Guessing I need to reinitialize the JS for the PDF when the modal opens. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, but hoping I can fire the JS event myself vs using the built-in modal? Is there a JS call I can fire when my modal opens? Site is currently on my local and in development.


Yes you can..

If you check the html there is an id generated for the flipbook.



use that id.. find the element and access the id field then use the id to access the flipbook variable and invoke the resize function.


Never tried but personally should work. Don’t have an environment to test. try running the code from developer console and check if that works .

Best, DearHIve

Works beautifully, thanks!


tbrejar Purchased

Hello. I bought your plugin. When I use images to create flip book, the flip works fine. When I use pdf the flip does not work. I’m getting the error: Cannot access file! Do you have any idea what the problem is? Thank you in advance

Hi, Our plugin uses the upload from WordPress itself. So there is nothing specific from our plugin.

Please try uploading from the media section in WordPress, then try if the PDF is accessible… you can later reselect the PDF in Select PDF.

If the issue persist can you share your admin access through our profile page contact form? The details will be private and safe to share from there.

Best, DearHive


tbrejar Purchased

Thanks for the quick support. As you mentioned in private message, the problem was in some .htaccess edits from ultimate membership pro that disable direct pdf access.

Your are welcome, Have a good day.


I had a look at the site.

The layout issue is not from the plugin. It comes form the theme or custom CSS.

Please correct responsive CSS at

@media (min-width: 0px) {
    .container {

@media (min-width: 992px) {
    .container {

@media (min-width: 1200px) {
    .container {

use max-width not width.


Best, DearHive

Hi, I bought a full license for this but it’s still showing the lite version. Where do I enter the purchase code? Thank you.

Hi, just deactivate the lite plugin.


I am using Elementor Pro, when your plugin is active it takes my custom fonts away and I am left with the default font. I have a custom font installed that my client wants, if this product cant work with elementor then I will reques a refund. I have tried css and yellow pencil to override, but it doesnt work, please assist, because I want your pluggin to work because it suits the site.

Hi, Can you share the link to your site? We will have a look at it.

If you need to keep your links private please use the contact form in our profile page Best, DearHive


i payed for your dflip flipbook

and when i add a new book ..

i selected shortcode thmbnail ,

and when mouse rollover thumbnail..

the subject letter comes up from the bottom.

i want no letters .. i want just hover action (open book)

can i hide the rising letters from the bottom of thmbnail?

my email is

have a nice day ~


You can use custom css.
._df_thumb ._df_book-title {

You can add custom css in wordpress customizer under additional css.

Best Regards, Dearhive


i payed for dflip.

i want to remove this text

how can i ?

my email is

have a nice day ~

it worked !! thanks

new question.

i want to make thumbs auto-fit .

(not Thumbs-stretch )

how can i ?

You can set Book Thumb Type to Image

in Settings menu

the difference will be like:

zweigelb Purchased

Hi dearhive, is there a changelog somewhere? Here on Codecanyon it says the latest version 1.4.3. Now I see that the latest update is from January, 1st 2020. Would be great if you could inform your buyers about the changes and improvements. THX :)


Thanks for the reminder.. :) The change logs are updated. Also apologies for the missing info..

Best, DearHive


zweigelb Purchased

No need to apologize :) Thanks a lot for keeping us up to date

hi , when i go to the menu ‘add new book’ , and select book source type images ..(not pdf file)..

the image in flip book is not in original aspect ratio but stretched.

how can i make flip book images in original aspect ratio ?

I already selected book thumb type to ‘image’

and 5 pictures..and made flip book.

and then.. in the 5 picture flipbook .. the 2nd page picture is not original aspect ratio. (it is stretched)

is there any way i can make the 2nd picture not stretched ?


In Flip book all pages are required to be of same aspect ratio.

Flipbook is just a digital representation of real life book, where every pages are of same height and width. So the images will be stretched, there is nothing that can be done, it is as expected.

Best, Deepak


Still, there is something you could try with non3D mode. add this custom css in the customizer Additional CSS section:

.df-book-page .df-page-front, .df-book-page .df-page-back {
    background-size: contain;
    background-position: 50%;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;

This is not how the flipbook is supposed to work, still a workaround that we don’t officially recommend. Note, this only works in non-3D mode.

thanks , i ‘ll try.

another question. when i select book source type ‘images’ .. the thumbnail image is selected automatically the first image.

as like this .. when i select book source type ‘pdf’ ..

is there any way to make thumbnail image automatically select the first page?


In images there is no processing required so we just use the first image.

For PDF it needs to be processed which is not possible in PHP so that is not yet available. We have tried and want to add but it’snot yet feasible in most cases.

Best, DearHive

thanks for your reply . I can see now it is not possible.. have a nice day ~

Is it possible to remove the #dflip-df permalink from the share button?

Or at least change it so it’s not promoting the plugin when people are sharing our material?

Hi, Can you send a message through so that we can send update regarding this feature and you can try it out

Best, DearHive