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Hi, i managed to work out what you meant and copied the code from the share, but in my website i have used the url as a link in an image and as a text link and neither work, you click it and nothing happens.

I have created a page below where you can see your button which works fine, then underneath an image and text that both link to the flipbook, but which do not activate, any ideas what i am doing wrong?


Thank you… :-)

Hi, sorry about this but i have just found something out… on the example page i have sent previously, when you click on my image or text link, the full url does show in the browser, but nothing happens, but if you then click your mouse in the url path window and press enter it does then work, so its like when you click the link, it puts the url in the browser but does not actually activate the link, you have to go to the url address bar, click in there and press enter and it works then, hope you can help, thank you… :-)


Thanks for the purchase :)

There are two approaches depending on the result.

1. Open flipbook on the same page : For this method we use lightboxes(thumbs,button,links). example:

2. Open flipbook in another page, with a direct link to the flipbook on that another page: Here we use the deep-link generated by Share button. so that a link in this page(comment here) will open the flipbook directly in our demo page.

So if you click on a image with the deep-link to flipbook on the same page, then it wont open. you can rather click on the flipbook itself on that page.

Hope it helps.

Best, DearHive

Hi, thank you very much, i did get it to work in a round about way, but i had to add some html, here is where i found out abut my issue:

I do have one more question… is there a way to change the size of the thumbnails?

Thank you… great plugin by the way!

Ahh, Great, you had it sorted.

For thumb sizes, please look at:

Best, DearHive


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I would like to know how to increase the padding-top so that the pages(in flip book) are not cut when we turn the page. Thanks Kind regards


You can use custom code for that:

DFLIP.defaults.paddingBottom = 80;

Note: The controls height is added on top of the paddingBottom, so please take that into account too.

Best regards.


I am testing the plugin to buy it. I have a 40-page magazine and only 30 are displayed. Is it possible to display the 40 pages? It also takes me a long time to load, what size of PDF is recommended for fast loading?


During testing only 30 pages will be displayed. Its added in description of the test version wordpress plugin page. Only the full version displays beyond 30 pages.

We recommend 200kb per page size..

Best, DearHive

I’ve added my first flip book to a post in WordPress using an image thumbnail as the link to open the flip book.

Is there a way of increasing the size of the thumbnail image as the default size is quite small. I’ve played around with various layout settings, but nothing seems to increase the size.



How can I open flipbook on specific page? For example when flipbook is loaded to be opened directly on page 5


Please use the account that you used for purchase for premium support in codecanyon item page.

Or the answers are there in previous comments, you can go through them.


I havent purchased yet, Im intend to but I need this option in order to buy this plugin

This option is available in the premium version.


Hi, does the plugin supports Elementor? does it support dynamic content? for example if I have a CPT of books and I want to create a single tamplate. Thank you!

Hi, Can you elaborate? what you intend to achieve.


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Hi, I have just purchased a wrong product, please cancel the order and transfer the amount back to my paypal account.

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Sure initiate a refund. Please state which product you had intended to purchase instead.


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Hi when i click on a flipbbok and i wanna share my flipbook, i copy the share link. when my client opens the shared-link, and close it after reading, he will get an empty page because the permalink goes backt to /#_ no the client are irritated. what can i do to fix the permalink when we close the flipbook? Here is a link for exsample : i hope you can help out Regards Oliver from adprico

The white page is due to elegant themes theme – divi, that is due to animation.

They stay at opacity 0. and never start the animation.

Please confirm without animation.

like in our example page. The white page is not due to the plugin but improper animation detection from the theme.

Best, DearHive

Hello friends, I have a pre-purchase question: is it possible to load interactive pdf? specifically with the ability to show videos from YouTube. Thank you very much, I will be attentive to your response.

Or, add a popup that opens an iframe? Thank you!

Hi, Thanks for your interest.

Such feature is not available.

Plugin can show links available in PDF. And those links will open in new window or tab.