Reviews for dFlip PDF FlipBook jQuery Plugin

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for Design Quality

This is the best flipbook I have ever used! Thank you for your hard work on it!

for Customer Support

Absolute first rate plugin and customer support. Quick response time and fast beta solutions to issues we encountered. This is the best PDF flipbook plugin that I have found. I highly recommend DFlip JQuery Plugin for your web site.

for Feature Availability

All i'm missing is initial zoom, besides that the plugin is perfect!

for Other

Very nice demo but impossible to use after purchase. There is still one step to complete the installation.

How much do your products actually cost to use?

In 3 years, I have not managed to use one!

Why complicate things like Adobe?

Why not make it simple like Google?

The time in 2017 is no longer the same as in 2008


Author response

Hehe, won't say much .. Google has complicated tools that costs a ton like their business services.. you just don't happen to use them.. Every wondered why Google makes more than Adobe.. Everyone has a purpose and a reason...

You are always welcome to get help at
Or refund if you really don't like the product

Bad reviews won't help both of us... cause in 2017 customers can get support easily ;)

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