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tiborou Purchased

I want to use japanese in pdf. But it does not work.

Error during font loading: Unable to get cMap at: nullAdobe-Japan1-UCS2

It says this one. Can you fix this one ? Sorry

Can you send me the link to the page . Use the contact form in my profile page to keep the link private and enable email suppprt..


tiborou Purchased

Thanks ! I sent a message. Please check it.

Hi Im interested in using this plugin, however my HTML knowledge is very basic, is it easy enough to set up and also would it work within sharepoint.

Kind Regards


Hi Glen,

Well i am not very knowledgeable with SharePoint so can’t say.. if you are not confident you can get a dev to help out.. It’s not that complicated..

Best, Deip

how to increase height of PDF display.. present PDF display very small.. we checked in CSS folder but unable to find out please let me know

We recommend using lightboxes.. since they are better suited…

If you want to increase height of embedded version then use the option variable…

See the basic example ….

For jquery based

var options={height:”800”};

Or through html attribute for html based flipbook height=”800”

First, I tried to use in a Intranet with Firefox, IE and Chrome, last version all, and only Chrome didn’t have problems…So I tried to use image option, but now the image appears not be in good quality, text and images….How can I improve the quality…My images have 2000 pixels and 72 dpis

Hi carlos, can you send the link to your site – so that I can have a look. Please use the contact form in my profile page to keep your link private.

2D CSS version will be most clear. since 3D does have some distort due to 3D effect.

I can not click on the electronic catalog in IE11, press the X button and see another catalog. How do I fix it?

You can get the latest version or contact using the account from which the purchase was made.

This plugin support large pdf files ? 100 M.B

It does. Just test your pdf in our demo page… All that matters is bandwidth transfers..

It works fine on localhost but when I upload my files to my hosting server it takes long time loading large pdf file 45 mb takes about 1 minute loading

Hi, I would like to buy your works, but I did not understand fully regarding your prouduct license. If I have to publish a lot of pdfs, how do I do? Whenever new pdf is published, I have to pay for it??

Please let me know..

Thanks, I got it

I have a question. If I want to use hot-spot function, I have to buy editor? As I know, it is just pdf viewer, right? Whenever someone(end user) want to publish their pdf in my website, they willing to do something like as makeup, underline,etc. To solve this case, I have to do previous job bofore using your works?

You will have to build it yourself. since that will quite custom and specific for your usage.. You can get some idea from our WordPress plugin which has a simple hotspot builder.

Could we have documents / configuration files before buy it??

In short..

1. Possible 2. Not possible 3. Possible 4. Not possible.. only lighttbox fullscreen. Durect fullscreen is from user action..


Thanks for information. Regarding jpg format, dFlip will display flip book with specific folder containing all jpgs. Do we have to configure page account / page number/ folder path and sequence of pages? then do same thing on page thumbnails? I couldn’t find this configuration in documents.

Configure paths for page images… thumbnails are from the page image.. there are examples…

Do you have a bundle for the html and wordpress versions?. Kind regards.

No there is not. We haven’t thought of that yet.

Hi, i have some issues about IE10+11 on Win8 & 8.1 The page dont getting loaded, only the preloader icon is turning around.

This happens also on your demo at 3D mode. 2D works in ur demo, but a disable of webgl has no effect in my dflip pdf.

Thanks for ur help and best regards Robert

Hi, can you send me the url to your site through my profile page contact form?.. https://codecanyon.net/user/deip#contact

Also then I would be able to send you some updates if necessary.

Best, Deip

Hi there, Nice plugin! I Need help with Bridge Template and Your flip book plugin. I mean when I click on a book on the shelves the popup is displayed under the navbar and hide the exit cross and the half flipbook. I try to play with z-index but nothing work. Please could you support me for this task please. Thank you for your help.

Thank your for your answer. I have another one to validate my purchase. Could send me the link for the WordPress flipping Book plugin which allow to add real links to watch a video on YouTube or send an email by clicking action, please.

And Does it exists a Flipping Book which allows Pdf downloading and add a layer link option ? I mean I can create active links on a PDF loaded files on a flipbook. Thanks again for your advices!

Our plugin doesn’t support YouTube videos or sending mails… If you create a PDF with links and then load it in dflip then the links will work..

This is our wordpress plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/dflip-flipbook-wordpress-plugin/16408847/

Hay, nice script.

One question, how to use multiple images in source for lightbox? Ex:

class=”_df_button” source=”[image1.jpg, image2.jpg, image3.jpg]” id=”df_intro_button Intro Book

It’s possible? My question is use a lightbox onclick with jpg instead pdf.

It’s not possible with images as of now..l js code is the only method when it comes to images.. but yeah this idea is also good… Best, Ddip

hi, thats a nice plugin u’ve got there.

i wanna ask about ur plugin. could that plugin of urs be collaborated with annotator? like this page (https://flowpaper.com/annotations-html5-pdf-viewer/?ro=html5,flash)

i need the highlight feature. thanks bro


deip Author

Lets make things clear.. annotation is a data driven feature and thus is a complex feature.. requires storage place access policies and more… and thus adding it will take considerable time and increase the plugin cost beyond 30$... while it may be reasonable for you it won’t be reasonable for other clients who love this plugin for being simple and flexible….

We and compelled but to think about the demand and majority of users first.. I hope you can understand…. We will suggest you to choose a much more complex solution like flowpaper which is certainly costly.. but should suffice your requirement…

how about only add highlight feature in ur dflip plugin. i will pay the plugin costs even it beyond 30$. because i need it for teaching my students. thanks


deip Author

I understand… this move can be made if the demand for this feature is high.. we can’t charge you 30 and then bring back to 22 for other clients.. and other cliwnts won’t pay 30 for this feature which is unnecessarily charged… I can’t really assure you if this feature will be added… only if demand rises… like almost half of the new customer keep asking then.. We are capable of adding but the demand potential is very slim…


I am looking forward to purchase this, before that can i have any demo link to see if this works onclick function, basically i want to create gallery and onclick flipbook should open in same page or may be popup page.

Thank You


deip Author

You can use df_custom class to trigger flipbook..

Like in http://deipgroup.com/flipbook/beta-1.2.8/demo_advanced-lightbox.html (The last custom element link)

just make sure to add necessary attributes like source to the PDF file..

Hi there,

Having trouble with dflip on iPAD/iPhone device.

It displays no problem, but the fonts are not correct and all inconsistent.

Can you advise?

Thank you


deip Author

The problem has occured with new Ios version and is resolved in our beta update.

Can you contact through contact form in my profile page so that I can send you the link to the update.. it can’t be provided in public comment sections..

Best, Deip

Hi, is it easy to include the flipbook into a website: with no iframe and being responsive? thank you


deip Author

the flipbook is responsive and you can include it without iframe, we use div elements mostly.. Just check out the demo..

I have inserted button short code like: [dflip id=”187” type=”button”] and it works fine.

Q1. How do I change button color?

(and next question)

Q2. Is there a way to configure so that it flips “one-Page at a time” rather than “book dual page”?


deip Author

Replied through mail. Cause this is jquery plugin section and you had purchased the wordpress version…