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Hello I wrote support and did not hear back in reference to Demo content, let me know please

Hello, I’m Michael from milothemes, sorry for the delayed reply, your request has been assigned to our developers and you will recive an answer later today. Thank you for your purchase.

hi, i’m looking for a solution to have a one page theme with Multilayer parallax effect possibility. I wuold like to controll multiple elment like this example:

thank, can you send me same demo were responsive has been fixed? i have to use text and image with parallax and i would like to be sure that the responsive problem are fixable.

Once you purchase the plugin we can send you the responsive files

Can you link me a demo with working responsive? i check some of yours demo but the parallax object not are responsive.


danmaby Purchased

Hi, I have set up a test image having purchased the plugin. The parallax elements are not responsive. I see in the comment above that you have offered to send the responsive files? I am not seeing anything within the download, am I missing something?

Please keep in mind they’re not perfectly responsive, you will need to wait for us to update our plugin, as we’re working on some updates. But because of vacations, some of our core member are unable to work on it. You will need to include ( enqueue ), or if you have a custom js setting in your theme option then add it there. Thank you for your purchase and hope you like our plugin.

Hello i send message on support. How can we duplicate a layer please ? I need to translate so duplicate will be great. Thansk a lot I read all comment +1 for horizontal version .

Yes i got it it was on spamm. Thank you milo for your support on sunday :)

Great to hear that. We wish you a great day!

Thanks for your advice. It work like a charme. Can you tell me if it’s possible to import demo content ?

Hi there! This is a great plugin! Do you guys offer a non-WP version?

Hello, for now, this is the only version we have developed.

Helllo can you tell me if it’s possible to import demo content ?

Hi, would it work with Wordpress themse Enford? Thank you.

Do I need to download visual composer to install this plugin on my site ? :)

Hello Zanda, This plugin only has an extention to work with Visual Composer as well. As does with the default Wordpress Editor. It’s not bound to Visual Composer.

Regarding the enford theme. We don’t own this theme, so we can’t check it, but if the theme has the ability to use the default wordpress editor or you can just simply past in shortcodes from the parallax editor, than it will work like a charm.

Thank you.

Hello I’m new in wordpress. I just installed version 4.4 (I had intention to install the latest one, but I’ve chose this version just for being be able to use “D.ex – Multilayer Parallax”)... but the plugin installation is not working. I have no idea why… Did I need to install something else before? Thanks

Hi. Our plugin is backword compatibile, up to version 3.5, and also working with latest releases as well. The plugin was developed under 4.4. What is exactly the issue you’re facing? Can you giva a more elaborate description. Are you unable to activate it or getting errors? From where are you uploading it? Ftp or plugins page?

Hello! After writting you I realized I had the same problem when I try to upload any plugin through my cPanel. I’ve fix it using FTP. Looks like everything works well. Actually using the plugin is easier than I expected! Thank you very much!

Ah so can I update my wordpress? Thats nice! Thanks

Now the plugin has become so buggy, no longer showing shortcodes and images uploaded are not visible.

Can you please provide information about your browser and version as well, so we can check compatibility. If you would be so kind to try to disable all of the plugins except the parallax and if you can switch to another theme as well, and see if it helps. Maybe there is a css conflict, but unfortunatly this is the only thing we can help you with without you providing us with your website and login information. One thing to note is that you may try to clear your browsers cache and see if it helps as well.

I will send you a message so that I can send screenshots to your reply. I used chrome and IE

Ok, we will continue there. Thank you mrbernny.

Hi there,

Awesome plugin, however I’m facing a problem:

The scroll parallax shows initially (at page load) as it is in the admin area (messed up because of different scroll speeds). When I scroll down, everything is as it should be. So how do I trigger that ‘scroll event’ at the page load instead of a visitor needs to scroll first?

Sorry for the late response, but we may not see some comments. Please contact us trough the contact form or send us your email because we have some uptaded files to send you

Hi, really nice plugin and as i could see in the video you are also using visual composer like me. So is it possible to create a multilayer background and fill it with some vc elements!? I tried to create 3 rows First with dex opening, Second with some vc elements i wanted to lay over the dex and the third was the closing element for dex, so is it possible to integrate dex in vc !? Have you already tried to integrate vc elements between dex tags. Any idea!? This would make dex incredibly awesome if it works perfectly with visual composer. Thx ;)

You seem to have missed the actual DEX::MLP VC Element. Please search for it when adding new elements in a row or other elements. You cannot nest dex shortcode elements.

Sorry for that i totally missed the Element in VC Editor. Now dex will be one of my favourite play elements in vc. GREAT GREAT WORK.

We are realy glad to hear that. If you have time please rate our product with stars and write a review, it will help us a lot. Wish you the best, Mihai, milothemes

Hello. Is it working with WP 4.7+ ?

Hello RiffRaff, YES, the plugin is compatible with the latest Version of WordPress. Thank you for your interest.

Mihai, Milothemes

Keep getting this error when i try to upload the plugin: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Hello bhferguson, We’ve replied you via email, we will continue the conversation there. Thank you.

Mihai, Milothemes


komini Purchased

Hi! Is this plugin compatible with Beaver Builder? And can I paste the html code of a parallax to add it within page builder? Thanks.

Hi. Yes it’s compatible as long as you can insert shortcodes inside the builder. Each parallax has a unique shortcode which you may use.

Hello! I love your plugin, especially after spending a ludicrous amount of time trying to implement the same functionality with Javascript.

However, I’m having an issue loading pages to anchor links. When hitting a menu button to an anchor link on the main page, the loading of the DEX elements causes the page to load at the top, instead of at the anchor link. I’ve tried using a pre-loader but that didn’t work. Any ideas?

Could you please elaborate more on what you’re trying to manage, with some visual aid as well. It will also help us debug any other issues as well. We have tried to link to anchor as well and everything was working.