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Hi, pre-purchase question here. Does the parallax hero works with theme default header navigation? For example, Would it work with the logo and navigation links including sticky nav for this theme?


Unfortunately I don’t know what to say. We don’t own the theme so we can’t check, also the pages are loaded though ajax or something similar and the parallaxes initialize on page load not on dynamically created content. So if there isn’t something that initializes each script when pre-loading the pages dynamically, it won’t work.

I have a couple of pre-purchase questions:

Is it possible to create multiple clickable areas within the parallax layers?

If so, can the clicks trigger pop-up boxes or would they just link to new pages?

Hi, you can add any kind of content inside each parallax, you cannot nest parallaxes tho, meaning starting from a simple html element to a more complex shortcode as well.

Thank you for your interes in our plugin.

Michael, milothemes

Pre-Sale Hello! I need to make a parallax effect like on this page, at the end in “Were you recommended SURGERY?” And in “We Are Prolotherapy Specialists”. Could you help me?

Unfortunatly only the first parallax is possible with this plugin. The second “parallax” is applying rotation to the element as you scroll, which doesn’t exist in our plugin. The third and forth parallaxes are horizontal parallax which isn’t enabled in the plugin. You can sort of hack it, on you’re own if you know javascript, but we don’t support it, yet. Also the last two don’t seem to be made with a regular parallax, they stop at a point in the scroll, this is more like scrollmagic rather than parallax, with parallax you don’t get a break point where it stops it will move each layer indefinitely as long as you scroll.

Hello. I cant use it with avada page builder and theme? With activated parallax plugin the content is fully confused.

Friend, please, help me with this, I need to answer to my client and your silence worries me. Thanks. .

This issue has been patched with the first update we made after release. Can you please confirm the plugin and wordpress version which you are using? The latest version is 1.2.2. if you could provide a temporary login credential so we may investigate this issue further, that would be great. As a follow up please send us a support email so we can freely talk about your website.

Hello, thank you. For some reason strange had downloaded version 1.1, today again to download, download version 1.2.2 and good, now work and it is compatible with “Avada Theme” thanks.

But now I have another problem, more small, but speak of it in another new message. Thank you very much

Dear programr, I am trying to add layers multiple that reactions to scroll, rise or fall, but I already have the content of each page on, I only need images that go beyond this conteido, going to the sides with the effect of raise and lower according to scroll. How can I do this?

Thanks, I await your response

try putting the objects, but it creates a space where only there are the layers, I hope that the layers are above the content which I have already worked from “Fusion Page Builder”

Hello, please contact us trough our contact form. It is really hard to keep track of all the comments here. Thank you

Hi, preorder question: Does the plugin works with elementor page builder?

Hi Skadoosh, it should work as long as the builder has default wordpress editor or you can insert shortcodes in the builder.

Ok, how can I put text, widgets, a button or some thing like this in front of the parallax layers? I created a multilayer parallax and paste the shortcode in my page. But when I add a new element to the page, text for example, the text always appears only behind or above the parallax section, not in front of it. I want to use the parallax as a background of my site, not just a “parallax only area”. On your website, the demo 7 has got text and a button as an overlay in front of the parallax background. How can I do this?

HI, How can i add a link to my layout images so when I click some image it will send me to another page. Please help!

hello, none of your examples work on my iphone 6. i am receiving error messages, the links don’t even work, or the page is loaded but is not optimized for smartphones. how does the plugin work on smaller devices? and do you know, why your examples don’t work?


kinsah Purchased

Hello. The plugin does what its supposed to and works fine to create the parallax effect I wanted. But it started interfering with every post and page that I was trying to edit. After some support emails, I was informed that this bug was fixed after the first version of the plugin. I have tried multiple times to get the most updated version of this plugin from anyone, even creating a log in on the wordpress site for someone to install it for me if possible. What you have hosted here is version 1.0.0 apparently and if I cannot get the full updated version then I would like a refund. Thanks.

Hi there Just bought you plugin. I have one question though: I’m looking for a multilayer parallax background of a website, but I’d like to but normal box with text over it (white Background, maybe trough visual composer). So your plugin is only visible on both sides of the box, in the middle I’ll use the visual composer for text editing. Is this even possible?

Hi milothemes, I wrote you an answer with screenshots a week ago, did you recieve my email?

Hello, we have answered that email a few days ago.

Hi, To set the height to auto is not possible. Since all layers are positioned absolute from the center of the parent div, like in the backend editor. I think your theme is causing unwanted sideeffects with the plugin since there is a weird menu with image in the header. Now regarding the small screen image, the plugin doesn’t changes the top px offset of the parallax.Maybe something to do when the menu is resizing? You could try to add a media query and adjust the padding and margin of the parallax on different screens.

thanks! ill try it…

Hello, great plugin, I would have a questions … I saw that the last update was done in October 2017, is it compatible with the latest version of wordpress and visual composer? Are there any updates? I have to do an important job and I want to be sure that your work will go on :-).

I wanted to ask why it doesn’t work on mobile? Otherwise this is a fantastic plugin with use that transcends wordpress.

Hello, great plugin, just one thing,it does not responsive, how I can fix it? thanks

Please contact us on our contact form, so we can be sure we don’t miss your comment.

My website is under construction, there is way to send you in private an admin details so that you can enter to the website? I need to finish the web in this week so I need your help quickly. Thank you

Please send us all the info trough our contact form.

Hello, is this mobile compatible?

Hello, yes it is responsive.

Hi there, possible to achieve all the effects like this page with your tool? thank you so much

Hi, You may only achive the parallax effect with it. There are some additional effects in that website like resizing of fonts and what now, which aren’t possible with our plugin.

Yes I see but can you help me to make this happen, I am happy to pay

Is your plugin capable of making parallax effect responding to scroll AND mouse movement simultaniously? Basically its scroll parallax with slight drift when mouse moves.

Hello, if we understand correctly, the parallax doesn’t do that.

Can you tell me where the database tables are located for this plugin, or at least what the table names are? I need to update my website URL, and when I do that, all the images in the parallaxes break. I need to be able to replace the URL in the database, but I can’t find the tables for the plugin.

Disregard my question – I was able to figure it out.