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2 months ago @tiptronic said:

” Device-previews are drawn partly outsite the browsers chrome:


This is true for all WebKit-Browsers on the Mac. Device-previews work ok in FirefoxDeveloperEdition. “

When it will be fixed?

Hey Everyone, just wanted to let you know that the latest update makes DevKit compatible with any WordPress theme.

There is an live update problem with the new patch. when i work with localserver with layerswp in my devkit i tried both mozilla and ie . when i add css there is no live update sometimes .

Thanks for the heads up, looking into it already and hope to have an update soonest.

The “Watch Video” link on your main page here is not a link to a video, but a download of a zip. I’d love to see a video or live preview of how this works before I decide to buy.

Thanks for the heads up, will fix that asap! In the meanwhile here is the link to the Layers video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRogY6qKBvQ

Same problem as @areserhat

Hi There, we are working on a fix, we’ve discovered that live updates aren’t working with Child themes active.


How to make icon font cheatsheet work with Devkit? for example I have css like this:
section:after {
    content: '\f078';
    font-family: fontawesome;
My trouble is the character of ”\” is always missed.

Hi there, Please submit a ticket to our support here:http://www.oboxthemes.com/forum/post We will need to test this to determine if there is a solution – it is not a conventional way to implement fontawesome.

You said works with any theme. How do I make it work on other themes. I am using NewsPaper V 6.5.1 as theme.

Hi there! Simply download the updated version from your Themeforest dashboard, then reinstall it and activate. It is used the same way (from the customizer).


I already use the latest version. Its working. But as NewsPaper is not a layers template, not enjoying the full freedom.

Since it is 100% GPL licensed, I don’t mind as I can use it on my other WP sites.

Please work on a way that the plugin can take over the WP dashboard > Appearance > Editor page (or something similar).

That will be bomb. Hoping that will be the next update.

Hi there, DevKit has no reliance on Layers and works the same in all themes. The exception is that when a non-layers theme is used, you are able to set the manual mobile breakpoints under Settings > DevKit Options. We have no plans at this time to integrate the plugin into the theme editor (DevKit is for building custom styling with a live preview that expressly does not impact the active theme files). If you want to edit files directly with linting, you can do that right in the browser inspector or check out Solid Code Theme Editor plugin.

Maybe Im dense, but I installed the plugin on a non-layers theme and cant figure out how to use it. I dont know how to view the panel in which to add custom css.

Hi Themeish, to view it you need to go to the WordPress Customizer and then click in the ”<>” icon next to “Save & Publish”

Can I integrated this for my theme for selling on envato?

Hi There, unfortunately not. We suggest upselling it with your affiliate URL. This way you make commission and you help Layers improve.

Great plugin! If I can request a new feature to make this even more awesome, it would be CSS inspector like this one https://wordpress.org/plugins/so-css/

Thanks for the tip!

I installed DevKit on UltimatumTheme but doesn’t seem to be compatible. Any ideas?

Hi There

We haven’t tested DevKit with that theme. Please could you send a mail to info@obox.co.za so that we can chat further.


DevKit loads it’s Javascript on every page, adding .5-1s load time in some cases. It should not load until the Customizer or DevKit itself is opened.

Will check this out for sure!

Thanks. For reference, this is what I am seeing on sites hosted with Flywheel (nginx+Varnish)

Same question as I asked on obox.. Does this plugin requires Layer or Layer Pro installed in advance?

Hi there, No it does not – it is not theme dependent.

Does it support SCSS?

Hi Maevapn

No, you CSS directly into the header with DevKit. SCSS is not necessary.



mylem Purchased

Hello, I installed the pluggin on a site made with Layers Pro2. The CSS does not appear in the different parts (CSS, Computer, mobile …). Did I make a false manipulation? Thank you.

Hi M, we are posting an update which will fix this.

Hey there. your item’s name and logo are exactly same with my company’s name and logo: www.devkit.com I kindly ask you to change it. Thanks.