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hello, thanks for fixing the error message, there are other parts of the plugin missing, on the pages, posts, and general settings, i have no where to set settings for pages. and the section on where to set pages is turned on. thanks

Hello hollysnails,

Sorry for the late response. I’m still looking at your website because there is a compatible issue with the plugin and theme you have. I’m currently trying to create a fix for it.

Thanks and God bless! ThemePlugger

thanks any news for the plugin fix?

Hi hollysnails,

I apologize for the long delays. I’m currently doing some refactoring for this plugin. It will be ready by next week. I sincerely apologize for this.

I found the issue with incompatible plugin dependency. Thank you for patience.

Thanks and God bless!


I have two HTML pagea at /public_html/custom_folder/subfolder-hd/index.html /public_html/custom_folder/subfolder-m/index.html

Now, if the user is accessing this via Desktop/Laptop – they should go to first one and I’ve set up a WP Page structure to be a parent page with the slug “custom_folder” and then a child page “subfolder-hd” and then the desktop go to that page.

On the “subfolder-hd” page, I’ve added a redirect for mobile to go to “subfolder-m/” folder and grab the appropriate index.html file there that should be used for mobile.

However, it’s not redirecting. Any idea why not?


I think I found a workaround. If I make the redirect Active and not specify anything, will it apply for all mobile and tablet devices? Thanks!

Hello lisix,

Sorry for the late response. Yeah, it will apply for all mobile and tablet devices.

Thanks and God bless!

Hi, i bought your plugin, but then i realized that i also need to redirect desktop traffic too, can you add that option please? Please let me know asap. i need this urgently. Thanks.

Hello Shaman1982,

I’ll see what I can add. I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks and God bless!


I just bought your plugin , it s great. But i also need to redirect the people who do not use Phone or tablet.

For exemple, When a guy go to a post. If he is on a phone, he is redirected to a link A.

If he is on a tablet he is redirected to a link B

If he is not on phone or tablet ( So on computer) , he is redirected to a link C.

I would need it to today or tomorrow. ( i know it is urgent …)

I can pay you a little bit for incentive. ( less than 100)

Using this plateform for exemple:


But if you ask too much for me i would do. ( even if it s if justified, i am still student, so not a lot of money :()

To be honest i don t know how long it would take you, so if it is not possible just tell me. I am not coder.

I saw a guy ask you quite the same few days ago.

So i am not alone :)

Looking forward to see your answer,

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

Hello 7gulli7,

Sorry for the late response. It will be pushed within this month.

Thanks and God bless!

Hi ! Thanks for your answer? Have you finished it? Yhanks a lot!

Best regards,


Hi ! Is the plugin ready for descktop redirection?

Thanks :)

Best regards

Fatal error: Class ‘RWMB_Field’ not found in /homepages/13/d459303377/htdocs/netboda/www_wp/wp-content/plugins/device-redirect/plugins/meta-box-group-field/inc/fields/group.php on line 18

I can not activate the plugins.

I have the following error.

Could you help me please.

Hi yambaloo,

Can you please send me your web details to my contact form here in CodeCanyon?

Thanks and God bless!

hi, I am using WP 4.5.3 and I am getting the error ” Fatal error: Class ‘RWMB_Field’ not found in /home/lifesty3/public_html/domain.com/wp-content/plugins/device-redirect/plugins/meta-box-group-field/inc/fields/group.php on line 18”

Can you please advise how to bypass this – it’s urgent?

Thanks and God bless +


Please message me your website details via CodeCanyon in my profile.

Thanks and God bless!

I did – thanks!


Just purchased your plugin and can’t get it to work. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Mobile_Detect in….........

Im using the Avada theme on a test site at the moment.

I assume its a conflict somewhere.

Any help please Many thanks

Hello Bristol_Design,

Sorry for the late response. Please message me the site details of your website via my contact form here in CodeCanyon.

Thanks and God bless!

Hi there – I just purchased your redirect plugin and installed it and I can’t figure out how to make the plugin work on a single specific page. my site is singlecue.com and the only page I would like to redirect is https://singlecue.com/mobile_app/ the documentation was not clear about how to redirect only one page on your site. Thanks David

Hi, I have just come across your wordpress plugin for redirection according to the users device. Unfortunately when I try to open the demo, it is displaying an error and I can’t access the page. Is there any chance you can fix this so that we can make sure that this plugin is the solution we are looking for. Kind Regards Gareth


I’m trying to redirect a custom category link to another page only for Desktop and iPad.

Is it possible ?

The link is www.winalist.co/listing-region/france/champagne/ ( today there’s a force redirect for every type of device ) but I want to use your plugin to redirect only for specifics.


eukally Purchased

It’s simply not working with cache system … do you have any solution for working with a cache plugin?

hello, this plugin seems to not have been updated for almost 4 years. is it still functional? are you going to offer support and updates for this?