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Hi, is there anyway to make the images update quicker? I have it in my sidebar, set to show my Favorites. After I add to favorites on deviant art, it usually takes a day to update the images with my new fav images :P www.bakaarts.com you can see it there Thank you

Open “z-deviantart-widget.php”. Before line 33 $feed->init(); add this line:
Where 1800 is in seconds.
So should I replace line 32 with the code you gave me? http://gyazo.com/f9c1ad8abd8aaf8ed46df32944cd4a16 like so? ^

Yes, that’s right. It will be refreshed for every 1800 seconds.

Thank you very much dear. It works perfectly!!! One last question. Is there any way I can make it so that it shows Random Favorites and not in order of when i add them to favs?

Glad to know it. No, right now there is no option to do that. I will add it the list of updates.

Thank you zourbuth, the plugin is amazing mate. love ya

Any plans to do a non wordpress version of your work? i hope its possible as it is the best deviantart widget ive seen yet

Yes, please send me message via my profile page so we can discuss this privately. :)

This is no longer working.

It is working. What did you mean?

It was working for me at one point, but then all the images stopped showing up. Sorry, I should have been more specific.


I am having a problem with getting the thumbnails to load. I checked with my hosting provider, HostGator, and they could not find any reason for the thumbnails to be blocked from loading. Can you help please?

Hi DillonStein, please check if they whitelisted the timthumb.php in this package


I spent 45 minutes in chat with a tech from HostGator and he said timthumb is whitelisted. I will double check with them again today.

Hi DillonStein, Please send me your site link via my profile page and if you can please provide me access to your site. Thanks,

Hi, Thumbnails are not working. My host Linode assures me that timthumb is white listed. Please advise.


Hi, please make sure you have set the “cache” directory permission to 777.

Solved! My server did not have the PHP-GD extension installed. (apt-get install php5-gd)

Nice plugin! 8-)

Glad to know it works for you.

Is there a way to show the latest deviantArt beside your own? I would like to show some of the samples as posted on deviantArt of other artists like the “Daily Deviations”.

I don’t need the widget to show my work since it is already posted on the site. Suggestions? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I will try to find how to do that. Thanks.

Question: I have removed some images from my favorites on deviantArt, but they still show up in my sidebar.

I did a refresh, deleted the widget and started again, but they are still showing.

How do I eliminate them?

Hi sorry for the trouble. Please wait. I will update the code.

OK. Looking forward to the update so I can get it fixed on my site.

wondering if you will update this plugin, it’s pretty awesome

Will do that sooner. Thanks.

Will this plugin work with 4.1? Will this work with my deviant art group gallery?

Plugin works great, but I can’t find that line of code referenced above that will let it refresh quicker. Did this change? Thanks!

Hi. If you do PHP, you can follow this examples:


Open the widget.php file, put this code at the very bottom line:

function return_7200( $seconds ) {
  // change the default feed cache recreation period to 2 hours
  return 7200;
$rss = fetch_feed( $feed );
Replace with:
add_filter( 'wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime' , 'return_7200' );
$rss = fetch_feed( $feed );
remove_filter( 'wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime' , 'return_7200' );

Hope this helps.

Thank You.

Getting this error when trying to use the plugin. Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::get_item_quantity() in /home/cmgerbil/ilaera.savaena.com/wp-content/plugins/deviantart-widget/widget.php on line 118

your demo is off