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Awesome work, i like it :) i wish you all the best for your upcoming sales and a nice weekend :)

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just to give you a heads up warning. I read last year some article stating by European law that sites with detect ad blocker thingy and that is blocking the user with ad block enabled could be violating the European law. Since by European law it’s not allowed to block users in any kind from accessing the site even if they got ad blocker enabled the site must still allow them to visit. Otherwise if the site refuse to they can be sued for failing to obey the European law.

1 article about it:

so you might wanna add this notice to your script page info so users will know to be careful when using it in Europe.


From your link:

Also, from Forbes:

To name only these.

well first site is violating it then. But if your script does same as first one then you might wanna note in description that this blocker shall not be used on Europe visitors or maybe apply a detector code so if ip is from Europe it won’t block but if ip is from else where it will block with warning. European law wants you to be able to visit site full life time without limited or blockage when using ad blocker. Second one you linked could be also violating even if it says you got 30 days to view, which is bit against European privacy law.

Hello Bedigit,

is it possible for the user to choose not to disable adblock and continue to use the site? Or is the only way to continue using the site is to refresh only after deactivating adblock? The best thing would be to allow the user to choose whether to continue using the site with adblock or without. Thanks for your answer

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Users need to disable adblock to access to the website content. And by disabling adblock the users’s browser will reload the website automatically (or they can do that) to continue on the website.

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