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when I send test notification to iOS token everything is working, but when I start new campaign choosing all iOS devices no message is arriving. report says 10 messages sent (10 iOS token available). I have generated and uploaded distribution certificate already multiple times. no error logs. have you any idea? (sandbox mode is disabled)

hm enable http/2 and go back to ssl authentication in push settings seemed to have worked, I keep watching..

At this point , we are able to store the device-token into our web server successfully. . We purchased – http://codecanyon.net/item/ionwordpress-wordpress-full-integrated-mobile-app/10639789 ans then http://codecanyon.net/item/send-mobile-push-notification-messages/6548533

Settings we have done – > GCM/FCM ID & API Key > PUSH _URL > Cron Job (

From FCM Notification dashboard I m receiving Push Notification. But while try to send push notification via- Wordpress Sending Dashboard / Testing Dashboard , we have found nothing like but -

> [Loading ] Start queuing 2 token in the queue table Escaped and try reconnect… Start queuing 2 token in the queue table

> Feed Back services also are showing nothing.

Kindly help me out with steps wise clarification

we again replied on your response. please reply us on our ticket

Please check your ticket.

we again replied on your response. please reply us on our ticket


currently push notification sms is sended to all users. can we able to send that push sms for selected users only, may be using any filter or else.

so how can we send sms for perticular selected user let us know.


you can use the channels feature for this case. move your selected users to one channel and in the sending dashboard select this channel only.


currently we installed push notification version 5.91, and we want to upgrade that version to 6.1, but if we trying to upgrade that version from website auto system update getting below error:

System Auto Update failed : directory wp-content does not have permission 0777

we already given permission to our wp-content whole directory as 0777. but still same issue, so please let us know how we update the plugin.


Maybe your server provider making some security rules that prevents one of our update functions to work. Anyway you can upgrade your plugin manually from FTP just download your copy from your Envato downloads page here https://codecanyon.net/downloads

Hi, i just asked some month ago a pre purchase question. I use wordapp plugin and i just publish my app for ios and android, i asked to the developer of wordapp and he told me that he just include the push plugin of cordova inside the app, so in theory could work but i really are not an expert about this. Can you give me a quotation for setting in my wp admin your plugin? I wait your email so i buy and i will sent you all my private credentials. BEST

If he uses a Cordova push plugin then it’s easy so you should just make a request to send the device token to your plugin back-end. you can check this tutorial for Cordova projects https://smartiolabs.com/product/push-notification-system/documentation#cordova

How do I get 50% discount?

Discount already applied on our price. our original price is $36

Hello, Just one question I have my own notifications system working by ajax it’s for each user like facebook notifications can you give me a javascript code to make when the ajax notification call then push desktop notifications from this plugin?

like this:

new PNotify({ title: text, text: text, desktop: { desktop: true, } });

Hope you can understand me.

you can make a HTTP request to implement this function like this
$.ajax({url: “http://localhost/wp/push/send_notification/?user_id=1&message=message”});

But in this case, the browser must be open right? It’s working with me but if i closed the browser it’s stoped.

For Chrome when you open the browsers, you will receive all notifications.
Safari will receive all notifications even if it’s closed but Firefox you should open it to receive the messages.

Hello. I have a question about the Statistics tab. I am only using your plugin for the push notifications on IOS and Android devices. I see numbers increasing on the Notifications, Gross Subscribers and Active Subscribers counters on the Statistics page. However, Views, Clicks and Click Rate stay at 0. Is that correct? Are the Views, Clicks and Click Rate only for Desktop notifications or should they also function when the mobile Push Notifications are clicked or viewed? Do you have any documentation on the Statistics tab so I can learn more. Thanks.

clicks and views are implemented for desktop push till now so we will provide new end-points for plugin API to support them for mobile push also.

Ok thanks. I just wanted to verify if I needed to do something to make it work on the mobile side. Thanks for the prompt reply.

Yes we will support it for mobile push also


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Hi, i install your plugin, it seem work but in the documentation tab, i see a Connect with remote push database is failed. I cannot catch the device token, i just use the android api key for do the test but do not work, can you help me? Thanks

Please open a ticket in our support center to help you about this problem https://smartiolabs.com/support

send us a screenshot of your database token table and your Wordpress admin dashboard access info

Hi, I bought your plugin. I am very excitated for to start with it. Some days ago I let you a reply in a old support ticket (https://smartiolabs.com/support?do=view&id=1888), and you have not reply to me. I am sure you forgotten it. There is not problem for that… It is not very urgent… You can reply me to the support ticket when you find a few minuts. Thanks very much for your support and your patient. Congratulation for your plugin. It is very best.

Hello giuseppecuttone, Your ticket has an update.

Does user need to have a mobile app attached to this or can’t we just push to a desktop or mobile through browser if they optin with such device? I’m not where mobile app comes into play? Outfits Urbanair, once u our accepts optin and then authorizes browser, in mobile or desktop, they still receive messages until they opt out. I’m confused here?

Android phone supports desktop push notification for Chrome and Firefox and if someone visits your website using one of these browsers he can receive your desktop push notification messages in his mobile also you can request sharing GPS from him. But iOS doesn’t support desktop push for Chrome or Safari and you must have a mobile app to support push notification on iOS.

Great. I can already tell how awesome this script is! Seems a bit over my head though, in terms of setting it all up to work on my domain with WP.

Would you kindly mind setting it up for me, or can I pay you to set the whole thing up so I can use it? I have a domain and ssl through namecheap. I just need to install wp.

Thanks so much, excited about this apps possibilities.

we provide installation service for $10 only. please open a ticket to process in your request https://smartiolabs.com/support

Does it support WPML?

sorry plugin doesn’t support WPML

HI, Thin I put your item yesterday in the basket and I was going to buy it but it went up to $ 36 Giving a time limit would have been appreciated ! Now how to get it to $ 18 Regards

We’re so sorry but it was a discount and it’s ended since 3 days.

Hello, so I purchased your plugin. Now all I want to do is this 1. the point of sale order, once order is made at the restaurant, default status is order is sent to kitchen, I want the kitchen to get a notification on their browser, I want a sound notification whereby I can customize the sound I want and it will sound, so they will know when they are logged, they will always be logged in though.

2. Once they are done with the order, they will change the order status, to a particular status, I want the restaurant then to also get a notification either sound or popup, so they can go for the item from the kitchen.

3. Once they have served the food, then they the restaurant will finally change order status to completed, then I want a notification for that as well.

Please bear in mind, the first one the notification should only go to the kitchen, don’t know if notifications can be restricted to an account that’s logged in only. If that’s possible. Kindly direct me how to go about all these.

please open a ticket in our support center because we need an access into to check your settings https://smartiolabs.com/support

I have installed the plugin, but the ignore button does not work when clicked. And the pop-up appears on honmepage only, and not post page (although the post option is selected from pop-up setting)

Please open a ticket with your website link and a screenshot of the popup settings https://smartiolabs.com/support

hi this looks awesome, if i convert my wordpress site to an app will it work

Yes, system supports mobile push notification also.

A question: This plugin will send a push notification when a new product is pubblished?

Yes, you can use event manager to create this event easily.


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Good afternoon. I have bought a plugin. I can not understand. Where to get Authentication Key? The plugin does not work without HTTPS?

It’s required for desktop push notification platforms. And you can buy any type of certificates start from $5 here https://www.ssls.com/ssl-certificates/comodo-positivessl
`Authentication Key` is developed for API secure connection and you can leave it empty.


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Hello, Is it possible to set a large icon for push notifications on android ? Setting the icon using android options is not working for large icons.

The standard size from Google is 192×192 px

Thanks for answering, but setting the size to 192×192 px did not work. I may have to explain more, what I want is something like this:

My current notification icon is like this:

Is it possible to have a large notification icon ? if yes, then how can I do that ?


Hi, with the new update I’m getting Not Found error when a user clicks on the notification. “The requested URL /push/get_link/ was not found on this server?

I opened a ticket just now. Please have a look. It’s a bit urgent. Much appreciated. :)

your ticket has a new update.

Thanks! I replied :)