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Where can I find documentation on how to set this up in order to work with Wp Job Manager – Job Alerts plugin?

Just enable its option from the plugin settings page under `Events` tab.

Hi there, we need you to set up the plugin. How to pay for that?

Please open a ticket in our support center to proceed in your order https://smartiolabs.com/support


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Hello, do you have any script to import OneSignal subscribers?

Yes, we have. please send email to support@smartiolabs.com to send you the script file.


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Before I spend hours configuring this plugin I have 2 questions.

1. Can we enable only web notifications? 2. Do you integrate with Sensei events?


yes, you can by using `Event manager` page create a new event and select post type as lesson custom post type.

Hi, are we able to add WP users to a Channel in advance? Currently, in order to add WP users to a channel, we have to wait for their subscription. Thanks

No, users should accept push permissions first to collect their device tokens.

I saw in your video that in the ‘notifications/subscription’ page user can choose the geographic area. It’s not really relevant to my case since I want to target customers when they’re near my shop. Is it possible to set the area on our side? E.g. I want to automatically push the notification when the customer is near my shop. Is it possible with your plugin?

Sorry plugin doesn’t support this feature but stand-alone supports it https://smartiolabs.com/product/smart-push-notification-system
also you must have a mobile app so you can get your users updated locations.

noted with thanks

Hello, does the pushes go through 3rd party or through your servers? I’m very worried about the privacy?

Does push notification script slow down the load times?

no, it doesn’t. just enable `Fast Bridge` option from the plugin settings page.

I found it, thank you.

I’ve heard Facebook has currently stopped reviewing new apps and are putting more limitations: https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2018/03/cracking-down-on-platform-abuse/ Does it affect your plugin? If it does, which modules/features currently aren’t accessible?

It’ll affect on Facebook Messenger and notifications only so you should have a Facebook developer app to use this two features.

So, if I understand correctly, currently, I can’t set up Facebook Messenger and Facebook notifications with your plugin, right? BTW, checked your videos – looks like you’ve done a great job with it :)

Yes, you can’t use this two platforms till Facebook starts reviewing apps again… thanks balticsamurai :)

after all setup, I start the new campaign but in send progress the result is ‘no tokens accept your choices’. Pls help

You should have any tokens under `Manage Subscribers` page to send them.

Hello, I communicate by this means since I have answered an open tiket 4 days ago. So I do not want to update it so I do not lose my place in the queue. Number of tiket 2528.

Approaching the message I would like to know if an app using Firebase PUSH Notification can be integrated with your plugin. App’s like https://codecanyon.net/item/universal-webview-android-app-push-notification-admob-inapp-billing/18033758

Thanks for your time. regards

Yes, you can integrate with our plugin. plugin already supports Firebase and mobile push.


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Hi, the plugin does not work if I try to publish more than one post (for example more posts within a minute). It means that I receive the post notification only for the last published post and not for each one. I have already opened a ticket. Thanks

I think the ticket and problem is resolved.

I’m looking for a plugin that will trigger a popup message immediately a thread in bbpress has been made….can your plugin achieve this?

Yes, our plugin send a push message once a new bbPress topic is created.

Hello. Thank you for replying. What I was looking for is a notification or popup message with social buttons (like facebook) that is triggered after the thread has been posted telling the user to share his thread on facebook etc. Thank you.

No plugin supports displaying push notification message only not popup messages.

Where can I test frontend user notification dashboard/control with all the options (push, FB Messenger, e-mail…)? Thanks.

I could see front-end before. But clicking on “Notifications” go to login form and I don’t have the option to register and then acess notifications page.

Please try again now.

Pre-purchase question: I have a client whom I helped set up this plugin in their iOS app in wordpress. But I have noticed that the notifications of new posts take a long time and cron-job is necessary: There is an option to send immediately (LIVE SEND) and without cron job like a Campaigns Instant?

According to functions in my tests, I would need to buy 4 packages each one registered to a user so that in the future I can manage their plugin updates, is there a discount?

Unfortunately cron-job is very important to make campaigns sent in the published time exactly and you can set the cron-job to work every minute or five so all campaigns will be sent immediately.
Sorry we already provide a discount for the lifetime license but you can check the other plans here https://smartiolabs.com/product/push-notification-system#plans


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I installed the plugin in my website and set it as ” popup box ”, when I click on ” subscribe button as visitor . nothing happen ! please advice .


ZworksVFX Purchased

Hey, I already setup my cron job . and I sent new campaign . but nothing happen and this note show on campaign archive page :

To use this feature first please enable the cron-job service, Look here for further information

Please read this doc here
if you don’t find the solution, please open a ticket in our support center with your website link https://smartiolabs.com/support

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Hello, I have a dating site but I do not have the automated email option that sends an email in specific situations. My theme uses BBPRESS and BUDDYPRESS. Here is an example of automation that I am looking for: eg a new maculin member subscribes to the website. I would like women registered on the website to receive an automatic email showing the new member (s) registered. Even better if I could send an automated email to the women of a city fountain when a new male member registers in that city, but this option is secondary. Similar to job offer themes or when a new resume is added, an employer can receive an alert based on their profile. Does your plugin offer this kind of option? Thank you and good day