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How much to have you install this for me?

Yes I’ve done that

Can we change the templates look and feel for push messages? Add logo, custom text, etc. Does the custom optin pop ups replace native system? Any possibilities of message personalization? Another push plugin here has this Geo fence, great idea! Can we have app ask for permission at time geo fence is triggered and customize message? Most people won’t optin into location at start. Settings for geo fence- Message triggered everytime until clicked per campaign? Tap to call? Or will and ios convert a phone number as link to display dialer? Can we whitelabel? Are we using your api for ssl, google api,?

Love this app, just need help setting it up. Many moving parts. 1 more.. How do we handle a handful of customers with their own campaigns? Thanks

- Sure, you have a lot of options to customize the popup look and design.
- you can find here a white-label package https://smartiolabs.com/product/push-notification-system#plans

Please kindly respond to my support ticket re installing this plugin – C. Griffin Thanks

Hello netgain4020, what’s your ticket number ?


we want some additional feature on push notification WordPress plugin so can u provide paid development for addition requirements ?


Please open a ticket in our support center Sales department https://smartiolabs.com/support

Hello, great plugin, very useful, love it :)

Have a question though, is it possible to mute push notification by default? I am using a few custom post types via rest api, and it’s sending a notification for every newly created post.


you can enable this option from the plugin settings page `Default status for the mute notification checkbox when creating new posts`

Pre sale question will this send notifications to iOS and Android when not visiting the website?

I don’t only have a wordpress website, so this plugin will not work then?

I honestly thought this was a plugin for a WordPress website, the site is mobile responsive.

If you meant that you have a mobile app opens your website in a responsive view then plugin will not work under this app but you should modify your app to support the push notification service and integrate it with our plugin.

Hello, I got this message on the cronjob

Wordpress database error : [Duplicate entry ‘127’ for key ‘PRIMARY’] INSERT INTO `wp_push_feedback` (`device_type`, `msgid`) VALUES (‘ios’, ‘129’)

i do receive notifications on android but not on ios i need help

Please upgrade your plugin to the last version 6.3.1

Friend my site does not use https protocol (jornalprime.com), but I do not intend to use it, would it be possible to use this protocol only on the push page, if that’s how I should proceed?

please update your ticket with this info because comments are public.

Already updated my call with the login data, please see this for me

Your ticket is resolved. Awaiting any updates from you.

Please answer me on support ticket. I still cant get push to work

what’s your support ticket number ?

Friend follow all the guidelines to separate the push to a unique database, however when doing the whole process seen here https://smartiolabs.com/product/push-notification-system/documentation/#token-data-table-structure no It works on my site .. can you give me some help please

Please open a ticket in our support center and we will help you https://smartiolabs.com/support

Will you ever be implementing Facebook push notifications to this??

yes, we will do.

Hello :) Is there a possibility to turn this plugin as an addon to another plugin? Best regards Dany

Hello Dany, please describe more your enquiry.

Hello :)

I have a plugin that deals with booking and i want to connect your plugin to the booking plugin so that i can have both working as a unit in the website.

In order to do this i would like your plugin to become as an addon. :)

Thank you for the support :)

in this case we recommend the business plan for you http://smartiolabs.com/product/push-notification-system#plans

A few pre-purchase Questions: 1. Do I need iOS and Android mobile apps to run this or is it standalone? (User agrees on Website and retrieves Notifications on the mobile phone) 2. Does it have a simple “This site wants to send push messages, allow, decline” option for both mobile and desktop?

1- yes, you need mobile apps to run mobile push but if user visits your website using Chrome or Firefox browser on Android device, desktop push will work and you can send him later on his mobile but this desktop push doesn’t work with iOS and Safari.
2- yes, you have different popup layouts to choose between them.

Is there a way to know which is the token of a specific device?

you should send the device name or model in the parameter device_info, unfortunately it’s the only way.