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how to install this plugin with firebase in app..? becoz i have already installed firebase in my app

i have installed everything fine but plugin doesn’t get data from the app

now got all data from the app

how to send push from the wp panel ..?

Just create a new campaign and choose the platform that you want to send messages to. don’t forget to add the plugin cron-job https://smartiolabs.com/product/push-notification-system/documentation#cron-job

How this technically work, does the messages come from my own cell phone number or from which number will the messages be sent? Where are the outgoing messages saved?

this plugin sends push notifications messages to smart phone but you should have a mobile app first. also it sends web push messages to web browsers and should have a Wordpress website to use it.


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Hi! Recently I purchase your item.

My site is in spanish so, can you please tell me where I can change/translate the text of the Facebook Messenger widget?

I alredy searched in the plugin code, but I can’t find it.


you will see a new option to customize this title in the next update after few hours


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you’re welcome :)


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is you support board having issues? I’m failing to login as it keeps saying Error in username or password although I rest my password.

we reseted your password

Cyber Monday Sale Over?

yes it’s ended today at 2 PM

Hi, do you have anything similar like this plugin for Joomla? Component, module or plugin for push notifications, but for Joomla, not wordpress. If not, it is in plan in future. Thanks.

yes we plan to extend to other CMS but you can use this solution to integrate with any CMS https://smartiolabs.com/product/smart-push-notification-system

Hello, This looks really nice product. Do you support UNITY in future? Thanks, Regards.

If Unity have firebase SDK it’s possible connect push up notification with you wordpress system?:)

Thanks in advance.

Unity uses the standard message structure of Android or iOS so there’s need to a special compatible.

Hi, I am trying to set up the web push and is my understanding I have to use FCM to chrome, ff and safari for the web push? Also, since my users all will be using the webview to access the contents, are there any other configuration i need to setup with the plugin?

hi, is there any documentation on how to upgrade?

just use the `Auto Update` page to upgrade the plugin

Okay done. Also, just emailed you a follow-up from last time. Please check. Thx.


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Do you plan to upgrade the plugin to php 7?

Because I want to migrate but when I run a compatibility test your plugin shows error.


don’t worry it’s full compatible with PHP7. this lines use mysql if mysqli isn’t supported.


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Hi friend. I can’t enter my purchase code. Auto Update page seems blank. You can see screenshot from following link: https://imgur.com/a/m6A2K Please help!


pinfinity Purchased

I got it. I was just should install curl library to my new Ubuntu. Thanks for this great script.

great! good luck :)

The subscribe button won’t respond most of time.i have tried hard and then subscribed(notifications are sending fine) .but like me many of friends told me that the subscribe button wont respond most of time. but the exit button works.seems weird.

please open a ticket with your site link to check it https://smartiolabs.com/support

I am using wordpress in sub folder/directory of the website and root website i am using native php program.Can i extend the wordpress push solution to the root website?Is that possible?

unfortunately you can’t do that and you can use the stand-alone solution to implement this https://smartiolabs.com/product/smart-push-notification-system

yes.I understood.and i already bought the php solution from the website.But i couldnt install i only see blank screen .I raised the support tickets for php solution .please answer ASAP!

Are you planning something simmilar – https://documentation.onesignal.com/v3.0/docs/segmentation ? Like your plugin + WooCommerce registred users.

Kind time of day. Where can I get more information on https://smartiolabs.com/product/smart-push-notification-system what is new Is it possible to send messages to Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Messenger and youtube users? If there is no it can be integrate ? https://github.com/meetfranz/franz

Is there a Russian language?

This month Smart Push System will get new update 5.4 and it will include adding new platforms SMS and WhatsApp also we’re going to add Viber, Telegram and Twitter in version 5.6.
But there’s no plans for Skype or Youtube and FB Messenger is already supported.
Russian language is available also system is very easy to localize
For any further questions about this solution, please send us here sales@smartiolabs.com

there will be an easy tool to use any SMS gateway.

plugin is no more compatible with WP Super Cache after recent updates as it was working properly up to version 6.5