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I am currently comparing your product with other product designers and I have two questions.

Is it possible to prefix zones to avoid overflows? For example for business cards for the phone, create a zone, and for the email creates another zone.

And concerning known bugs, such as printing (page blank), or the fact that if there is a design in front of and that we return the shirt we lose the front design, do you expect to fix it soon? Looking forward to your answer. cordially

Hi, its JS plugin and you can customize it as you need it.

Hi, great plugin, I have one question, can this plugin change the T-Shirt color dynamically?

for example:

Hi, This feature is not yet available but you can customize it .


Is it working on Normal Shared Hosting ?

And Can i generate graphics in HD resolution For Printing ?

May i expect reply ???

hello its JS plugin only and you need to have coding skills to use it.

Hello. I am currently using Design Tailor and I would like to ask you if there is anyway to keep the layer between text and image when I load the image which I saved on DB. I hope users to load the image and data that they were editing in tools as they are instead of loading the saved image only.

Hello this feature is not available as of now.

Its possible to make it happen by customizing it?

Yes, you can customized in surely, code is clean and open fully.


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Will you be updating this script at all?

Please Send Me Sample Saved SVG Generated Image to

sorry could not understand your point.

Can you please send me sample SVG Image

I want to check Generated SVG File, For Editing on Software

Hi Venbradshaw, Nice work, can you check why trash delete doesn’t work on curved text. thanks Zoran

ok, i will check on this,


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Hi, Print preview and printing does not appear to work in

Google Chrome Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I have not tried other browsers.

ok let me review it up

How do I add a product?

it’s JS plugin so no admin panel, please refer documentation

How hard do you think it would be to integrate into a magento product?

my plugin code is open and you would need to build extension out of it to use on Magento.

Cookies didn’t work due to incompatibility with the older versions of angular.js used in this app. Do you have a ready solution for using cookies?

Also – index.html didn’t work with angular.min.js (either the file on the server or the link to latest version on ajax). It only works with the local angular.js file which has an older version. Will you be updating the package to make the app compatible with the newest angular.min.js version? The cookie problem was caused by these version incompatibilities.

Hello, I will take a look for this.

I am having trouble with IE browser, it throws error in ‘angular-route.js’. Is there a solution for the JS problem?

any updates?

i am buying windows laptop this week so will look to your matter, appreciate your help patience for this.

let me know how the issue can be resolved vendradshaw

Is there a way to link this designer to Printful via Wordpress & Woocommerce.

HI, my plugin is JS plugin and for using of plugin will need customization.


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Will be adding any updates to your script? I have been waiting since last year for updates!!

we are coming up with wp plugin for same.


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WordPress Sucks!

i want to make a website like on wordpress is it possible to make a website like this with this plugin.Or can anyone recommend me what plugin can be used to make a website like this.

Hi, we are coming up WP plugin of DT so will update you once we have that on store.

HI, i am interested to buy this product, just wanted to know how can we add a new product, will there be any instruction file for it.

Hi, This is JS plugin and you will need coding skills to integrate it on site.