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High Resolution PNG file

png file is directly printable or contain also product image ?

Hi, for now output does not separate from product image and it get printed with product only. if you need direct printable png then you would need to customized it.


12print Purchased

is possible to pay for this upgrade ?

yes certainly, can you please write to me on contact form on my profile page, and let me know if you have customized it already or how you are using it.

Hi, technically, can I save the design so I can re-edit it later? maybe in database

I have developer friend who will do this

you can check with developer if he can customize it, it require customized to do this.


Hi. The application has an administrator? or builder product?

Hi, no its JS plugin and does not have admin, we are putting everything via JSON.

will it work with marketplace plugin to make website like zazzle/cafepress?

Hi, its just a JS plugin and you can use it in the way you need on any site.

Hello! 2 questions. - Can this be use for making one size only images? (5×4” for example). Not products. More like a printing canvas

-How can this be translated?



I could not understand 1st question and for now plugin does not support multiple languages and you will need to customize it if you require to do so.


The print area is very small; Can you make larger, for example letter size? Can you do horizontally?

there are 3 different template to choose from so you can adjust/choose

Very interested in buying ASAP

I need to please know several stuff first though:
  1. The images of the products in the demo are vectors, can they be PNGs?
  2. Can I limit the amount of graphics the user can add to a product?
  3. Can I remove the text feature but leave 2 texts available by default? (1 in front of a shirt, 1 in the back)
  4. Can I limit the amount of letters in such texts? (above)
  5. Can I use my own font in such texts? (not google font)
  6. Can I put a category as default in the SORT BY CATEGORY dropdown?
  7. Can I remove some features? Such as flip, facebook, twitter, etc.
  8. Does the final design gets send correctly both in desktop and mobile?
  9. Is there a way to download all views at the same time instead of one by one?(in the case of a t-shirt)

I know is a lot!!! Sorry! I really need to know ASAP please :)


Hi, sorry for late response, most of points would need customization and they are not available in this version of my plugin.

can you plz provide admin side demo

Hi it’s just a js plugin and there is no admin panel

Hi! couple questions. 1. Can I customize the box area to be in the shape of an object. In example on the iPad case the image covers a whole square see here: 2. How do I get the final after it is done? Currently it says added to cart but there is no functionality after that. is there a PDF link that will be sent to admin?

Hi, it’s just a JS plugin as of now and you would need coding skills to get this integrated into your website. there is no server side code available along with this plugin.

Ok but how do I add product if there is no back end?

you can add it via JSON

hi with 111 Sales – can you please show a live site of your clients among the 111 sales? I would like to see the real working version. I understand it is a JS plugin and i have to integrate with my existing website,but before buying one should see the complete working version implemented in a shopping cart

Hey, as i wrote there is no live integration link i have as of now, there are 2 links i have but those client does not given permission to use their URLS


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Hello I just bought your script, it’s very innovative, bravo! Can you send me a clear note on the change to be made and the filenames, regarding the “add to cart” button to link with Paypal and receive emails from end users. I saw the file (save_design.php), I entered my email address, but I do not get a message. Thank you Mr Jean (


sarldmf Purchased

Hello; I have just discovered that there is a logic that is not correct in sending emails. Imagine that you want to send me your model, by clicking on the button “add to basket”, there is no form informing the recipient of who sends the mail. I think this is the reason why files are saved in the directories, but no email. Even if there was an email, we will not know who to send. It would be necessary to link to the button a form in PHP or to link the button to that of Paypal for the basket of purchase.


sarldmf Purchased

Hello I found that you have developed a woocommerce version, I would like to acquire this version instead of the one I bought, because the JS version is not what I’m looking for. Can you make this commercial gesture, even if you need to add money

Hey, we are still in process of making woocommerce version and it would take sometime. i will inform you once we release the plugin on themeforest but it might take few weeks before we launch it.

Hi! Do you provide services to get this working in nopCommerce? Thanks!

Hi, i am sorry we do not work on nopCommerce, its just a JS plugin and you can customize it based on your requirement.

Hello I created my e-commerce site in HTML, how to link the button add to cart your script to my cart

Hello, you need a programming skills to use the script since my plugin is JS plugin which allows platform for designing of product on the fly.

Hello Can I use my coustom fonts? and only register user can download image?


Hello, I’m going to buy this plugin and i have a question. Is it possible to add other clothes from my collection? for example other kind of t-shirts rather than t-shirts in demo version? i have more goods to print at.

Hello, yes you can do that but you would need to customize the plugin to use it since it’s just a front end plugin and you would need to integrate it to server side programming to make this working.

Is the woo commerce version ready yet?

not yet, we are working on that as of now.