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Franjjr Purchased

Hi, I’m interested in the plugin, can you use it for a photo printing shop ???? If not, you have something that can serve for people to upload their photos the cut size and choose whether they want in matt finish or shine.

Thank you so much

Hi, there is no ready to use module available you wrote and you would need to customize the way you need.


Franjjr Purchased

I need the client to upload photos, the client can choose the print size and if you want matte finish or brightness … that could be done with your plugin

you can customize it as you need it.

FYI, bug alert. As of 5/1/2017 this plugin apparently has issues with Microsoft IE and Edge. You can test it on the demo site:

And after almost a 30day wait since bringing it to the author’s attention, I’ve given up there will be a fix for the MS bugs – specifically in how it displays the Text editor section and the inability to download .png files. The no-fix and lack of communication is odd, given the author was very prompt earlier this year to correct a separate issue with the Chrome mobile browser.

Other than the MS bugs, it is one of the better, if not the best, product designer tool app on codecanyon right now. Unfortunately, it is not practical to abandon users who still prefer to use IE or Edge. Once/If the MS issues are corrected, I would highly recommend this app.

Can i able to keep pen instead of tshirt & other products? & is that possible to make it like submit your work like enquiry form will come and user will submit the form and form will reaches to the admin with attached custom designed image?

you would need to customize it.

Is it possible to add prices to graphics and calculate prices for the final products?

not as of now, but you can customize it


This is an amazing plugin and I’m planing to buy it. First of all, I need to know whether we can get the output design as an image? As an example, in a t-shirt can we get separate images for front, back, and two sides to save in a local file folder?


you would need to customize it and output is like as you wrote, you can view it better on demo

Hello, I want to buy this plugin, before that, can you resolve some issues in it?

Please follow the steps. 1. Please choose country flag on front side of t-shirt 2. and click back side of tshirt and put something or text on back side 3. Again click on front side, then country flags get disturbed like split in 2 pieces and their position also changed..

And another issue is..

when you try to save or print, it should preview/save all sides tshirt.. It only saves selected side of tshirt.

Sorry If i mentioned wrong issues there. Please let me know, I want to buy immediately once resolved..

Hi! The plugin is the very good! But! How can I choose the color of the shirts!

Thank you!

Hello, color option is not available but you can customize it in the way you need it. complete code is open.


cw3rld Purchased

when i click on 1st t-shirt, it display both front and back view. but when i negative to another t-shirt, its only display front view. back view can’t display or its only display back view. Front view can’t display.

Link :

please send the FTP to my email ID or form on support page and i will check for you.


cw3rld Purchased

Hello, I have sent FTP details.for below link. Link :

please update and solve my problem as soon as possible.

Yes, i will update you ASAP,

Do you know if anyone has applied this to opencart? What I would really like to do is to have the designer be something that could be launched from a product page and the design would be saved to the order.

you would need to hire opencart developer to do it, if you want i can customize it for you to work on opecart. the plugin you see as of now is frontend plugin only.

Can we use it in Magento and let the designer set prices ?

sorry i am afraid that i understood your last question

i meant how can it be customized for magento or do you guys provide any alternative

its frontend plugin so you can build your own solution and i do not provide any other alternative

It’s great tool. but, 1- When I design the front of the T-shirt, and go to the back, I lose the front. 2- Print btn sends empty page to the printer.

yes, i am working on it as of now

Hi~! I have question. I’m thinking to use this in business card web site.

If I have svg design template file which has text layer. Is it possible call it and edit the layer text in this plugin?


Hi, you would need to customize the plugin for this since its JS frontend plugin and do not have the above feature you wrote.

Hi, i’m trying to make simple changes to svg destination folder in ‘save_design.php’ but it has no effect att all. do i have to modify path somewhere else? thanks

please check in config file once, i fear i may not able to write you precisely since i am out of town.

Hello, can i use your plugin with toolset plugins for wordpres? Thank for answer

Thank for answer i subscribe on you update and will wait wp version … thanks!!

Ok Thanks

May I see the demo of its backend please?

there is no back-end associated its frontend Angular JS plugin,

then how i will get the design which customer created?

there is JSON so you can build the backend from that easily

Do you have any plan to update it to angular 4?

not very soon

I added to cart, and how to check out? How to it notice me by email?

Hi, its front-end JS plugin based on Angular JS and does not have any cart

I see add to cart button on your source. if can not add to cart or notice me by email i will refund

Hi. I have a pre-sales question. Does this plugin support bleeds & crop marks? If so how are they defined?

no, it does not, you would need to customize it.

Hi I asked a question via support and have not heard a response. Is it better if I post question here?

Replied to your support email. to load images and products in html module…

its JS plugin and you can do it all via JSON

what is the file name

its via JSON and you can get all the info here