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Does this remember the changes so when they visit the site again their selections remain?

Hi manmademanuk,

yes, the changes the visitors made are stored in a cookie.

Please provide screen shots of your GUI or perhaps a more in depth description of what can be done with your plugin. I am interested in purchasing it but I really need a little bit more information about it’s capabilities. Thanks.

Can I use your plugin to let the user switch between different themes?

Hi nopez4you,

at the present version this is not possible. This feature will be released in a higher version.

Regards, ethemez

Thanks for your replies. I have bookmarked your plugin and will check back again in the future.

Hello eThemez,

I too would like to see the back-end options to get a better understanding of the plug-in functions.

Thank You in advance!

Hi michelbayard, please have a look at our screencast, there you can see the backend in full action and how the switch is used (established).

Hello eThemez,

thank you for the link – much appreciated!

Hi michelbayard,

you’re welcome :-)

I must say, I love this plugin very much. It requires work and css understanding, but with some effort I achieved great results.

Thank you for the comment, Ariegi!

Hello ca i use the tool to make a lateral navigation menu? Can i use it like a custom html or load shortcodes?

Hey there, this plugin is not thought to be used as lateral navigation menu. You could do that by hooking into our provided action hooks, but it’s not really recommended. Can you please explain what you mean with following sentence: “Can i use it like a custom html or load shortcodes?”?

Could this plugin be used to switch Retina on or off within a WordPress Theme?

Hey @DanFaulkner, with this plugin you could also replace your images in frontend, that’s right. Please note, that the options are found on frontend (accessible for every client/visitor), see our demo.


The possibilities of this product are huge, thank you for this very useful plugin. I found a bug : When you select a field in a dropdown property, then the compiler do its job. If you move to another page, it also works. But if in this new page you choose another field in the same property, and decide to move to another page, the plugin does not store the choice and display the previous one. So my question is : How the parameters are stored from page to page? And how to fix this issue ?


Hey there, thanks for reporting. Bug confirmed and will be fixed in next release which will be published today :)

Hey, can i use this switcher with wordpress theme? If i can use it, how it works? Gets boxed, colors by self or i should add those styles? Thanks

Hey there, you want to switch the style of your wordpress theme in backend or let customers switch different styles of your theme in frontend? This plugin is thought for second one. In backend you define the styles, which the customers can later select in frontend.


First I want to thank you for this great plugin ;)

I have a question concerning the Add / Update CSS feature. Can you tell me if it’s used to load css file? How does it work? I don’t understand what I have to set in the “element” and “property” fields.

Thanks in advance!

It corresponds to the link element which css-file you want to replace. the #pinpossible-post-css is the id of the link-element. E.g: <link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’pinpossible-post-css’ href=’' type=’text/css’ media=’all’ />

You should use the ID of the element which is relevant for you (which css-file you want to replace).

Ok thank you! And a last question please, in “property” element I don’t know what I have to paste

If you selected “Add / Update CSS” or “Remove CSS” you can add css styles to one or more elements without using a css-file. The property here is the style attribute, e.g. display, float, width, position, margin, ...

You’re welcome

hey, nice plugin. But doesnt work perfect with wordpress 4.5+ there is some issue with css style i guess. Is visible only on half page. Any suggestion what can i do about this?

On Front-End.

Can you please create a ticket on our ticketing system and upload an image or may add a link to your website?

It’s much easier to help there instead of this comments section :)

Okay thanks

Somebody asked a couple of years ago (above) if this could be used to switch themes. You said this would come in a later version of the plugin. Is this now possible with the plugin please?

Sry for the late response. It’s still not possible. Best regards

WordPress 4.7 supported?

and i want export setting feature as well

Yes of course, WP 4.7 is supported. What you mean with exporting setting feature exactly? If you like, you can create a ticket under for better support :-)