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1. Will this work for a Laboratory clinic that want to post Lab reports of their clients online so clients will be able to view and download a PDF (containing their lab tests results) without messing each client with each other, I mean, creating isolated users so only they can see their assigned file for an established period of time.

Im interested in giving them a username and password with expiration of 1 year to view or download their lab test reports but my main concern is security as it is very sensitive data what will be here.


Hi alfonsovelva, I think that you should be looking into a custom solution as DesignNote does not sound like the right application for your usage scenario.


How is the procedure to translate it to Spanish?

Thank you

Hello FactorySoft,

Yes, the application can be translated into Spanish. Documentation on how this is done is included – it works by translating a language file (/app/Locale/spa/LC_MESSAGES/default.po) with PoEdit (

You will know what I mean once you go through the manual – there’s a section on creating translations and it is very easy to accomplish.

Thank you. Item purchased



Really keen to get this!

Does it only support images? It’d be great to use this for PDF brochure designs if it works.

Thank you,

Hi KentLedger,

Thanks for your interest. PDF annotations are not supported, I’m afraid (due to browser support for PDF-embedding).

Instead, you’d need to upload screenshots of the PDF.

Best regards, CE

Thank you – think we’ll go ahead and purchase anyway.

Hi, I’ve just purchased and installed. No images are showing at all? It’s looking very basic HTML, can you assist?


Hi there, thanks for purchasing. If you haven’t already done so – could you send me an email with your details so I can take a look for you?

Hello there, I just found your email in my spam folder and sent you a reply.

Hi, Just purchased and noticed that the app uses bootstrap for the layout.

If i purchase a Bootstrap skin from this site, how would I go about changing that within the app?

Hi George, thanks for purchasing. In order to include your Bootstrap template, you’ll need to include it in some of the layout files which are in “app/View/Layout/layout_name.ctp”. You can simply add <link/>-tags which point to your CSS files. Afterwards, you may need to remove the default CSS-imports.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to make all of the annotations from different users “public”, so people could read what other feedback has been given. Or does the admin have to separately interface with each of the users individually? I’m aware that the comments are public, but then the users can’t specify which area of the design they might be talking about.


Can I add this into the popular “Freelance Cockpit 2” (please check from the best sellers – project management category, the third one) and let users access their content without re-entering their username and password? I want them to login their area once and after just use this one with their projects. (I know I can subdomain and let them forward there but I don’t want that.)

Thank you.

Do you intend to develop this project?

Have you thought about the panel redesign?

Hi there – I purchased the code and I’m going through the installation and had a question about the client experience.

Say as an example, I have a client who already has artwork created, can they start a collection and upload their own artwork? And, then if we make any revisions to their artwork we can upload the new versions to the collection?

I don’t see this functionality right now as part of the platform but would love to get your opinion and how to best give that ability to the client?

Would this work on Website Mock-up projects to send to clients, instead of using Adobe XD?


dsgnuk Purchased

Hi, we installed your software, uploaded an image however when you go to annotate it, it blows up the image to take the whole screen, you can not see any other controls or do anything to the image, unless you click back on the browser, how do you resolve this?

Please update this script. I will consider buying it, if it is maintained. Also, do you plan to add new features in the future?