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there are some form fields which i need extra like country , mobile number etc etc , can i customize myself using the documentation , i understand html but m not a programmer

please clarify so as i can buy it , thx


A telephone would just be an input field with some validation so it only allows 11 numerical values. Country could just be a simple dropdown as well.

N.B. This isn’t a functioning form, it would need to be plugged to a PHP back end to actually send/recieve data.


Hi, Can I have this form pop up upon the visiting of my site? I.E prompting users to subscribe?

If so, is it included already? Or how easy can this be done with this form?


It isn’t functionality included already, but it’s quite simple to implement. An easy way would be to show the form on page load, but hide when the user either submits or closes. Or you can add a timeout for it as well. (You can delve into cookies as well, if you only want the form to appear once per user).

To keep it simple, display the form on load, (blur the background if you wish). When the user submits the form, or when the form is closed just fire off a function to change to whole div to hidden.

function closeSubscription() {                         document.getElementById("container_reg").style.display = 'none';

Or a timeout:

function closeSubscription() {    
setTimeout(function() {
                            $("#container_reg").hide('fade', {}, 500)
                        }, 5000);

A close button is just a hyperlink linking to the function:

<a id="myBtn" class="myBtn" onclick="closeSubscription()">X</a>

There may be cleaner ways to do this, but this is a simple way which works really well :)

Hello.. I just bought this theme, but dosent work on Internet Explorer. there is any way to solve it?


Hey, What version of IE are you using?


Fantastic script, very well documented :)

But in the header, there is a call to a css file not found in the zip:

<link href=”style/responsive.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”> <!- Links to our responsive design for our login boxes ->

Where can I get it from? Thank you.


Sorry for the late reply, the comment didn’t flag up on CodeCanyon for some reason, only ThemeForest!

Sorry I must of left that in by mistake, I’m making it responsive, but it was going to be a phase 2 development, if the item was to sell well.

Do you specifically need it to be responsive?

Best Regards,

Hi, yes, responsive should be perfect! Regards,

This is some great work Sniperactic. I would really love to see some validation built in to make a perfect product. Password matching and length on registration, valid email, etc. Any plans?

Hi Joshua,

I had to keep the Javascript and jQuery to a minimum to be able to use the CSS section. I can try and post updates, but not 100% sure they will allow a lot of Javascript and jQuery functionality to be added.

if I ask additional work (add a paypal and payza) as field selector on the form, what does it cost ?

Hi, How much to actually make it work on my server? I didn’t see instructions in the documentation.

Hey, How far have you got? Got a link to the page you have uploaded anything to?

Hi – You can see it here: http://greeneyegraphics.com/3DSports/form.html

Thanks for your help!

Hi, What doesn’t seem to be working? This is only the layout of the form, you will just need to connect it to a PHP login script to progress.

Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. I have no idea how to do that. How much would you charge for that and to make it work?

Sorry, I was logged in under the client’s account – that last reply is mine. Thanks!

Good ! GLWS!

dears sir,

I cant plugin or install there is something wrong to upload wordpress!!!


This isn’t a wordpress plugin and is designed to be used in bespoke web layouts.

Best Regards

i cant upload something missed


This isn’t a wordpress plugin and is designed to be used in bespoke web layouts.

Best Regards


f22dan Purchased


I just purchased your Depicto – Login & Registration Forms

What code do I delete so the color options do not function.

Is there a knowledge-base that will advise how to do it ?



Hi f22dan,

You should have a div with the class called color-changer. Either delete this div, or add the following CSS to your stylesheet:

.color-changer { display: none; }

- sniperatic

Hi team

I purchased your awesome login template from the Creative Market. I’ve been able to modify colours/text and branding to suit but was wondering if you could assist with how I link the existing .asp files to link to the required server?

Cheers A


Sorry for the delayed response. Where are you trying to deploy this? What site are you trying to link too?

Regards, sniperatic

Thanks for the reply. I have used your template to redesign the login for an online ordering site. It is located here http://www.allflexonline.com.au/allflexnlisonlineorder/ilogin.asp


So once you have the form within the page you require, you need to modify the form tag to ensure the data from the form is posted to the desired location.

Surrounding the form in ASP you should be able to add a form tag, with a method of “POST” and an action that links to the function which controls the login.

Brief example:

<form method=”post” action=”Your/Function”> <input type=”text” name=”email” /> <input type=”password” name=”password” /> </form>

This will then post the form values to the function in which you can handle the login.

Let me know if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick, of if anything is unclear!

- sniperatic