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Good work man! :) All the best with sales!


Can you wrap it in a WordPress Plugin?

It will be done once this one is out of the first page list.

Ok, I’m waiting… :)

do you actually have a demo? will this protect the options.php page?


Yes it can protect this page.

... combine it with a reset feature this would be golden! :)

Can you please explain what do you mean by reset feature?

hi ivan – yeah for example say you have a theme you want to give people access to on the backend – say after 5 minutes the script basically resets all the settings again….

actually saying that ive just that we could run a cron job and do the same thing – so just found my own solution! lol

but yeah if you have a demo setup i would be interested in checking it out – the live preview just sent me to the documentation…

Well this is just a php class. If I set up a demo you will see a limited Wordpress admin panel. I will upload soon a Wordpress plugin which has settings panel.

gotin skript vanka! samo si testvam appa sorry :D


Can you explain how we would set this up so that it only gives access to the settings for the plugin we want and does not allow anyone to make any other changes?


Do you mean to give access to the settings for a certain plugin?
You can protect all pages except plugins. Then with custom protection protect all plugins except the page for your plugin settings like this:

If you have trouble with setting this up contact me through my profile.

Hi, I want that my client see all features, but I do not want that they save the changes, is it possible just disable the save function? I use Joomla and Wordpress

It is not possible.