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I’m using your product, but there’s the problem with dashboard menu after the demo site created there’s no navigation on the menu although the role is “Administrator” selected.

Please refer to my following image:

- No navigation menu - Can access the pages without navigation link - Setting set as “Administrator”

Thank you

When you add registration form you indicate site ID to create demo from. So you should go to this site Dashboard>Demo>Restrictions and define what menu items to show.

I got it, already loved this plugin, highly recommended <3.

P.s: If you can echo the activation link after click submit – in the success message, it would be great, sometimes the emails can be into spam box, and that will save us from abandoned customer.

Thank you

Thank you for kind words and your suggestion. We’ll keep it in mind


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I am using MailChimp with this. After adding mailchimp user name and api key it fetches all lists except 2. These 2 are newly created lists. Can you help with this ?


HBWSL Purchased

Not only 2 but no list is displayed which is created after a specific date

Hi, Make sure you use latest version of plugin. I kindly ask you to submit requests if you have any difficulties with demo builder. Thank you for understanding.

We’re happy to announce about 1.4.0 version release where you are able to subscribe users to different MailChimp lists according to registered demo.

Hey guys! Awesome product!

I have a question related to the Mailchimp integration. Is there any possibility to automatically tag each user based on what product they`re testing so that when the email address lands into my Mailchimp account, I can know where they`re coming from? If yes, it will make my day!

Also, have you thought on integrating more ESPs into the product? I would love to see Drip for example.


So, the new Mailchimp features are awesome and are what I need for now, but…storing users across multiple lists in MailChimp is not quite the best practice. MailChimp doesn`t do subscribers maintenance. In other words, if a user is on two lists, you have two subscribers with the same email address. So if a user tests two products, he gets added to two lists.

In my point of view, the best scenario would`ve been assigning tags to a subscriber, instead of putting it on multiple lists.

I still consider this plugin update big, since it can further improve conversions.

Thank you!

Thank you or your thoughts. We’ll keep it in mind. Have a nice day.

You can subscribe users to one list but different groups (tags). Sorry for misleading.


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Is it possible to also add a name field instead of just the e-mailadres field? Makes it more personal. Also better for MailChimp.

No, it is not possible yet. But we have added your request to our features’ list. Thank you for your interest.

Hi there, This is a great plugin. But I get a problem when testing it.

First, I used the try-a-demo form to create a site for email “”. It worked right. After that, I delete that site and user then use that email to create a new one via the try-a-demo form. But when I click to Confirm link in email, It redirects me to 404 page.

It is better to submit request by email if you have any difficulties so we’ll be able to login and check settings you applied. Thank you for understanding.


Great plugin.

I have a suggestion, is there any chance of adding Captcha to email form. Because I am getting spam sandbox creations.

Also, Is there a way to set restrictions globally, I did set them on Network admin site but I had to re do it on particular site to get reflected on sandbox.


Thanks for replying, and your point absolutely makes sense. Its ok I can setup for each site as well. :)

We’re happy to notify you that we’ve just released 1.4.0 version with ability to protect registration forms using reCaptcha

Awesome news, thanks.

Hello, How to change mailchimp user/key. I enter new one but it’s still display old list.

Thank you

I solved it. Thank you

In Disallow users to access these URLs. I enter 3 lines:


But only the last line work, how to fix it?

Please email us providing SuperAdmin login details. We need to have a closer look at your WordPress.

I have a presale questions:

I’m looking to do the following

1. Allow users to login w/ default passwords like demo:demo or admin:admin
2. Allow users to install plugins and themes
3. The system resets after xx amount of time back to whatever default settings I choose.
4. Notification is sent to me when someone logins in and does just about anything.
5. Any other useful features to allow users to interact w/ the plugins and themes.
6. High level of security so that there’s no exploit they can do to hack the server the site is installed on.
7. Rollback features to any instance or wordpress version.
8. Creates separate users instance, so I can see who’s creating what.
9. Can this work on single site instances?
10. I can create any instance of a wordpress version (like 4.3xx) and stage that for users to test, while still having 4.7xx as well. Does this make sense?

You mention in can control the time of the demo live period. Can I do that on a specific user level, or is that applied globally? I’m also thinking of having some type of membership in which the first initial signup, the user can create their demo site that only lasts for 24hrs, then the 2nd tier would allow them to make the demo last for 48hrs, and the third membership tier would be 72hrs, and so forth. Can that be done w/ this plugin?

Sandbox expiration is applied globally for all sites. We’ll keep in mind your suggestion. Thank you for your feedback.

I’ll buy this immediately if you’re able to implement this.

Pre-sale question: I run a membership site and want sandbox users restricted to logging in to access the demo, but not to have the access that other registered users have. Is there a set of capabilities associated strictly with accessing the demo? If so, how would I automatically assign a user role with these capabilities to sandbox users ?

Also, our members have frontend access only. Can sandbox users be restricted to the frontend of their demo sites, or is backend access required?

1. Using Demo Builder plugin you are able to set a user role for new created demo user and restrict access to certain menu items of the dashboard.
2. You can re-direct demo user to any subsite URL after sandbox activation. But it does not restrict access to the back-end. You can do that with custom plugins or solutions.

Can I activate a sandbox without confirmation similar to what these guys do.

I bought Test Drive Builder, which does not work at all and I have gotten zero support for.

Installed on multiple test sites and hosting servers.

I need instant access, not conversion via email.

Is this possible?

Hello, currently demo is activated only by email confirmation. Then demo user can simply work at his sandbox as long as you allowed in settings. We’ll review your suggestion. Thank you for your interest.

is there a way to disable the reset timer for certain users?

I’ll buy this plugin when that feature has been added as it is crucial to how I want to use it. Thank you for your fast response! Also, there doesn’t seem to be a way to test the demo w/ having to register? Can you make it so that this is an option as well. Like you don’t have to register to test a plugin/demo.

meant to say without having to register

Thank you for your thoughts. Have a nice day

I see that users can choose which theme they want to enable from the front end which is pretty cool and I was wondering if there’s a way to allow certain plugins to be enabled from the frontend as well?

No, it’s not possible to enable certain plugins from registration form. Active theme, settings, content and active plugins are copied from the source site – the one user chooses when submitting a form. After creating a demo site, user may enable or disable certain plugins on the backend if you enable this option (allow in permissions). However, I will add your request to our to-do list. Thank you.

Thank you so much! It means a lot to me. I’m so eager to buy this plugin but can’t as it doesn’t meet one of my requirements. So I’ll wait patiently when it happens and I’ll grab it faster than a monkey to a banana!

Hi, it’s not working for me. Getting white page when user try yo confirm their account after clicking the link in the email sent.

I’ve tried today and could not see any error. It works properly now. Please reply to my email I’ve sent to you.

I had to downgrade to PHP 5.6 for it to work. Didn’t work with 7.1

Work on fixing this issue. Great plugin.

Thank you for your notice. We’ll test it with PHP 7.1

hey MotoTeam, just a pre purchase question. Do I need to set up a network? Multisite in wordpress? or is it possible to add a single demo wordpress site (on my server with IP/namesite) I do not know how to set up multisite thank you, regards

Thank you for your question. Demo Builder plugin requires WordPress Multisite network to create subsites for your demo users.


Is it possible to create a custom demo account for different individuals until a time where the access is denied and redirected to the demo page after.


Using Demo Builder plugin you can let your visitors to register individual sanboxes (subsites). You can set expiration time for demo sites to control its expiration and define whether to remove demo or archive it.

For the past year we only run php 7+ on all our servers – can anyone confirm this actually works on PHP 7+? We spent the 1st quarter of 2017 working with Softaculous to fix their php7 issues – as it really wasn’t fully supported initially although they said it was – let us know when you can thanks

Thank you for your question. The plugin has not been tested with PHP 7 yet.

Thank you – Is there a timeline to perform a test?

Hi there,

We purchased this plugin, but we need instant access, with no email access confirmation. Could you implement this feature?

Thank you in advance.

Thank you for kind words. Look forward to your email. We would also appreciate if you rate plugin

Sorry, we can’t rate your plugin here, as we have purchased your plugin through your company website ;-).

Anyway, it deserves the 5 stars.

But with the feature that we discussed, it would be even better.

Regards, Efrén

Thank you for your suggestions and ideas. Have a nice day.