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Mbx Purchased

Another thing, I just realized, The way I intend on using this demo plugin, is it possible to do the following.

I create subsites within my multi-site network, of which these are the default themes that they’ll be running, I intend on using the “REGISTRATION FORM IN POPUP WITH RECAPTCHA” but including it into a post on my main multisite network. So is it possible to point the demo creation link to a specific demo? I’m not trying to use the drop down for the user to select their theme, I want them to click on a thumbnail image that will take them to a post and they can read up on the theme and I can provide 2 links for the user to perform. Front End, takes them to the front end of an existing demo site, 2nd link will be the backend of that frontend site. Is this possible to do on the Base default site that is not the demo itself but rather regular (parent) site to showcase all of the subsites (that are demos, front end only)? I hope i’m explaining it clearly. This is important to know if your plugin will function this way as it will be a critical factor for me.

Yes, you can add shortcode to register any demo ID at any post of any site at your network. While adding shortcode to post you just need to select IDs of site to create demo from.


Mbx Purchased

It would be totally awesome if you could put launch demo in the toolbar when someone is viewing a theme that they picked out (from the drop down) along side a timer that runs when the user successfully registers and activates the site.

There is available a toolbar that can be seen at preview. It allows to select ‘products’ i.e. your sites with thumbnails. Thus your visitor will be able to switch between demo previews to take a look and select one to register and try the back-end. There is not any countdown option currently and we did not have a chance to try third party solution. You will be able to modify it if you gave coding experience. Products Toolbar is not available at back-end.


Mbx Purchased

When I add, ”/?dr=1” at the end of the url to show the toolbar on a new demo, then when you select another theme, the page stays blank? Why?

Also, why doesn’t the Toolbar always appear everywhere I go on the site, from the backend to the front end? Why do I have to add, ”/?dr=1” to make it appear?

Do you mean you purchased plugin? If you have any difficulties or have additional question we recommend to email us directly. Also refer to my prior comments. Thank you for understanding.


Mbx Purchased

its from your demo that I was playing with, and i will be purchasing this plugin shortly, you’ve been more than patient with me. i’ll email all further questions to you. whats your preferred contact info?

you can email us using contact form at our profile

Hello I want to make an appointment before you buy, I’ll do web design and I wish to be able to show the demos of the sites created with different templates. I use this system or it’s just to assemble demos of products, in summary the demos that I have to put together are use of themes or templates with all its built-in demo data … I hope your answer thanks (also if there is any guide how to do this or documentation that guides me when buying the license?

Yes, our plugin allows your demo users to test back-end of certain subsite at your WordPress multisite. Once your visitors select website they want to try they register demo and get duplicated subsite with the same content and settings you configured at source site.
You can watch brief video guide or refer to documentation PDF

thanks for your kind answer, but I’m not sure that I have formulated the query correctly, at first sight as this plug works and I’m clear but everything concerning backend in my case what I intend to do is only a demo Frontend where the visitor can see the demo of a site but not from the administration but navigate the demo of the site with its corresponding template, is this possible? without giving backend access

Thank you for clarification. Yes, you can use plugin as front end demonstration as well. It works in this way:
- you add subsites to multisite network
- configure each site with certain theme and content
- enable toolbar with products (your subsites/themes) Check the example of toolbar
Thus your visitors will be able to surf within your sub-sites that demonstrates layouts, designs, etc.

Hi, Is the demo builder WP 4.9 ready? the big update is almost here and wanted to know if it won’t break the site that is built with it..Thank you

Thank you for your question. I’ve just tested plugin with WordPress 4.9 beta version and Demo Builder is running perfectly with it. We would also appreciate if you rate the plugin. Thank you.


Mbx Purchased

Hi, do you know how I can custom style the rendered button when you use the Popup button shortcode? I’d like to act and behave like one of the other buttons generated by a shortcode with a 3rd part visual composer addon (ultimate vc addons). or how I can insert this code into one of their buttons to make it Pop up.

There are used theme styles in a plugin so it looks in natural way. You can also add custom class to popup shortcode while adding it or even when it has been already added by following attribute wrapper_class=”custom_class”. You can email us if you need our assistance.


Mbx Purchased

It would be awesome to use the toolbar and have an extra button to launch the demo builder for that site it’s viewing. Would this be possible?


Mbx Purchased

I sure can, what’s the email?


Mbx Purchased

Nvm, just sent the email through your Support contact.



Svipic Purchased

couple quastions:

1. I would like that demo will use sub-domain and not in sub-directory. How to do it?

2. is it possible to use more fields when creating demo, like not only email but “name” “phone”

Plugin supports sub-directory structure of multisite network at the moment. We’ll keep this request in mind for further updates as well as adding more fields to registration form. Thank you for your feedback.

Need help

When user creates demo site and login in wordpress, User gets only Dashboard access nothing more. No posts, No pages and nothing in Wordpress admin panel.

What is wrong?

It looks like you did not set Restrictions up for sub-site that was used for sandbox registration.
Please try to go to this sub-site dashboard>navigate to Restrictions and check the sections you want to show for demo users. Then save the changes and check dashboard of demo (sandbox) once again.

Nice plugin bro! Will be great if you have Drip integrate.


Hi Tommy,
Thank you for kind words. We’ve added this request to our features list however its priority will depend on quantity of request about Drip integration. So anybody who need this option too you can email us or leave comments below. Thank you.

What is the major difference between and this product. ?

This is the same product and you can buy it here at marketplace or at our website. The only difference is the delayed update release due to review of new version by marketplace reviewers. Thus there is no major difference.


artwales Purchased

Instead of the randomly generated part of the url, how can the code be modified to allow users to determine what they want

There is no option to let users add custom URL for their sandboxes. Thank you for your idea though. We’ll review it for further updates.

Hi, i’m searching for a product that can demo a wordpress website. I currently build a whole website demo : With your solution can users create exact copy demo of this website and try out the backend ?


Yes, there is the same functionality either on our site and envato marketplace.

Well i will prefer the way that is the most usefull to get update and the most support. So i believe even if the plugin is way expensive on your website, i will have simplier updates ?


yes, plugin purchased at our site can be updated automatically.