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Hi there, i just receive Update Email, can you please provide a changelog?


Hi, sure:
Version 1.4.2 * Bug fix: fixed an issue with MailChimp subscription on sub-sites.

I bought the plugin.

But I can’t find how to: - Create the list of themes on the registration from. - Give access to Theme Options.

Please response asap.


Thank you for your purchase. You should create sites fir each theme at your WordPress network. When you add a shortcode for demo registration form you will be able to select multiple websites to create demo from. Thus you will select sites with your themes for your visitors to choose.

Hi, can we build a demo and just clone it for the users when they create the site or how are the subsites created? Thanks

Yes, it is exactly how it works. For example you can take a look at Hotel Booking plugin Live Demo which was built with Demo Builder.

Great, will buy and do some tests

Thanks for purchase. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Hi, i want to know if it possible with php to re-activte an sandbox after expiration date? For example a sandbox deactivate after 3 days then i want to reactivate and reset the expiration date with php. I want that customers can try dor 3 days and then give hem the choose to renew the sandbox for 1 month.

Hi there, Thank you your question. There is option to archive expired sandboxes by default. After that you can extend sandbox expiration time manually. If you want to perform this automatically you need to code a plugin including all required conditions. Unfortunately we do not provide custom solution offers.

Ok, i look in the documentation for developers i see actions and filters. I can set with this action a re-activation for a sandbox?

Yes, those actions and filters might be helpful. But it also depends on conditions you need to apply to automate it.

Hi, Nice work. Thanks for that.

I do have one small issue. In “Restrictions”, leaving the “My Sites” box unchecked, that is still in the adminbar. How do I remove it from the adminbar?

Also, the popup registration doesn’t seem to work for me unless the other registration widget is in the sidebar as well. Is that supposed to be the way it works?

Thank you for purchasing Demo Builder plugin.
1. Make sure you have set Restrictions at certain website where you do not your demo users to see ‘My Sites’ item. Also did you register demo using email that is not registered as Super Admin?
2. I’ve tested the situation you described locally and it worked for me. If it does not work on your side you can email us. We’ll take a closer look at it.

Thanks for your response. 1. I set Restrictions in the subsite being used for demo. I did several tests with multiple email addresses to generate the demos. All had the same result. Worked great except for the “My Sites” still showing. 2. I will do that. Thanks

Disregard the issue with “My Sites” there was a plugin I hadn’t deleted that was having an effect on the toolbar.

Sorry to bother again,

Is the only way to get the toolbar with emulator to show to add the ?dr=1 to the end of the URL? If not, I am having a very hard time getting the toolbar to show. I have a product listed but I cannot get the toolbar with emulator to show for the demo. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

Are there any plans to integrate with something like Mailster or any of the free autoresponder/newsletter plugins hosted on WordPress?

The toolbar is used for preview demonstration. You can link it with ?dr=1 from external website to preview the theme, demo, etc. For example like Live Preview button functions here at this marketplace. It is linked to open preview with toolbar.

That’s sad. Why now allow demo users to see how the demo looks via the emulator? I don’t understand why that would of any use to just those who add ?dr=1.

Is there any way to make the toolbar show to the demo user on the frontend?

Thank you. We’ll pay more attention for toolbar functionality and try to find a solution with further updates.
Currently you can just add /?dr=1, etc to the website URL to make toolbar appear.

pre sale question – can I just use for demos don’t need to add admin access

Could you clarify your question? You can use it for product frontend demonstration by adding toolbar.


auffi Purchased

Hi, Presales question: Is it possible to make the MailChimp submission optional for the user- means that there should be a checkbox if a user like to join the list. Otherwise it’s not legal in certain countries… Thanks!

Thank you for rating us. It happens due to default WordPress functionality. You can change it by setting SMTP up at your WordPress.


auffi Purchased

Doesn’t it works with the default WP Mailer? I actually use wp_mail and don’t like to switch to smtp. But I’ve resolved this writing a small function.

We used to provide default WordPress functionality so users might choose how to use it further. You can edit in any other way except SMTP. Thank you.