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?! No question, no answer. I’m not a clairvoyant.

Just sometimes: read the demo page and log in there with the mentioned credentials. Or just download our plugin via and install the 30 day free trial.

I can not get no efficiency, meta tags do not work, I’m not happy :( I wish I had not bought that, I want to return.

You know there was an online demo and a free 30 day test? You also know that you just have to switch on the modules or install the master settings? We communicate that everywhere: Basically you need to switch on the metadata and text optimization module to make the metas work. Just have a look at the (video) tutorials.

Else, you can use the ask for refund option in your purchase area here.

I money back want a refund, I would like a refund, please help me :(

Ok, so you don’t like reading or learning. Then SEO is not the right marketing measurement for you. Please follow these steps to request a refund: I’ll then accept it.

is this plugin compatible with visual composer?

This is an outdated hint which we’ll remove with the next update within 24 hours. We have a third license for enterprise users of the plugin, but we implemented most of the functions in the pro version with the last update already. We just forgot to remove the hint until yesterday ;)

okay thanks for the quick response

Update is online :)


itzik_f Purchased

You need to add an option to the videos sitemap Detection of video links in video themes like videopro theme and truemag theme is impossible this video themes uses custom meta fields like ‘tm_video_url’ and/or ‘tm_video_code’ It’s the only thing that prevents reading of video links The plugin also can not read The images In some video themes Hope you will do something about it Thanks in advance


itzik_f Purchased

I thank you with all my heart for this step They are going to include this as part of the theme plugins? Or you do not know?

Both plugin and theme need to extend for that. We applied a filter to our code so its possible to “inject” data from outside the seo plugin.


itzik_f Purchased

hi delucks When are you going to update the plugin I want to test it on the videopro theme To see If it shows Video links in the videositemap

does this have social media autoposter?

No, sorry!

Hello, I have a client who wants to add an SEO plugin to his wordpress website, and I’ve been looking at all of them, but yours stands out and I have few presale questions. The website is a business website, so not a blog and it is in one language, now he wants to add translations to the services that he offers, example: käigust – gearbox, we want to add the gearbox also into SEO, we don’t want to translate the website into many languages but when a person Googles for gearbox he also gets a hit with this website. There will be 3 translations, in total 12 keywords in one language, 36 keywords then. If I add all of them into your plugin and separate them with commas (obvious), then Google will find them? Hard to explain but hope you got the point :P Hope you can help me out with this! Thanks in advance!

Hi raulim, Google is able to auto detect the language and ignores a simple list of keywords. So if you set up 12 keywords for each of the 3 languages you will have chances to rank in each of the languages. But you should also focus on the contexts and insert those keywords inside the headlines and copytexts to have better chances.

Rankings in other languages will be super hard to reach if translations are missing, as Google always prefers search results in the same language, as the people set up their search (by domain ending, e.g. You would only have a chance if your reputation (backlinks, social signals) is ultra awesome and your contexts are so good, that Google thinks you have true authority for the topic or thinks the keywords belong to your trademark.

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. And just for that, I will buy this plugin. Hope it does wonders ;)

Welcome :)

hi, my theme has header.php but there is no <title> </title>, will the meta work? or give me your email so as i can send you my header.php code and advise

Then your theme is good :) Our SEO plugin adds the title by itself, so don’t worry!

Thanks Bro for the quick response, this is awsome

Welcome, Bro :)

Can I get to see a live demo? Current demo does not work.

You’ll get a live demo within the next hours… We’re currently going over it and will let you know, when we’re finished. Sorry for the delayed answer!

Hi, i accidentally canceled my 30days trial on my site, please help to bring them back

Hi, i have fixed the above, but you may put more meta like 1> Sitelinks search box <2> site logo. and also check module.class.php, in the social sharing, its like something is mixed up please check this sample lines (a)

<label for=”twitter”>Facebook Page</label> (b) th><label for=”twitter”>Google+ Author</label>

labels and titles are different in the social sharing

Hey there!

Feel free to contact us directly if you want to report something. ( so we can keep this platform free for quick questions and answers.

Some issues are already fixed but for some other we need a little bit more infos. Where can we find the affected elements on your website?


itzik_f Purchased

Hi I turned to you for technical support yesterday you Still not answered can you help me please Waiting for an answer Thanks in advance

Hi the plugin doesn’t recognise the text entered onto the page when I use cornerstone page builder with X theme, is there any fix for this?

No reply so I have emailed the address above

Emailed support and still no response from the plugin author. This plugin does not support page builders and it does not work with Cornerstone

If you had given us a realistic chance to answer (it was weekend) you would have received an answer. Additionally you noticed correctly by yourself that the error is in the cornerstone page builder. We don’t need to support other plugins or themes, but we regularly do, if we’re asked for nicely. In your case we won’t.

Hello, This is my first time that i realize great seo plugin rather than yoast or AIO. I liked your plugin descriptions.

Howabout if we use visual composer or other page builders. How deluks work with it? Can u tell something about for that case please.

Thanks in advance

Hi, thank you! Our plugin works with Visual Composer backend editor. The frontend editor works, too, but you won’t receive any additional fields for meta data editing or text optimization.


I’m having problems with huge sitemaps. I’m running now news website (in google news) and I would like to use your plugin – hoever when generating sitemaps it gives me error ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE. At this moment I’m using VPS server.

Values are set to: post_max_size=128M max_input_vars=2000 max_execution_time=300

At this moment in the database I have: 22k articles 13k tags

Yearly sitemap of posts is about 5-6k Tags as above all in one 13k

I would also add tegs to sitemap, but i couldnt find that option. I would also like to generate meta title and descreption for tags and categories.


This looks like a webserver missconfiguration.

Please deactivate all other plugins which generates sitemaps (or the sitemap functions within these plugins). Also ensure that there is no file named “sitemap.xml” in your server document root directory.

If it still wont work, send us a temporary admin account to your wordpress to so we can take a look.

Hello, please add a internal linking feature. It will surely drive your plugin more sales

Hi, what do you exactly mean? Automatic internal linking is not recommended, as it only works with exact keywords and so generates duplicate links…

Yes that was what i meant, i did not know automatic internal linking is not recommended.

No problem. We also had an automation for that many years ago, but Google wants as custom internal links as possible, to receive a huge variety of different spellings and titles for the links for better indexing. So, we have to set up every internal link manually.

Hello in wpml, in the taxonomy translation, when I want to edit the categories or tags the SEO description does not come up. Is there anyway way to implement this.

It is fine, I did it through the categories tab. Is there any way to redirect certain 404 files.

Not yet, but we recommend you to use this plugin to do so in the meantime:

Also, i sent you a support email.

Yesterday i bought this product but it does not meet exactly my needs. I requested a refund and the author agreed to my arguments (it is on his 2do-list) and promtly gave money back. 100 POINTS for this, thank you! Such behavior makes me sure, if the product once meets my requirement, i will come back and buy again. And if not: you can trust this seller.

Thank you very much for this honest and fair feedback!!!

Hello guys, my support for this item has expired, but few days ago I moved to htts and received some bugs with “Microdata”.
Please check this page –
1. hreflang <link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-us" /> url must be
2. canonical <link rel="canonical" href="" /> it must be https thanks.

Hi anliberant,

our plugin doesn’t take affect on the hreflang code. As I can’t see any translation link in your site I recommend you to detect if your theme or any plugin creates that code and deactivate or comment it out. Maybe this hreflang code is in the header.php file of your theme. Then add a <!- before the <link rel=”alternate” and after the hreflang=”en-us” /> add a ->.

For optimal https support please go to SEO > Free > URLs and activate the SSL encryption checkbox.

Best, Severin