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I tried using your plugin on my site. Under the sitemap section. I click the install defaults and it went successfully. But when I check my wordpress files. I do not see any sitemap.xml installed?

How to install this sitemap.xml properly please?


My web developer Jed have sent you the details. Thanks

The sitemap is working good. Maybe you need to clear your cache.

Thanks! My developer just messaged you in your email.

Hi delucks team, for woocommerce wich permalink setting you recommand for Product category base : product-category ? considaration the domain name is short seisen.ca Thank

Hi Kilimomo,

I would implement a keyword like “shop” or “online-shop” or “buy” or “buy online” instead of product-category. The short ways are regularly better than the long ones (I recommend to use “buy” instead of “buy online”). It’s not a super strong SEO factor but if you have very clear/ descriptive category names, you can then optimize for e-commerce keywords.

E.g.: 1. url: yourwebsite.com/buy/shoes -> keywords: buy shoes 2. url: yourwebsite.com/shop/t-shirts -> keywords: shop t-shirts, t-shirts shop

Best, Severin

Hi, pre-sales question.Chinese website also applies? thanks

Might work but we haven’t tested that by ourselves, as we can’t access baidu from Europe that easy. I recommend you just to try it 30 days for free: https://delucks.com/en/wordpress-seo-plugin/optimization-tips-tutorial/installation/. If you have any issues, please let us know via mail: kontakt@delucks.com. We’re interested in seeing how our tool works in China.

When I activate this plugin, so I can’t activate of a lot of subdomains. Would you like better, this key for one domain and all subdomains are licensed?

PS: You can answer me in germany.

Hi, you can use this license just for 2 domains (incl. subdomains). If you plan to license for more than 10 (sub) domains / 5 licenses just send us an email to kontakt@delucks.com and we can discuss individual licensing.

Auf Deutsch: Hi, du kannst die Lizenz nur für 2 Domains lizenzieren (inkl. Subdomains). Wenn du mehr als 10 (Sub-) Domains bzw. 5 Lizenzen brauchst, schicke uns einfach eine Mail an kontakt@delucks.com und wir besprechen eine individuelle Lizenz.

I am currently running All in One SEO Pack Pro on my website. Will this plugin pick up my current settings from All in One SEO Pack Pro

Hi Zlato,

right now you can only migrate the settings from All in One SEO Pack over Yoast to our SEO plugin. But in 1 week – approximately on September 6th – you will also be able to migrate data directly from AIOSP to our tool.

Best, Severin

Hi Slato, we’re rolling out the update with All In One SEO Pack migration within the next 24 hours. Hope you’ll try it!

thx guys

Couple of questions:

1 – This plugin is able to import from SEOPressor? 2- Is it able to run with Spanish or only English and German?.



1: No, we don’t have an import function for SEOProcessor, yet. I also don’t find any other WordPress SEO plugin, which does that.

2: We have Spanish (and French) language files included. These new translations appear within the next days here on codecanyon and on WordPress.org.

Best, Severin

Hi Severin, thanks for answer. Ok, as soon as you have Import function for SEOPressor, please let me know in order to proceed with purchase. Thanks.

Hallo, funktioniert der Import von Yoast wirklich reibungslos? Überlege wirklich hier umzusteigen.

Logo! Probier’s doch einfach aus, indem du unsere Premium-Version 30 Tage kostenlos testest und die Daten einfach mal importierst: https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/delucks-seo/. Unser Plugin ändert nichts an Yoast – sprich du kannst auch sofort wieder zurück wechseln, falls du nicht begeisterst sein solltest (ist aber unwahrscheinlich ;-)).

please add RTL languages support to your plugin

We have it on our 2 do list, but it will need at least 6 months, until we start with that. More realistic would be one year, as we have no experience in RTL yet and nobody else, who asked for it. Sorry that it won‘t be earlier.

one year in 21 century!? you know what does that means! i know it takes time but as you know this is a very important feature that yoast does have, and a big side of market where you are absent!

Yes, because we‘re continously extending the functions and realize one thing after another. This ensures us to deliver a high quality and stable plugin for a low price.

Bevor ich Euer Plugin kaufe, interessiert mich ob auch Texte die in einem Page Builder (z.B. WPBakery Page Builder) richtig erkannt werden?

Ja, in den meisten Page Buildern werden die Texte erkannt. Wir nutzen auch den WPBakery Page Builder bei unseren Testsystemen.

Um auf Nummer Sicher zu gehen, kannst du dir auch über WordPress.org die kostenlose Version unseres Plugins ziehen und dann im Dashboard die 30-tägige Demo aktivieren, um es auszuprobieren.


dovito Purchased

Widget Rating is not showing data even though i have created some rating on some pages.

Can you please send us a link to the pages and a login for your website, so that we can de-bug it through this form?! https://delucks.com/en/wordpress-seo-plugin/faq-support/

Hi, i i put my purchase code to activate it not does work i get this message Sorry, but that item license-key is invalid. Please make sure you have entered the correct license-key.

Please check you spam folder!

Thanks i have replied, please help

Thank you so much for the wonderful support

does this SEO plugin work with automated posts?

We haven‘t tested that yet by ourselves but also haven‘t heard that it doesn‘t work with automated posts. You can try it via the free version which we offer via WordPress.org.


Akazed Purchased

Does the plugin is compatible with NGINX ?

Yes :)

Hi Delucks, looks awesome – just one quick question: I’m using wpseo and I’m quite happy with it. Is there a way to deactivate all features except for the text opimization? (I’m mainly interested in the wdf*idf analysis.)

Hi, thank you! Yes, you can deactivate all modules except the Text Optimization. I also recommend you to use the Microdata and the Rating module, in order to optimize your Google snippets with structured data (e.g. stars). You can also migrate the meta data from WpSEO to our tool, if you like.


I have these questions and doubts:

1 – This plugin already includes monitoring tool? If yes are no longer need something like: SEO Studio-Professional Tools for SEO am I correct?

2 – When buying the plugin how many sites can I use it without paying more?

3 – How much would the price of a license be to be able to use freely on all the sites I develop for my clients?

4 – Are the updates life-time or do you have any annual renewal?

I’m willing to pay a little more but have a complete solution of simple SEO to use and 100% efficient! I appreciate your best response to deciding to purchase.

Thank You

Hi Luisa,

here are my answers:

1 – Depends on how many functions you use of the monitoring tools. Regularly, you can monitore rankings and success completely through Google Analytics in combination with the Google Search Console. To do so, please follow my tutorial here: https://delucks.com/en/wordpress-seo-plugin/optimization-tips-tutorial/#measuring-success

2 – One license is for 2 (sub) domains. If you need a higher amount/ volume, please write us at kontakt@delucks.com

3 – You can use the Premium version 30 days for free on every new (sub) domain. Just search and install the plugin directly via WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/delucks-seo/ . If the development should take longer, you can use the reduced Free version indefinitely.

4 – All updates are life-time for the current license model. But the email support is limited and can be extended. Else, we plan another monthly license in the near future which will be a little cheaper.

Kind Regards, Severin

Hey there :) so have been looking at your plugin for a while now and would love to purchase it, but I am using seopress pro. Can I import the settings from that plugin to yours?

Hi, I’m sorry, we do not have an import for SEOPress pro yet, as you’re the first one who’s asking for that. I’ll put that on our wishlist but in the meantime, you have to migrate all meta data and settings manually, if you choose our plugin or another alternative like Yoast.

don’t worry about it :) I’m getting your plugin anyway!! and it isn’t a problem to import manually :)

Awesome :)

Hey again, testing out the premium plugin with the free 30 day trial, and I really love it :) I like elementor (the page builder) does your plugin work with it? and the avada theme? thanks in advance Linda

Elementor is still a little restricted, as the editing mode doesn’t allow any external plugins, so the text optimization and microdata module won’t work within your contents which you edit with Elementor, but we’re working on this next generation (“almost frontend”) editing modes and will have a huge update for that usage in a few months.

The plugin works with Avada correctly, as there the classic editor mode is just ”pimped”.

are you providing any API for this plugin ?

Not yet, but we’re working on that

Hello, It means that your plugin can do keyword research? I am looking for some plugins which analyze longtail keywords

You can identify long tail keywords through the auto suggestion feature but it’s not a full research tool.

will you say your plugin is better than the other seo tools out there ?

Yes. And also our support is better.