Delivery days for Prestashop

Delivery days for Prestashop

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Allows customers to choose their delivery day.
This Prestashop module is a must have for every one who do home delivery, like florists, caterers, fresh or frozen products seller…

For each order, customers can select a delivery day among the ones you have allowed. You can export the orders and products to deliver for each day.

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Integration to front-end template.

Compatible with One Page Checkout or standard order process.

Global or by client group configuration.

For example, group configuration can be usefull if you set a group by delivery area with different delivery day by area.

Week days configuration.

Exception Handling.

Integration to Back office.
Orders list

Order details

More features:

  • Manage the number of days to provide the final customer (between first and last selectable date).
  • Delivery day can be added to the order confirmation e-mail.
  • Delivery day can be send to an employee by e-mail.
  • Products and orders can be exported day by day in CSV (Excel) format.
  • Documentation and support are integrated to the configuration page.


  1. Read the module documentation
  2. Install the module in Prestashop by following the documentation for Prestashop 1.6, 1.5, 1.4 or 1.3
  3. On the configuration page choose your parameters.
  4. Customers will see the calendar immediately.


If you need help, use the support tab in the module configuration page or contact me from my envato profile