Discussion on Delivery Area Pro Module for Foodomaa

Discussion on Delivery Area Pro Module for Foodomaa

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Hi Stackcanyon we have installed the latest version of foodomaa v3.5.0 AND now (All the payment gateways are no longer working) Please Assist, even the COD payment is no longer working.


It’s because you have manually altered the DB and the database is corrupted. We got to know about this when you onboarded the new platform on

You will never face this kind of issues on Cloudify, so you can have a peace of mind and concentrate on running your business :)

Welcome aboard!

Hi support i have installation ,issue can you please help

Pre-purchase Quesiton :

Does Foodomaa have subscription based model? e.g. people can subscribe to restaurant food on monthly or weekly basis and they can choose the delivery times. If user has subscribed to a monthly plan, then they can schedule 30 or 60 or 90 meals for delivery in a month [Breakfast, Lunch & dinner]. Users can change/cancel the delivery one day before (or same day few hours before) [in case they are out of town or something like that]. Users can also choose the menu one day before or before meal is being prepared by restaurant. Delivery professionals will deliver food as usual.

what is the last version 1.2 or 1.3 ? I am confused

i want buy this code. i have one doubt. How much amount pay for Google maps API’s?

Example – Daily 1000 users visit our website. So Estimate How much amount can pay for Maps API?

Please tell i want buy this script.

Just bought this and now it says: This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

Disregard previous message. Thanks!

Sure no issues :)

i can’t find a how to update for the modules ? any explanation ?

Just upload it the same way you added the module, it will automatically update.

thanks, updated

You could prioritize the two tickets I opened. Are referring to Wallet Payment for Self Pickup Stores and Referral notifications from Delivery Guy that are not arriving. We are going to launch our business on Monday and everything was fine, however after we updated to version 3.3 this big issue occurred.

After I upgraded from version 3.1 to version 3.3 the Push Notification for Delivery Guy stopped working. Can someone help me? My business goes live on Monday and I’m desperate.

Make sure the delivery guy max order in queue and cod cash limit is set properly.

Admin > Users > Delivery Guys > Edit > Delivery Guys Details

Yes, that’s fine, even so Push Notifications don’t reach Delivery Guys. Everything was working perfectly in version 3.1

I selected the area of the store but the stores are not showing in that area, it is not working at all, I am worried.

Kindly create a ticket on and elaborate the issue.

You might also need to share the website url and admin credentials so that we can check your issue.

where can I see a working demo of Area Pro (no video..)

I believe we have explained every details in the video itself. We donot have a demo available for Delivery Area Pro.

HELP: You have not set Google API key with no IP/HTTP restriction, please set it below to use Delivery Area Pro Module

When entering and saving my Google API key without IP / HTTP restriction, the pro area does not work

I see you are still on 2.9.2 version of Foodomaa.

Kindly update your Foodomaa to the latest version 3.0 only then the new Delivery Area Pro will be compatible.


Hi. I had two questions: 1. Is it possible to set a different shipping price for each region with this plugin? 2. Can several areas be defined for a restaurant?

Can I determine the cost of delivery for each region according to the geographical distance??

No. The delivery charges are not set by this module. The Delivery Charges can either be fixed or can be dynamically calculated based on the distance from the customer to the store. (This is available on Foodomaa itself)

Pre-purchase Question

Your product is the best I’ve found so far. I want to know if customer orders can be automatically matched to the dispatch rider closest to them instead of the admin having to assign a dispatch rider. Please note, I’ll buy the script and this module regardless, I just want to know if that is possible or in the pipeline


Sorry, auto-assigning to the closest delivery guy is not possible on the current version of Foodomaa because of the platform limitations.

Although, the Cloud Foodomaa that we will be working on in the coming days could have this feature (hopefully)

when your sale is start?

Hi, I purchased the Foodomaa extended versin last month spending around 550 dollar. but now I saw that it is unaccesible. I want to get refund. Please I am very serious. otherwise your move becomes serious cheating.

Kindly be calm.

Foodomaa has been disabled by CodeCanyon and not us.

We are working on to bring it back. (We have already written to them and working on to resolve the issue)

Hi, I have a question.

As the Foodomaa page is offline, I’m sending it here.

I noticed that I can select a payment type for each restaurant.

Just below the menu to enter the merchant’s bank details.

For example: If I use MercadoPago, can I configure the payment to go directly to each merchant’s account? That is, one account for each shopkeeper.

Or does the system only play on one account and then transfer it to the restaurants?


The Foodomaa page is back online now.


Each restaurant can select what payment option to provide but the account owner is always the Admin. It cannot directly go to the Merchant’s account.


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