Discussion on Delivery App - Multiple Restaurants Food Ordering Flutter App Mealup

Discussion on Delivery App - Multiple Restaurants Food Ordering Flutter App Mealup

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Hi just got a notification about update can you post the changelog of the 25 November 2022 update.

I don’t see it mentioned on the item details page.

We did minor bug fixes. will post change long today


I both the licence, but I don’t have the driver app inside the package. I only have the admin panel zip and the user one.

Please could you provide it?

sir in your download option you will see different product as driver app.

you need to download that code

when building an app something like this pops up in android studio Build failed due to use of deprecated Android v1 embedding. Process finished with exit code 1

Please contact our team at and our team will guide

Where in the documentation can I find the change of the color of the icon and the name of the application as well as adding the language?

Documentation is attached with main mobile app source code

After purchasing the Project. Will buyer have the access of source code ?

Hi can you work for my custom project please let me know thanks

Sure please contact our sales team at +91 9723600218 on whatsapp

Does the live tracking of delivery man show estimated arrival time?

no sorry

Hellow Dear, This App Support Midtrans payment Gateway Indonesia?

you can do customization to add that gateway

What is the process of Order allotment to the Delivery Boy?

Are they getting push notifications or Admin has to assign orders manually?

Order assigning is automated for globle drivers based on location

If its restaurants own driver then they can assign

There is no support for multiple accept order

please told your tech team their cart code and calculation is worst i ever seen they coded like a fresher flutter developer

We dont have exact date for that

Seconly our team has tested it multiple

Miscalculation can be reason of mis configuration

You can contact team at

Sorry but dont value like that else i would have to tell you that for $50 you can not get google quality code

Anyway contact our team and they will help for sure ( of course free )


1. would it be possible to translate the web and application system to portuguese brazil?

2. Would it be possible to remove OTP for verification and use e=mail anyway?

3. The delivery person receives some audible notification when receiving an order, because in the demo I installed it’s not making any noise.

4. Is the app and web system if you buy here true complete or is it just system and app models?

5. I can change colors and change the size of the web display panel it is too small.

6. Can I change application colors and on any specific item?

1. Yes

2. Yes

3. no currently it doesn’t

4. you can find full bundle here :

5. sorry didnt understand the question properly.

6. yes for sure sir

if vendor has own driver then they are able to login in driver app?

Please contact support for guidance at

i want to buy it but first send me the demo apk to test it

demo apk is on sales page. please check

I just bought this too, I already bought the administrative panel.

Please help with the administrative panel.

How do I add the tags?

Google maps does not work This Page Didn’t Load Google Maps Correctly. See The JavaScript Console For Technical Details.

and in delivery person server error 500


Please contact team at

Hello Support,

Getting error in driver app when adding vehicle detail like number and license number I checked DriverApiController but not found any thing.

sorry to hear that

please get in touch with our team .

hi how much for implement ?

to implement what sir?

please send email to

can you pls check my ticket? ticket number:425

Our team is checking it already


Forgot password issue still not fixed, I already created ticket not relay yet: ticket number 556

its already fixed in last update we released.

Not getting reply for admin panel as well as application issue. I purchased theme but still to worst support.

Many function are deprecated in mobile application also many issue in admin panel.

So if you are having issue witth your enviornment setup which is not related to our code can simply deny to help as that doesnt come under our code support

And its defiantly extra work or help

Still if our support team is helping you FIX YOUR enviornment setup

Then you should show gratitude.

If you have deadline then you should look for solution of your own problem

We are happy to help with anything related to our code

I have screenshot of support desk where the error you show is not our code error

So please either show patiance ( 24 to 48 ) working hours or please check solution on stackoverflow and google

Issue is already in existing code I have not added any extra code even not make any changes have setup as per your documentation. which you included in source code.

I would not like to argue here

Wait till support staff reply


Is it possible to add custom payment gateway? How to we get the admin panel?


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