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Looks great! Any way you could post a sample of what the HTML code would look like to create a menu like the one in the demo? I’m curious to know how complicated the markup will end up being.

Hi Sdnakhla,

The markup isn’t complicated at all and rather very straight forward. Below is a sample code of a basic implementation. Adding everything in is just as easy and clean. (unfortunately indentation has been removed due to the comment system here)

<div id="navigation"> <div id="navigation_inner"> <ul> <li><a href="#" title="">Menu Item</a></li> </ul> </div> </div>

The docs that come with the item are very detailed and walk you through the implementation of every element. If you want, feel free to shoot me an email via my profile, and I’ll be glad to send you a larger sample of the HTML markup directly from the demo.

All the best, Imad Jomaa.

Thanks for the great menu.

Two needs I can’t seem to accomplish: a) I have ten menu items and I’d like them to appear across the full width of the navbar; b) some menu items are one line, some are two – I’d like them to be centered vertically regardless of how many lines.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I fixed item A – removed all padding and borders to the main li element, and used “width:12.5%”.

Still can’t get the text to align vertically in the middle. Attempted to assign “display:table” to the ul and “display:table-cell” to the li, however that didn’t work.


Can you send me an email with a link to a screenshot via my profile? The fix I’m thinking of is using line-height: and setting it to the height of the parent container. That will vertically align the text, but I’d like to be sure. =)

Thanks for choosing DeliMenu.

All the best, Imad Jomaa.

I have purchased the add on how do i install it. word press wont exempt it

Hi Sollevine, Please follow the attached documentation for installation. If you have any questions or are having troubles, please let me know. =)

Hi! i’m kind of new on this of css, and i purchased your code, because i want to implement the custom notification icons as the “New” one on the demo content, so i was wondering if you could bring me some directions to apply to my wordpress main menu.

thank you in advance :)

pd: I apologize if my english is not good enough, but it’s not my native language.

Hi Blued,

The item comes with a detailed PDF detailing how exactly to place the notification icon. If you need assistance with its implementation, please shoot me an email via my profile. :)

All the best, Imad Jomaa.

Thanks! =)