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MercadoPago can integrate this app https://www.mercadopago.com.ve/developers/ ?

Salamo Alikom bro,

Gr8 work! I’m VERY new to Android Studio and Java, i’m a web designer , and i own a restaurant and would like to use your app

i do have a couple of questions : - how to change the $ sign to use my local currency ? - if you planning on using a back-end for the app do you have ETA ? , BTW, i could help you with that :)


Hello AlHejazi, thank you for your purchasing my DELI app, well i want to tell you that is will be hard to you to edit this template unless you have an experience with Android development, and i can’t help you with that because i don’t have the time :(


Great template and I see a lot synergy between this and my project. Do you offer customization work? If you do? Can we please discuss?

Hi, Thank you for your purchasing my DELI app, actually i don’t have the time for customization work, sorry about that :(

never mind, I’ve managed to do it myself

but how to adjust zoom level on google map location?, it’s too close !

I only have one branch now

Ok, I managed to change the zoom level


is there any order alert to let restaurant owner or staff know when some body place an order, is there any beeping system to alert the restaurant staff of the new order or connected to printer to print order so that the staff know right away when order comes

hello, unfortunately there is no something like that…

Dear mounzeragha,

With all due respect. The restaurant manager or staff cannot keep watching the reservations screen 24 hours to wait for the new order to come and to confirm the reservation. When new order comes that should beep the computer sound system to alert the staff about new reservation is made so they can confirm the reservation right away for the clients who like to visit the restaurant with in 20 minutes after booking reservation.

Is it possible to add this reservation beeping sound alert feature on the admin panel.

Best Regards


Hi Mounzer Just purchased your Ui template, I Love it . I appreciate how much work has gone into this. I have located the database but cannot find where the Items and images are stored Are they in a pre-compiled binary resource? how are Items edited ? Kind regards John

Hi linearsys, thank you for your purchasing my product, and sorry if i’m too late to answer your question, well all the items such as the names, descriptions… are stored in the string file, and the images in the drawable directory, and don’t forget that this is a template, which mean you have to store your items with their images on your own sever, and read all those items from it.

Hi, I like your application and I think it would fit my business.

But seeing the demo version, I have not found niguna payment. This application works with platforms such as stripe or paypal?

Thanks in advance.

Hi yurimm4, well this is a template that i have designed and developed the front end, so it is not a full application which mean you have to create the server side and you have to choose the payment service that you like and integrate all those things with this template.. Thank you for your interesting!

Hi. How can I change the splash image? Thanks

Hi alxgbus, thank you for your purchasing my template app, there is an XML file in drawable folder named branded_launch.xml, this file handle the image on the spalsh screen, you can set your image logo in the mipmap folder and rename the target from that XML file to the name of your image logo, and also you can change the background color from it. my regards.

hello dear, I just download your app but it’s crash on the menu “location” why ? or there is another app with bug fix ? How we add the food ? there is a backend ?

Hi. Great template, Is it possible to add a saved note to an item’s order, like “no garlic” or “double cheese” or to write a note to an Item, manually, “on the fly”?Thanks!

pleez haw can i add TableLayout in MainActivity

Does this app include an admin panel? What is the access link to the Admin panel? Thanks

Hello puremoment1, No it doesn’t, it is just a template, you need to create the sever side for it.

Your app brings control panel?

Hello leonsote, No it doesn’t, it is just a template, you need to create the sever side for it.

hola, como puedo cambiar el menu de la aplicacion ? es segun el manual tiene incluida una base de datos SQLI pero por mucho que la busco no la encuentro


Frankyz Purchased

Hi is it possible that you create an admin panel for this app too ? Would be nice if you can develope one maybe also as an extra app here. It´s still the best template

Does this application have a control panel or is it only as a template? I can manage orders and goods?