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I’m pleased to report that autoplay does resume on mouse leave! Thanks SakuraPixel! VERY NICE content slider – there is none better – and I have looked at many dozens. Don’t hesitate to buy this if you need a content slider.

thanx dmtrump, best of all

-dmtrump – AutoPlay already works on mouseout BUT it does not seem to autoplay “AFTER” the last slide. That is the question I asked 3 months ago and haven’t heard a reply.

Also – has anyone had luck with any version of IE? This does not seem to work with IE7, IE8, IE9 or IE10. All versions of IE have JSCRIPT errors, Slider Images not appearing or Text appears transparent.

If you need to view the site, let me know and I’ll provide a URL.

hello vritchey,

please note if you edited some javascript and you missed even a ”;” IE will break the script.

regards, sakurapixel

Amazing work. Looks so neat

Hi, nice script! Something weird happens though.. when I include the script my “enter” button (to go to the next line) inside a textarea doesn’t work. Any idea how this can happen? It only happens from jquery 1.5.1 and higher.

hello dacross , I wasn’t aware of this I will investigate , se if I can fix it for newer jQuery versions.

regards, jayc


I’m looking forward to working with this on my site! Any advice for drupal 7 users?


hello TyHafan,

I’m sorry I do not know anything about drupal.


Support unlimited slides with video support with autoplay video mp4 looping all day? Thanks

Hello bambanx , I’m sorry the answer is no.

Is it possible to have the comments slide out when there is a mouse over on the slide?

Can captions be shown only when you hover over the image?

Does the top corners show like the screenshot? Or only the bottom corners show in the script.

Is it possible to extend this to allow the slides to be clickable and link to another page?

My interest is on the responsive banner, but looking at yours in the demo, it is static not responsive.

Does it work for wordpress

Yes you can see it implemented here in this theme: http://themeforest.net/item/spotless-responsive-one-page-theme/2892317

Spotless is not a wordpress theme

Sorry yes i gave you the wrong link,we had it on WP platform too and then after some time removed it due to high update costs. If you want you can write us through the contact form on our profile page and i’ll share with you how the slider was integrated in the WP version of Spotless.

Hi there… I just purchased this I believe in error? As I thought this was Wordpress… Any way I can still use this with WordPress or exchange for WordPress version? Not downloaded yet.


Seems any and all support for this item is now non-existant. When support is gone the item should also be removed imho, but heh… I’m just the consumer :-/

Just wrote you an e-mail!:)

Replied, thanks…


I would like to change the size of the slider, how can I do that please?

Thanks in advance.

Never mind, found it, thanks.


A pre-sale question please: is it possible to display custom HTML scriipts as slides in a widget sidebar? Do you have a demo?