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I wish to implement a 3 level menu with bigger pictures than an icon. Would i be able to do that ? And can i have a text block in the last level ??

This possibility is not available – all menu levels have to be made of the same size grid cells.

About the text block: all text must be within the menu item cell (you can try to remove an image and leave only the text). But normally, icon is mandatory and text is optional for this menu.

- Is there any limitation on how many level menu? May i make 5 or 6 level menu? - When i attached some links to inside levels (2 or 3) if i clicked on it and gone to that link, in DeepMenu i will see last level that i met it before? or the menu will be reset to home menu?

DeepMenu has no limitations for levels – you can add as much as you want. For navigation, it has two buttons: home – returns to first level, back – returns to previous level.

i see but my question had 2 parts. Let me explain better. If i have several link pages on my website and on start i be on home page and after that i use your menu to go to the contact page in level 2 of menu as submenu, after this all in your menu i will see contact link button or i will see main menu? Its something your menu can work dynamic?

If whole new page is loaded, then menu goes to its first level and currently it does not have the feature for setting which level should be shown on load – it is always the first one. If only a part of the page is changed (e.g. using AJAX), menu does not have to initialize again and preserves its state – stays on the same level.

I hope it answers your question.

Does this function have any means of supporting responsive design?

Hi, this item does not support responsive design

Anything like this for WordPress?

Hi, I’ve bought the plugin and want to use it in a wordpress widget… could you please give me a little guidance on how to achieve this… I’m very familiar with wordpress so you won’t need to hold my hand the whole way don’t worry!

Hi, thanks for your purchase. I am not familiar with WordPress, so I cannot give you an answer how to achieve this. But I’ve sent you a little info which might help.


I have bought your multi navigation menu and I have a few questions:

If I click on an icon with an ”#” tag, the page jumps to that tag. Is there a setting to prevent this?

Also, is there a possibility to add a text line at each level, f.i. above the icons on the same height as the ‘home’ and ‘back’ buttons. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for your purchase :)

Answer to your first question: you can prevent jumping by replacing ”#” with “javascript:void(0);”. Or you can use jQuery and do something like this

$(‘a[href=”#”]’).click(function(e){ e.preventDefault(); });

It disables jumping on all a tags which have href attribute equal to ’#’.

And for the second question: currently DeepMenu does not have such feature, so text cannot be added for each level

Hi, I have a question…

This menu is possible uses with html only, to insert in another page…

Is it possible to add new tiles when clicking on an icon? ie dynamically expand the menu

Hi, it does not have such functionality