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Could you possiblly add screenshots showing what the SQL and Error output looks like? Thanks!

A new version, including minor bugfixes and new screenshots, has been submitted. It should be approved and viewable shortly!

New version and screenshots are live!

Thanks! I had been using BlackBox, so I was really excited to see this plugin. I really like it, but there seems to be a bug in this version. It says there are Errors, but it shows the Congratulations! No errors found! instead of showing the errors. Commenting out the if($errI > 0) statement shows the errors.

Yep, this plugin was written because I got tired of the flaws in BlackBox… So I fixed them! Thanks for pointing out the bug… I had a feeling that one was gonna come back to bite me. I’ll fix it right away!

Bug fixed (actually it was a bigger bug than you thought!). The bug would have reared its ugly head in any instance where the number of PHP or HTML errors was exactly 1… It’s uploaded and pending review.

Just an FYI, new release has been posted! It’s a near-complete rewrite of the entire codebase, and now features a System Info tab!

if admin runs this it remains invisible to users right?

Yes, only users with the ‘manage_options’ capability can see the debugger.

It seems there’s a conflict with the accordion.js file which resides in wp-admin/js (WordPress 3.6)

Can you provide a bit more info? I can’t reproduce any conflicts on my test sites.

Nevermind… helps to test on the same version people are running. That’s fixed in 2.0.2, which will be released within a day or so.

Great support and great plugin.

Thanks! If you need anything, just ask!

Hi :)

Here is my pre-purchase question.

I’m no Developer with your plugin I can see which plugins are conflicting with each other and or with my theme? :)


Well… sort of. Debugged provides you with a LOT of information related to debugging, some of which can certainly help with tracking down conflicts, but it’s not really as simple as clicking a button and it saying “Plugin ‘x’ conflicts with plugin ‘y’!”

As the description says, it’s a development tool. It’s really geared more toward plugin devs than end users. If you’re having a conflict issue, you’re more than welcome to contact me offsite, and I’ll see what I can do to help!

Hi there,

What information does it give about cookies? Can I use this tool for cookie audits (EU Cookie Law)?


I wouldn’t use it for auditing cookies. It provides minimum detail about cookies (though we may add more)

Ok thanks, hehe I thought I could get an easy solution for this silly cookie law.

Well, I’m not too familiar with the law, but I’d be happy to write something specifically for maintaining compliance if you want to help me with the legal issues.