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Your application uses a libpng that is Vulnerable ….. Please send me the class file or anything that would fix it … my developer cant even fix it because he says its messing the class file

We waiting buildbox Inc

Hi Author.

I’ve built game and I don’t see google leaderboad auto login.

Is this a problem?

Please check again your code.

Thank you so much.

Hi Author.

Thanks for your reply. Do you give me a screenshot about leaderboard?

It’s strange, in my death race game leaderboard doesn’t work.


Hi Author.

Sorry, my leaderboard has worked. I have other question about “Heyzap Rewarded Video Ads”. I don’t see it work.


Hello, Just change the id and it will works

Is this updated to Android Studio, or do I have to use Eclipse?

It’s working with Eclipse but you can convert it to Android Studio.

how to modify characters

We are working in new update and you will can to change the graphics without atlases file!

but wher is the program to change characters photochop or eclips

To change the graphics you will need photoshop, but to build the apk you will use eclipse.

The problem does not appear in the application ads

it’s working fine just check out your code.

what is your problem ?! this game don’t have libpng problem.

can you use teamvier

If the problem did not solved yet send your TV id by email.

i am interested in the code kindly send me the demo .apk

no demo apk just see the video preview.

Can you provide the DEMO APK? Also does this game supports unlimited In-App consumable coins purchases?

No demo apk just see the video preview, Yes game supports unlimited In-App consumable coins purchases.

i want to speak with you on skype…about some issues

I want the app Android Studio

You can convert it to android studio.

Read about it in YouTube

I have no eclipse I tried to search YouTube When importing, there are many issues

I want the app Android Studio