Discussion on Dear Web Encryptor : Protect both Content and Source Code of HTML, HTML5, BootStrap website

Discussion on Dear Web Encryptor : Protect both Content and Source Code of HTML, HTML5, BootStrap website

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hi can i use it to encrype laravel view ?

Hi Does this have limits? I want encryter that van trace data on the internet. Can you do that?

sorry for typo, I mean can trace or locate stolen data.

If a person takes your data illegally can you trace the data location?

no, that’s not possible

The Russian language does not work when encrypted …. Instead of the Russian language, the krakozyabry

Hello there,

In the Item Page we clearly wrote these two sentences:

- This Application works only for English language (ASCII Characters) websites. This may not work properly for Unicode Characters, Non-English languages, Emoji.

- When you buy the product, it means you have read the whole description including this “Note” section.

So, this is completely your mistake.


Right click on any button Choose inspect element Copy all the source code from the html code inspector Done!

The Code is Encrypted!

does not use anything your encryption appears just like it would be the original tab. do not buy anything that does not help. I tried in javascript.

Hi! What with russian language? I buyed other same item here on codecanyon and when program compile HTML, there was hieroglyphs instead of russian letters.

Your requirements is not clear. Are you interested to encrypted any Russian written page?

Yes. Right. Can you give me link on this page as you maked for example on dropbox? I can give you archive with landing page with russian language ( if you want here is: )

P.S. I just want to make sure everything works with russian written pages, because I have over 100 pages for encypt.

Go to and send a message through the contact form. After getting reply, send a .html file to us. We will encrypt that and resend you back for test. (Don’t send any .zip file, only .html)

Purchased and used .. not working properly with all js … mobile responsive issues with templates.

When we use this our html templates designs on mobile devices is not good …

How can i take Refund for This ?

But if you have anything like

<!DOCTYPE html>

at the top of webpage. Don’t “Encrypt” that. You can copy all the code except this line. Try, and let us know


We have tried to leave Revolution Slider Code … design is looking fine on width screen but problem with Mobile Screens…

Product is not like we expect .. we can’t encrypt multiple files same time .. we have to do code one by one .. This is not Solution ….

A normal Developer can do this … Even if my design is not same on mobile devices then it is not useful for me.

This is not useful for us. Can you Refund Our Money ??


We told you clearly that This App does not do anything with the “Responsiveness” of a HTML files. But we want to investigate the responsive issue. Send the file to us by message. You will get the contact form in


Will this method protect code from using a Tracker? HT for example?


Hello Surjith,

Thanks for your interest. In the homepage of this product, you will get a download link of encrypted files. Please, download and test it yourselves.


Yes. I have downloaded. But usually most people download this using a tracker by simply entering our demo URL.

So can you just test that scenario as well? Using a Tracker?


does this work with / protect laravel websites?

If you want to use any JavaScript code or HTML code inside laravel website, then you can use encrypted code for that part only

I have 5000 line code in bootstrap index, that have css and javascript path, You application don’t allow copy past and drag & drop. How I can add my html files.

And please provide me a specific solutions, how to deal with it.

Yes, we watched that video, now please kindly delete the video as the place screencast uploaded is a public place. Kindly delete that video immediately.

Use ctrl+V to paste the code there. No right click. If does not work, try on another computer.

We want to send our own video to you also. Kindly give us your email address. Don’t type your email address here. Got to our profile page at and you will see a message box there, contact through that

We hope your problem solved. Thanks for staying with us

Why does it say compatibility is Windows. Does this not work on a Mac? Does it work with HTML Canvas? With CSS? Thanks.

​Hi, Extremely sorry for late reply. I was unable to communicate with anyone due to medical emergency. Please forgive me.

When you run the software, you need Windows. But when you encrypt any html page, – it will be encrypted everywhere – Windows, Mac, Linux

Hello, I want to buy this item. But I have a question Will it be bad for SEO as it encrypts the code? Search engine spiders won’t see the html code? Please let me know asap. Thanks.

Yeah, I have downloaded your demo files and I have tested with javascript disabled but it shows fully blank page. I have tested with you html & html5 sample 3 files.

Which web browser you are using? Name, Version No. and Download Link please.

One thing, JavaScript is always enabled by default in all browsers. Very few people disables JavaScript. Why would someone do that?

I am using google chrome & firefox latest version. Yeah, you’re right, very few people disables javascript as most of the user uses default settings. I also use default settings at all. So, I do not need to pay attention on that. Got the point. Thanks.

Hi, I am TF Author some people download me demo html files. This is protect my HTML code ? Because i want to buy.

Yes! It can protect your html files. Read details from Item page

Can it protect hotlink video files and allow only certain Ips to hotlink them to stream?

Hi! As right click click is disabled, so there is no chance to open it in external mode.

Please, go to Item Page and download the live sample to test it yourself.

This is great. I just learned here: how to open and edit htm files but I had no idea how to protect them. Thank you very much for sharing it was really helpful

Thank you, I hope you will let everyone know about this “Dear Web Encryptor” that they can use it for their job.

question people still can save the encrypted version and use it as its why not include protection by domain so encrypted files can work only on that domain

When people publish any webpage, always mention own company name, logo, information about company in header or footer. (For example, this website has the logo of “envato market” at top) So, if any one copies the whole webpage, it’s actually not-usable

Hi, ‘Protected code can not be edited with any text or WYSIWYG editor like Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage – even the smallest change in it will result in a non-working file’ Does this mean that I cannot use this program if I am making changes to my website on a daily basis? or if I make changes I just have to put the updated files into the program again

or is this program only good for developers showing a website for demonstration only?


Hi, I tested the sample files but none of the sample files have any database code inside them, you see my website gets it’s information created from a database. Is there any way we can test to see if it will work on my website? even if I pm you my cpanel details? thanks

Hello, thank for your hard work. As I mentioned in Item Details, the Software can encrypt .html or .htm file. Also it can encrypt JavaScript or other CSS code inside any .html file. If you keep any information about database inside .html file – it will be encrypted. But this Software will not encrypt any external database.

Hello. The code will still be encrypted in browser developer tools or firebug, etc?

Hi, This provides maximum guarantee. Download the sample files (Link in description) and see it yourself. Thanks

Hi, Version 2.0 is now available with extended features. Please read the updated description. Thanks, Dear

N.B. If you have any WordPress website, check this Product also:

Nice Price Tag! If it does the Job… and just wondering if this would work for a WordPress site?

The title says, what it is for.

You can protect any script like JavaScript code used in WordPress. But you will have to keep it inside.php, not as external .is file

Hi, Version 2.0 is now available with extended features. Please read the updated description. Thanks, Dear

N.B. If you have any WordPress website, check this Product also:

Can you encrypt only parts of a page or divs? Or can you only encrypt the entire page?

1. Protect full .html file


2. Protect part of it div, style, script


3. Random basis

Hi, Version 2.0 is now available with extended features. Please read the updated description. Thanks, Dear

N.B. If you have any WordPress website, check this Product also:


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