Discussion on Android Coupon Code App (Coupon, Offer, Promocode, Recharge, Ticket)

Discussion on Android Coupon Code App (Coupon, Offer, Promocode, Recharge, Ticket)

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any new update? UI is outdated now.

Update will soon but can’t say fix data or what features coming. 

okay thanku, update it cos i bought this project but never build it

i have some questions 1- does it fully support RTL ? 2- can i add an offer not a coupon ( an offer doesnt required a coupon code it just need specifice url ) 3- can we add an automatice redirect pop up after the code copy it will say the code is copy to clip board you will be redirect to the merchant site after amount of second ? thx i am very interesting in buy this app

Hi, 1. Yes, It’s support RTL. 2. No 3. No. Please check demo app/admin panel so you will get more idea, For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

does this app in the bundle offer ??

No bundle offer.


10:38 AM Gradle build failed in 11 s 963 ms

10:38 AM Build APK : Errors while building APK. You can find the errors in the ‘Messages’ view.

Here can’t check anything so better contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

does google console support these application??

Yes, It’s developer as per policy.

hello , can i use bluehost as a host to admin banel

Yes, you can use.

Good luck with your sales

Looking forward to updating: improving user experience, interface upgrade, design, and improvements in general.

Thanks for suggestion.


We are not able to edit/modify any of the existing coupons in the admin panel. Please help with this.

Please reply on this soon

For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

Is it possible to use this app for offline store offers. Say malls and restaurants in my city. And instead of go to site have option to direct whatsapp vendors. So vendors able to publish offers like.

Hi, You want like that not any features available this time. Please check demo app/admin panel so you get more idea and for more details contact us on Skype. Team will explain other stuff. Skype: support.viaviweb

also help me understand what is “Json Service” in admin side which you have mentioned in feature list. how does that help in coupon adding.

For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

Do you support export coupon from vcomision website. Please refer to below to understand my query better.

Siddharth Verma, Head – Publishers at vCommission Media Pvt. Ltd.

Answered March 11, 2019

You can import coupons in JSON format by following the below process, How to get Coupon through vCommission API:

1. Login to your affiliate panel with vCommission. 2. Under the Tools Section, click on APIs. 3. Generate an API Key on this section & copy it or you can simply copy the API Key, if already active. 4. Access the coupons API from following URL{APIKEY} Where {APIKEY} is the Key generated / copied in Step 2. 5. If the API Key is correct, you will get the response in JSON format. Kindly contact your affiliate manager or vCommission for more support. Regards, Team vCommission.

Hi Sir, we need to check in details then get more idea so for more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

m sorry i dont have skype id, can you whatsapp me on 9148864698, i would like to buy this but b4 that i wanna clear this if we can add api key from couponmates or vcomision website who offer affiliate services for coupon business. please help me understand better if we can bulk import export coupons or add api key ?

Here it’s not possible to explain and this time can’t connect on whatsapp so please for more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

App is showing invalid License

Please contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

Does this allow admin to do business to buy coupons and redeem in stores showing email copy like for which admins gets comison on every coupon purchase.

Hi, You want that will be possible from who creates coupons and how they provide commission for that. For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

Hello, the app contains the option with expired deals or coupons ? Thank you

Like this not feature available for now. Please check demo app/admin panel.

Hi, Please update your demo app its not showing any content.. 2nd reminder for the same.

We will check and update apk.

Olá, estou recebendo esse você pode me ajudar: Error: Gradle project sync failed. Please fix your project and try again.

Hi, Please read document file and as per document steps do it complete installation/setup then it will work fine.

I have downloaded demo version apk but no showing banners and deals inside the app.

Please install apk and test:

Please note no download APK available on the link.

We will check and again update apk wait

Congratulations from Zara Games ! Nice Work, GLWS :)


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