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Looks Good. Are you planning to make it a wordpress plugin

Definitely :)

Very useful stuff :) Good luck with sales!

Thanks Ann!

Live Preview doesn’t work.

Ah, looks like an outage on my hosting server. It’s back online now! Thanks for the heads up!

hi quick question before purchase. can this output in html page? also can I add any city that I want?

Hi Uchetex,

It can output the data in Php Object for so you can style it into a html page. The list of city is fixed, it should however cover most major cities in the United States.


Code Slinger

I wonder if I can custom the output styling, also add the affiliate id.

Hi CoolBro,

Yes you can do custom styling. Just get the $result as a PHP object and then you can style it however you like. The affiliate ids can be found in some results but not all results, since not all vendors to this platform have affiliate ids by default.


I am trying to use your script to output an xml format file of deals in each city.

I’m trying to do this by passing all the values by entering a single url. Example:

Can you tell me how to do this with your script.

Thank you

Please be sure that you adhere to the API ’s TOS , available here:

Hi ccagle8,

Definitely, we built this wrapper client with the API ’s TOS in mind. If you look at the data in each format, you can see that the deal’s URL is entirely intact and unmodified. Thanks!


Code Slinger

Hi, The class seems stopped working, api might have changed..

I’m taking a look, thanks for the heads up!

HI Prithvi4u,

Yep the API endpoint changed. I’ve uploaded a newer version of the client with the fix. Thanks again!

Is there a Wordpress plugin for this yet? Does this allow me to put in my affiliate ID for these sites and promote the offers?

Hi JaGreen,

We are working on a wordpress plugin for this, hope to release it this winter.


Code Slinger

waiting for wordpress also,hope is sooner than the winter :))

also is there demo? as in the live view and pictures ,i dont see anything ,are they suppose to come in some images? or..


Hi Suceava20,

The Deals Aggregator outputs the deals in JSON , XML or as PHP objects. You can render that data into HTML to see the picture for each deal. The demo that we have do not render the deals into a pretty format just yet. We can do that in the next update of this Client API .


Code Slinger

Hi DigitalDigg,

It looks like our demo server was down. It’s now back up. Thanks for the comment!


Code Slinger

It’s down again. I really want to see this.

Hello, did you use deal aggregator API for this or from each deal site ?

This software is an easy to use wrapper client for the deal aggregator api.


Code Slinger

Hi, i’m interested to buy, but i can’t see the demo how it work, awaiting reply. thanks

If you click on the Demo link for this product, you can see the types of Deal Searches that this client can perform.


Code Slinger Studios

Is this still working? I am interested in a Yipit type site.

hi i tried the demo but i am unable to get any results is the demo workign fine ? or no let me know please

does it working with Groupon Malaysia site ?

Hi Can you show me examples of sites built using your script please? What is the wordpress plugin? I’m building a shopping site and would like to offer deals along with shopping stuff

Will an update be coming soon?

is this dead?