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Hi, is update coming up?

Hi yes, we have a schedule update on this.

Android? Since february you said it comes to android soon, don’t be a liar…

We just back from long freelance request. So any pending updates is our top most priority. We are not liar, we just move the date of publication.

Hello where can I see the php backend, I would like visitor’s to see php front end is it possible?

Hi, no php front end on this. Only PHP backend for Admin.

No Android version ? When do you think release an Android version ?

It has been over a year now, where is the android version?

Hi, yes we will a week after release once we finish the new app we are testing now and will soon publish on CC.

android version please…

You say one week for android version. But not. Why?

We said after we release the new app. We are still finishing it and thats the time we will do the remaining missing Android apps in our iOS app.

hi any update on the Android version?... will buy both immediately. thanks

Event Finder is scheduled to be release next week then next would be Deal Finder.

Any update on Android Version?

Event Finder will be uploaded first before Deal Finder.

So what about Android or hybrid version, like this one? Ready to buy both

Hi yes we are currently doing it the Android version.

Where are you up to with the Android version?

It will be available 1-2 weeks from now. Approval days in Envato takes almost 1 week.

Ok, thanks for letting me know

At the moment it appears as though a new user (meaning someone that is going to upload deals), can only register through the App. Is there an easy way to allow registration from the Login page of the website?


Sorry, missed this. Thanks for letting mo know :)


Hi, how about android?

Submitted 7 days ago, still waiting for approval. Maybe later since it is monday already in Australia.