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I’m very interested in buying your script, I just read before you were working in Version 2. Is it ready ?

Thank you for response.

Hey Konstant, v2 is ready but will probably be distributed outside of codecanyon (so for example I can give people developers license – for multiple uses). I’m just working on the docs and sales site, send me an email via my profile page if you’re interested and I’ll send you more info.


Hello, can you send me the V2 test version or where? regards

Hey webwatts,

send me an email via my profile page if you’re interested and I’ll send you more info.


Just sent you an email with details :)

Yesss! Thanks

Yesss! Thanks

Is it possible to set the crop position of the thumbs. Looking to make them top center if possible.

Hey upthree,

Thanks for buying!

Please replace line 412 of dead_simple_gallery.php:

$dst_y = round( - ($dst_h - $box_height ) / 2 );


$dst_y = 0;

Let me know if it helps!


Worked perfect. Thank you.

Happy to help. Thank you for a nice review :)


Quick question Ihave chmod the fiels but I still get

Writing to file failed.

Any idea ?


Hi, perhaps the owner of files/directory is different. Once I saw a misconfigured server where files uploaded by FTP had different owner than these created by PHP. May be that.

Please let me know if it doesn’t help :)


gallery not bootstrap responsive

HELP this is where I am at now

THE image gallery is NOT resizing I can make bootstrap column rows that resize easy BUT I do NOT – repeat do know how to get this code into those four rows so they will make columns

Hello KRiedl,

Dead Simple Gallery works very well with Bootstrap (I’m using it on countless Bootstrap based websites). I’ve sent you an example on Monday, please check your email – perhaps it landed in spam folder. The URL that you are sending here is not working at the moment.

Here is an example of how I did it (one that I did send to you):

If you can’t get the examples I’ve sent to work, then I can help you and explain everything, but we need to do that via Skype or any other messaging app, because I need to explain how bootstrap works – because I think that is your biggest challenge. Converting that to Dead Simple Gallery will be super easy.

Hope this helps


Hello KRiedl,

Ok I’ve prepared one more example for you (and updated previous ones a bit so they should be easier to understand). Here’s an example of one gallery split into columns:

Perhaps this is what you are looking for, but it’s not a usual way of doing galleries with Bootstrap. But hey – you want it – you’ve got it! :)

Here are all the files used in this example (you only need to put dead_simple_gallery.php in the folder – I’ve removed it so I can share this example inside the comments on Codecanyon)

I hope this helps. If it’s not what you were looking for then I would need an example in pure bootstrap from you + info on what you want to achieve. Then I can help you transfer that to Dead Simple Gallery, otherwise it’s a lot of guessing on my side :)

Please let me know if this is the thing you were looking for.

Cheers Lukasz

Works very well
  1. It would be nice to have the option to see subdirectory folders and to click on them to view those images.

Hi tcloud,

you can scale the thumbnails by placing the following code:
// create thumbnails by scaling instead of cropping
$dsg_thumb_operation = 'scale';
<?php include 'dead_simple_gallery.php'; ?>

You can read more on this in the documentation (located in documentation/index.html in your ZIP file).

Inside demos folder (in zip file) there is multilevel_galleries_demo.php file which shows how multilevel galleries could be approached.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Cheers! Lukasz

thanks—I found the scale thumbnail after posting the question.
The multilevel galleries won’t work for me – I have multiple subdirectories with many images. I need a folder icon to click which would open the subdirectory – i.e. navigation into and out of the subdirectories with only images in the current directory shown.
... just a request, perhaps for a future version.

I need to increase z-index, I have a drop down that is coming above your gallery images and fancybox. Can you please tell me where in the css/code to increase the z-index to make it come above my website please. Thanks

That was fast, thank you… navigation is at 100 or 500 I’ll look again, I’m familiar with how it works. Just wanted to see if you had insight before I started diving in. thanks again. I’ll keep you posted on progress

Worked perfectly, and it was lightbox, not fancy box that I was using. Same concept to fix it. Thanks for your help

Yay! I’m glad I could help :)

Please consider rating if you find Dead Simple Gallery useful ;)

Will this work with animated GIF’s?

Not at the moment sorry. This is a tricky thing :)

It’s possible pagination? Thanks

Hello alexanderbrucolini

Pagination is included in Dead Simple Gallery v2 which for now is only available here:

Used this for quite some time now, awesome and simple, thank you! I

‘m curious though, is there a way to point the folder path to a http link. I want to be able to use a path to Google drive folder. i have a ID link. Would be amazing to get a gallery where i can have it pointing to a cloud source/folder. Thanks!

Hey CrazyEyes,

It would be nice a functionality, but probably also quite complex one. I might make an attempt at it somewhere in the future, but can’t promise :)

I just purchased Version 2 of the DSG. However, I seem to be having a problem in that the Thumbnail images are such are not working properly. Here is the URL for you to see what I mean: Please advise. Thanks!

Hello designsbycm,

I’ve replied to your emails, please let me know if you need further assistance :)

Cheers Lukasz

Hey! Yes, everything works PERFECT! Thank you again!

Looks like I have a js conflict that I’m not sure how to resolve. Shows thumbs correctly but on click causes new tab instead of shown in lightbox. Thanks TypeError: $(...).lightBox is not a function $(’.imageList a’).lightBox();

Hey mlc100,

perhaps you didn’t include lightbox script (and/or jQuery)?

Thank you – for good script. Is it possible to install a navigation? My gallery has over 10,000 images. 100 per page would be ok? Thanks for support

Hello einzelmann,

Pagination is included in Dead Simple Gallery v2 which for now is only available here:

As for the number of images – when using pagination Dead Simple Gallery v2 only processes images for current pagination page (in mentioned case it would be 100). Would that be a lot? Perhaps, it really depends on image sizes – Dead Simple Gallery would have to generate all 100 thumbnails and previews (so 200 images in total) within 30 seconds (it’s how much a script is allowed to run on a web server, please mind that some servers have a different time allowance for scripts). On the bright side, since DSG uses caching – each image would have to be processed only once.

Please let me know if you have further questions :)

Hello, this is exactly what I need. do I cancel my purchased version? then I will buy version. 2 Thanks for your answer!

I’ve checked Envato refund rules and they probably won’t issue a refund. However I can give you a discount on DSG v2. Just email me via my profile page.

Hey guys,

if you need more advanced things (like pagination in the gallery) I’ve officially released Dead Simple Gallery v2 here:

Cheers! Lukasz

Hello There, do you offer customized installation service?

Hello winsold,

yes I do offer customized installation service at additional price if needed, please contact me via my profile page form if you’d like to discuss details.

Cheers Lukasz

Thank you for your reply. I will prepare on my side and contact you later. Have a nice day. Victor


a2c Purchased


thanks for the Script! Working great! We have a Project, in which a user loads images into a folder per ftp. So your script is exactly what we were looking for. Now – the images are named from 1 to something. Could be 400… The thing is – we need the “latest” images on start – not the first ones.

Is there a possibility to desc or asc the sort order?

Thanks in advance! Martin


In DSG v2 you need to do the same sort magic, just this time on line 388.


a2c Purchased

Ok – thank you very much – just did the update and the pagination. I will look into it!!!

Seems to work quite good!

Thanks again! Martin

Awesome, hit me up if you run into any problems!