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Discussion on Dead Man Switch

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Hi. when will php 8.0 be supported?

Hi… Just purchased the script. Following the installation documentation and Getting the following ERROR:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Twig_Environment’ not found in C:\RSN\xampp\htdocs\dms\dms_install\index.php:225 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in C:\RSN\xampp\htdocs\dms\dms_install\index.php on line 225

The installation is on my localhost (using xampp). Tried looking at Twig forums but not able to correct the problem. Please provide solution or fix to get past this error. Thanks

We see that all the emails were sent to you. Anyways, we manually reset your password to: forum_usernameforum_username (we see it’s different from your Envato username, so nobody will know it). In other words, if your username on support forums is “abc123”, it means your temporary password is “abc123abc123”

Thanks. Submitted above question on your support forum.

No problems. We see that our support team responded to your ticket in minutes.

can you add a function for payment to stop an action. say, it sends an emall link with payment box, if the payment is made, then it stops an action from happening.

How would I go about installing this system on my server and offering users the service? Because accessing the demo it seems that there is no such option.

This item is for personal use only

Is there any project to turn this idea into a commercial?

I would like to request for the same services to send out different emails at different date and times as well as add an attachment like a photo or .zip file with possible important info. (This only really makes sense) You said you would add these if many people asked so here is another request for attachments and date time per e-mail request same as a few others have asked.


Is script still maintained and fully working? Need it for a big how-to project/tutorial

Yes, of course, the item is still maintained and works.

Demo not working

We just checked and demo version works fine. Be aware that demo version will NOT send any emails due to obvious reasons.

I just bought this item now, I was unable to use it,

I was installing it and I made mistake on my email so I went back and clear the database so that I can restall it, but now he’s telling me that I have installed it already and I cannot install it again. please help me what can I do

I logged in and try to send messages but error message keep appearing

“There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.”

I have sent my ip on your mail

We have unblocked your IP. It was blocked because you entered non-existing username multiple times. Why did you do that?

When u say self hosted, what exactly do you mean. is it that when someone buys it you don’t need to buy a host company, you don’t even need a cpanel.

Will you host it for me till eternity.

And please make it a subscription user base. so that people can register have an account and write their letters. If this is done I will buy it immediately

Hi and thank you for your interest.

For your convenience, more details about self-hosting is available on WikiPedia, as well as other resources –

Kindly consider adding email attachment and sms features, so that the system can send a text and an email at the same time

How do I lay my hands on the $99 own, where multiple users can register

I can’t login on some phones, even some laptop while i can login with some phones. Please why this problem


As per Envato terms of purchase, your order comes with 6 months of support (which can be renewed); therefore, we have a dedicated support team to answer your questions about the item. Meanwhile, comments form and sales email is only monitored by sales team, so potential buyers can quickly get answers to their pre-sale questions.

Since you are a licensed user, please submit this question to our support forums for further assistance

Make it where people can create accounts, and can set their own messages to their families, and I will purchase this right away.

Such a service is in testing now. It costs from $99 per year. Please contact us for order details.

Kindly consider adding email attachment option and include CLiljeberg suggestion of sending emails to different contacts at specific intervals


Thanks for your purchase and suggestion. If you can submit this suggestion to our support forums, it will be automatically forwarded to programmers (because we treat each post in support forums with much higher priority), which means this feature is more likely to be included in future release.

Have you considered the possibility to have the emails be sent out at different days after grace period? Let’s say I have some emails that I’d want my family to get first, then a few days the emails to my boss are sent and so on? I have seen another DMS script with this functionality and I find it useful.

Thanks for your interest. Such a feature is not added yet, but we always listen to our clients’ suggestions. Hence, if more Dead Man Switch users ask for this feature, we will surely add it in next update.

It looks like Dead Man Switch is protected by your Auto PHP Licenser. What happens to an installation of Dead Man Switch if some time in the future your licensing server goes down or is discontinued? Will my self hosted DMS installation stop working too?


You will receive full source code of Dead Man Switch, which means you can remove Auto PHP Licenser from it at any time.

Thanks. Is it fairly simple to do? Just want to future proof the installation and not be dependent on any third parties (which kind of defeats the purpose of self-hosting). What are the advantages of keeping Auto PHP Licenser as opposed to removing it?

The most important benefit is Auto Updates feature. If you remove licensing part, you will need to update your installation manually every time new version of Dead Man Switch is released.

If you purchase Dead Man Switch, just submit your request for licensing removal in our support forums, and we will get back to you with full instructions. It will be easy.

Can I use this as a service for my users


It can only be used as a standalone application

need SAAS version for this

Followed install instructions and am getting the following error: “Installation Enter your email address (will be used for administrator’s profile), purchase code, installation URL, and click the ‘Submit’ button.

Attention! Impossible to connect to Dead Man Switch server. If you can access Dead Man Switch website, but this error is still displayed, contact us for assistance or proceed to installation at your own risk (this installation will not be supported). If website can’t be opened, try again later.”

I can access the website so I am not sure what it is trying to do.


We see you have submitted a support ticket to our forums (which is great), so our programmers will assist you from there. For now, they are waiting for your FTP login details to check why your server can’t connect to our server.

Once again, thanks for your purchase. And be sure to update your support ticket, so programmers can assist you further.


a great job, big compliment.

I am interested in the script, but I would like to offer this as a service to my users, if I can buy such a script, then please just contact me.


Hi I am not able to use this script since i purchased it, while testing the application in my local environment it got deleted and now not allowing me to re-install again. Still i havent uploaded it to my production server. Please allow me to re-install the same. For last few days I was busy so couldn’t contact you.


I see you already submitted this request to our support forums (which is the correct way to ask for support) and it was solved for you already, so there’s no need to re-submit the same issue via comments form (since no support is provided via Envato website anyways).

Thank you for your understanding and you can re-install the software on any other domain now.

hi, how many site i can install for 1 license?


As with all Envato purchases, one license is valid for installation on 1 website.


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