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Dead Man Switch

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No manual download needed! Just click Maintenance > Software Updates and apply this update!

## Version: 1.4 ##
## Release Date: 2019-01-28 ##
## Changelog: ##
Added: visual HTML editor to compose emails;
Added: Security Settings section;
Added: option to hide administration dashboard from all hosts not included in whitelist;
Added: option to set minimum password strength;
Added: option to change licensed IP address of Dead Man Switch via administration dashboard;
Added: custom date ranges for verification and system reports;
Changed: some settings moved from Advanced Settings to Security Settings section;
Changed: verification and system reports display exact timestamp instead of date;
Updated: administrator login and session monitoring module;
Updated: email templates module;
Updated: reports module;
Updated: mailer module;
Updated: administration dashboard JavaScript and CSS code;
Updated: Help section;
Updated: documentation;
Updated: Bootstrap library to version 3.4.0;
Updated: FontAwesome plugin to version 5.6.3;
Updated: Inputmask plugin to version 5.0.0-beta.99;
Updated: Twig templating engine to version 1.37.1;
Improved: compatibility with PHP 7.3;
Improved: compatibility with load balancers and reverse proxies;


Dead Man Switch is the most important application in your life that will send email after death to your family and loved ones. Just write a letter before you die and Dead Man Switch will take care of the rest.

Once goodbye letters to loved ones are safely stored, Dead Man Switch starts monitoring your activity. In brief, it does so by asking you to login or click a protected verification link at custom intervals. Since your needs are very personal, you can set verification interval between 1 and 365 days. Additionally, you can enable optional grace period. Whenever this time passes by and Dead Man Switch doesn’t detect any activity from you, it automatically sends after death letters to your family and loved ones.

Finally, Dead Man Switch can destruct itself right after sending goodbye letters. As a result, nobody will ever know how many after death letters you wrote and who received them. Say just the things you want and take your secrets to the grave…

The main features include, but are not limited, to:

  • Unlimited message recipients;
  • Custom email templates;
  • Multiple after death letters;
  • Personalized mass text messaging;
  • Adjustable verification period;
  • Automated verification reminders;
  • Grace period for overdue verifications;
  • Automatic and manual verifications;
  • IP address based authentications;
  • Two-way data encryption;
  • Data authenticity protection;
  • Self-destruction after death;
  • Detailed activity reports;
  • Easy setup and zero maintenance;
  • Death proof design;

Not sure if Dead Man Switch suits all your needs? See frequently asked questions for even more features and real-life examples!

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