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very nice work, i whish you lots of sales for christmas ! :)

Thanks a lot EricProchnow

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you so much Lakose

Hi, Let me understand this. Are you basically just selling a database attached with a jquery query? Thanks

Hi sabato 1972! D-brand package have; script (with bootstrap theme), sql (vehicle databases) and easy integrated files (sample files). My main purpose of this project is to integrate the CMS system. Mean; 2 options for you in package, first; simple vehicle databases with jquery select list, second; script (with bootstrap theme).

Great job, I should integrate prestashop to hook on to the pneumatic products, possible?

Hi subitoweb, thank you!, can be easily integrated into the any system. If you dont know php, you’ll need to find a freelancer to implement it for you. (this not a prestahop module but freelence coder easly implement this script)

Hi, one question: are you using any api for data? regarding of updates (e.g. new models) Thanks

we not use api. but you can add new model manuel (easly php or phpmyadmin)

hi , is there any admin panel to add new data for bus or trucks or cars ? or it is limitted data ?

this script havent admin panel. but you can quickly add new brand,model,trim if you want with php query, if you want with phpmyadmin. its not a limitted data.

live demo not work

Hi, working good.

can i see the admin?

Hi atilaro, please read item details. This script haven add, delete, edit options. This script for the integred your cms project. This mean; havent admin panel.

Best regards.

Hi would this be a black so I could start my own database for say Printer Cartridges?

Hi ajsmedia. You can use just jquery select chain. If you want i can send sample database table. You can analyze.

Yes please will private message you so you have my email Many Thanks

Hey Pixeleak. Great job. This is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m doing a website for a car mat manufacturer and I want to include the model, maker and trim of the car so that the client can purchase the exact mat. But I’ll need the year of the car, also. Is this doable? Can you make this for me?

Thanks Paulo

yes i work freelance

Great. Can you make some tweaks to this vehicle database?

what kind of? turn to me with e-mail. thanks

Great job. Will purchase it for sure. I think you didn’t populate the database handy, is there any way to automate it when new models are out ? Did you pay the content, have a secret door or what ? :) thank you

Yes sure I know PHP, but you didn’t answer my question about how did you get the list you provide :) I think more than 20 models outs each years but that’s right it’s not a giant work as in this database you don’t have the motorizations.

Sorry I’m stupid, there are trims. So there for sure are more than 20 lines to add each year

you can add with php. just need write easy code.

Hey pixeleak ,

Great sytem! but i have a problemm, when i try the databasei let’s me choose the brand but does not buffer it to choose a model

probably it’s a minor thing but can u help me figure it out? kind regards

the url :http://www.betaalbarewebdesigner.be/D-Brand/car.php

my email is yvesjmartens@hotmail.com

I didn’t see the “Volkswagen GOL” in the example… why ? is that because it is just an imcomplete sample or the db doesn’t have it ? My second question is… do you have a way to update the db yearly ? thanks in advance…

its not a sample db. full db. you can add quickly with db or you can write easly php page. i dont update yearly. but i am also work freelance. if you want i can write for you new script. yearly update and and and. but its expensive. you can check in google. regards.

Do you have a VIN decoder file? I need this and saw one here but forgot to bookmark.

please fix demo


Congratulations! Amazing Work, GLWS

Hi, please can you fix demo. And i would like to know if update is done. thx

I havent time for update. Demo after our ready…

hi, is the year of car production included in the database

hi, havent year