DBanner - Panel with editable size of banners

DBanner - Panel with editable size of banners

DBanner extension is based on the gridster.js. Gridster is a jQuery plugin that allows building intuitive draggable/movable, sliding layouts from elements, spanning multiple columns. The extension allows dynamical adding, removing or resizing elements from the grid. All elements allows background images, custom text with custom font size and lazy loading with many different effects. The extensions. The extensions also support multilanguage.

Demo preview: LINK
Admin demo: LINK
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Full responsivnes

  • Responsivne layout
  • Show on mobile options (Enabled/Disabled)

Infinite number of boxes

  • Unlimited number of boxes
  • Customize each box position
  • Drag and drop size and box position

Global settings

  • Images full size on mobile
  • Font size
  • Padding of boxes
  • Margin

Configurable settings for each box

  • Box size
  • Show effect
  • Text inside box
  • Link on box


  • Set text for each language
  • Set link for each language

Text alignement inside box

  • Left
  • Center
  • Right

Show box effects

  • More than 20 different show element effects