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Is-it possible to use the table with a dataserver, and make a MYSQL query with the WHERE,ORDER,HAVING statement ?

thank you

For the moment it’s possible to have a where statement.

$obj->showHtmlTable('sqldatabase','users', array('Column Header 1', 'Column Header 2', 'Column Header 3', 'Column Header 4'), "id = 1", array('search_columns'), array(1,3)); //html table with custom headers, where clausule, search columns and column hide

can i use 2 where conditions like “WHERE id=1 or id=2” ?

Not possible, unless you code it yourself.

So I just bought the database thing, now where do I upload it to?

To your hosting provider. I’ve contacted you via your support message.


I can’t connect due to using mysqli. Any updated script?

Thank you.


No support yet for mysqli. Maybe in the furture.

Greetings, Fritz Hoste

Hi, good code. But there is memory leak on DB with 100K+ records. Can you please, provide me fast fix for that?

Could you send me an email with your credentials.


1. Can this script assign formulas in certain columns? 2. Can this script UPDATE information based on a csv import? 3. Can this script generate reports?


Not possible at the moment.

hi can u do customize?

hi have u receive my request?

hi u still here?

Hi i’m sorry for the delay. Unfortunately i’m not doing customizations ATM.

Hi, I just purchased it and need some helps. 1) How to limit the data loading at the initial stage. i have about 5k data and dont expect the script loads all the data at the initial stage. Anyway to control it? 2) how to limit only display 5 data per 1 page.


The data renders via html not via ajax. Ajax is not supported atm.

SQL Server supports?

I’ve tried twice in over a week through support to reach you. Do you not support this any more?

can I see the results of two tables in the same report?