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Ok, I just bought this script. After installation I get HTTP ERROR 500? What do I have to do?

It seems you don’t have mysql driver in your server. Use mysqli instead. In your application/config/database.php, change the database driver to mysqli not mysql.

Ok, I managed to install the script. Now I have two questions:

1. How can I set invoices (prices, monthly invoice, invoice open or paid)?

2. Dutch zip codes has other format, like 8701 EN. The script doesn’t accept this format (error: The Zipcode field must contain an integer.). How can I change that?

3. After checking a child in/ out I get the error codes: A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice Message: Undefined property: mysqli::$email Filename: models/my_child.php Line Number: 457


A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Warning Message: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …/system/core/Exceptions.php:185) Filename: helpers/url_helper.php Line Number: 542

1. The application has simple invoice tracking. We have removed payment gateways and only allow manual entry.

2. Address is now free entry in configuration file not in database

3. Fixed


is there any improvement in the SaaS version of the software?

I want to buy.


Update on the way. Please review version changes under product description.

I wrote it wrong. I moved to the comment below.

I wrote it wrong. I moved to the comment below.

No updates in over 1 year. Doesn’t work on php 7. Installer is still bugged, like on the previous version that i purchased. Still bugs in the common.php while running php 5.6

The new version you mentioned is taking forever. Did i miss anything?

Update on the way!

When I try to import the database with phpMyAdmin, the payment_methods table gives an error.

If you add the PRIMARY KEY (`id`) line to the payment_methods table, the problem is solved.

On breadcrumb “Home” text not translating. On dashboard “Timezone” text not translating.

There is only dashboard menu “active” text. Other menus not have.

fixed in the next update


How can I remove invoice system from software?

Its not currently possible to turn modules on/off unless you edit the code itself

I will edit the codes. which file I need to look at.



I want to remove parents from user system. I want to create special page for them. How can I do it?

Not sure if I follow what you are asking

Parents will not enter the system. But I still have to get the information of parents.

Parent will have access to update their information such as phone and address but they wont have access till later when they can will have a ‘view only’ access to their children information.

Sidebar toggle button not working.

Fixed in the next update


I need to add extra fields child registration form. not showing very well on modal.

can you move the child registration form to a different page with the new update?

Will look in to that. Thanks

when will update?

Could you send a ticket on with a screenshot of the issue you are having with children registration.

This software have so much potential, but unfortunately to much bugs and no Saas option. Is their a plan for Andriod / iOS app?

Hello Chandell, it would be helpful to send us a support ticket for bugs you find or suggestions so we can improve it. We don’t have an a native mobile apps but we have made it to be more mobile responsive. Thanks.