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Great work! Keep going! :)

Thanks! :)

Greate Job. GLWS :)

Thank you! :)

I like it :) GLWS

Gald you like it! :)

Do you have an index file with a working example? I am having trouble getting it working. Normally there is a working example provider. Thanks

We just uploaded an update to CodeCanyon which includes an working example for it. It will take a few hours until CodeCanyon processes it, but it should be available soon.



If I purchase this menu, will you help me apply it to my current website (which is using tinynav)

I am really impressed, but I am not sure on how to change my current responsive menu to yours. Will you be able to help?



Will you install it for me? It should be fast and easy, I can send you the files, it’s a simple website running on bootstrap 3. If you can install it for me, I’ll buy it right now. Thanks!


We’ll only install it for you only for additional cost, our free support doesn’t include product installation or customization for our products. But everything you’ll need to set it up can be found in documentation, also if any problems, you can comtact our support team.

Or we could set it up for you in return for a 5-star rating which means a lot to us.

sorry but your menu is terribly documented advertised deceitfully, and the example provided doesn’t even work. You PROMOTE THE MENU ONE WAY, but when you buy it, you get bad documentation, no real working example. Don’t waste your money on this. Sorry but i want my money back!

Apologies for the hold on. Make sure you go to “Settings -> DatMenu” and check the “Reset Settings” button. After that, go to the “Enabled Menus” section and select the menus you wish to display on responsive menu.


Our link is http://www.sierratec.com/demo/WP_SIERRA/. We have sub menus under ‘Products’ menu. In desktop browsers this is working fine, we could able to go to products page as well as sub pages. But in mobile view we could not able to go to the product page. As soon as we clicked the ‘Products’ link this is showing the sub menus. We do not have the provision to go to ‘Products page’ as in below screen shot Could we resolve the issue using Mega Menu Complete Set. We are using the theme http://themeforest.net/item/sidious-multipurpose-web-creation-tool/6526949

Please suggest on the above so that we can proceed with purchasing

We did launch an update for this, now on the first tap it will open the sub navigation, on the second – take you to the page for the parent item.


How do we enable it for the default wp_page_menu (in the case that no custom menu is defined?)

We apologize for the huge old on, we had some difficulties. Make sure to add a “load-responsive” class and a rel=”Menu Name” to your UL menu and it will be working just fine.

Is there any documentation on how to incorporate this into a rails project using the asset pipeline?

Hey there, I really like your Menu, but why is the WordPress version no longer available? I really would like to use DatMenu on my WP blog :(

Hello, Sorry our WordPress developer is gone and can no longer support WordPress version

Just out of curiosity before purchasing, how easily does it integrate with Bootstrap 3 is this plugin? Does it overwrite Bootstrap 3’s menu system?


Hello, It doesn’t overwrite things, Datmenu simply adds additional one. But You must add class to bootstrap menu, as documented in documentation.

Mobile demo?

Hello, just open live demo on your mobile device ;)

What happened to the Wordpress version?

I sent an email to your support address, please check it. We purchased the Wordpress version and need the latest update (as we can no longer download it from Codecanyon since it was removed..). Thanks.

We’re having a problem with this conflicting w/ Google DFP. How can we get paid or free support?

Can there be another level of submenus in the mobile view , we seem to be having a problem with the third level links going to the the second level …here is an example http://work.mindwebtechnologies.com/new-page. any advice would be helpful

It is by design, so that smaller screen devices show links in full length, this way there can be as many levels in depth as you’d like, otherwise some phones would not show full links

the problem we are having is that that the submenu links don’t go to the correct page ..they go to the page of the previous level…this only occurs on mobile


Well done, keep it up