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How easy is to use this plugin?

Just add CSS and JS plugin files, create one div, and run:


It will create a sample datagrid just to see how it looks like. You can choose from 3 themes that comes on the package, or you can create your own theme (CSS file is completely self explainable).

I need to add one new line from my JS code. 1. How can I do it ?


$(”#<your-div>”).doDatagridRepeater(“addLine”, [1,2,3]), where [xxx] are your default values to be loaded.

I need to load a combobox before adding a new line. How can I do it ?

Simple. Just use the “beforeAddLine” event:

$(”#<your-div>”).doDatagridRepeater({ ...,
beforeAddLine: function(plugin, element, elements){
elements1.append(”<option value=’furniture’>Furniture</option>”); )

How can I import and export information to my server ?

Use 2 methods: “importURL” (loads from CSV or JSON formats) and “exportURL” (sends info directly to server in JSON format).

You can check “example4.html” and “example5,html” on the plugin docs to see it working.

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