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Any support for node.js for form processing and twitter bootstrap for look and feel? I am willing to pay for your time and effort to make this possible.

Hi bobsov, sorry it doesnt support node.js, but it supports twitter bootstrap on the latest version!

Greetings. If i use the non-minified version of the plugin in IE it crashes and nothing happens. It seems to work in Firefox though???

Has anyone tried to use the jquery autosuggests with this control?

Has anyone used this grid with asp.net? I am trying to get it to work with .net using ajax to load and save the data back to sql server. Could you please share what you have achieved so far? Thanks, Huambo

I just got the grid to work with jquery autosuggests. If anyone is interested, I will be glad to share the code. I am still struggling with how to load from server and save to server using asp.net, ajax, and sql server. Cheers, Huambo

Way to go, Huambo! :) Thanks!

how do you know what row the user is on?

For the plugin to work, it’s not necessary. You need to develop that on your own, sorry.

Can anyone help me? I need to implement the following:

onrowclicked onrowslected deleteallrows

Thanks, Huambo

I just implemented save one row to server using ajax, web servive, ms sql. Now trying to get the following done: identify the row the user is on so I can trigger the following: row clicked row selected once the user changes the data on a row, update the backend calling update and, if it is a new record, update just the column (cell) with the newly inserted ID obtained from the save. Huambo

You can use a live jquery event on the TR (like onclick) so you can in what row you are. If I needed thats the way I would do it.

I added a datepicker to one of the input field. The datepicker works in line 1. I added a new line and the datepicker does’t work. I used the BeforeAddLine to add the date picker to the grid. How do I resolve this.


Add a class to the cell where you need the datepicker then, in the code, after the page finished loading do something like this:

colHTML: ["<input type='text' size='5' />", "<input type='text' size='20' class='date' />", "<input type='text' size='3' maxlength='3' />",


cheers huambo

Yeap, just perfect!

I have added on row clicked vent to the grid. I am now adding row selection, row update, and delete all rows.

Any help would be appreciated. I will share the whole project when I am done. Huambo

Hi. Check the ZqDatagrid :) Already does that ;) ...

Im’ very interested in your script! But i need to add tax and other items, can i add my custom items and the operations between them?

Hi, you need to use the JS callbacks in order to add your items. There is an example on the tutorial examples.

i buy it , but don’t work with mysql :(

Hi sonosalvo :) Impossible :) Since it’s being used for more than 1 year by more than 100 users … Please check the documention and the quick start information. Feel free to email me!

Anyone having problems running the plugin with jquery version 1.10???

I am getting strange errors like right on these area: //Set default values. Important to be called only after the user beforeAddLine event var i = 0; if(!helpers.empty(defaultValues)) for(i = 0 ; i < conf.colName.length ; i++) helpers.setCellValue(targetTR.find(“td:eq(” + (bounds[“sH”] + i) + “)”), defaultValues[i]);

the error is: Microsoft Jscript runtime error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: input[type=’radio’[value=’4’],

Hi, since 1.9.x version all plugins needed to have a retrocompatibility jquery script. Please check the jquery website.


If I add it in my main form how I can get the data (using PHP) when the form is submitting? Is this possible? I mean when the user clicks the Submit button of the main form.
PS: I’ve also bought ZqDatagrid.


Hi Chris, sorry for the late answer. Can you show me on the internet what you are trying to do ? If you don’t mind write me directly to my email. Thank you. Bruno

Hi Any working live preview I can see?

Sorry rush … it was made long time ago … i am sure you can find better nowadays