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Good luck with selling! :)

Good luck with selling!

very good job, nice ;) i’m excited to see more of your work and wish you all the best for your sales !

nice work, can i ask if i want to use this list in public and do not want anyone to edit or modify it, can i do some restrictions?

Yes, you can do this with some personalizations. If you send me some more details about exactly what you’d like to do after purchasing, I’ll send you an example code. Thanks


blakito Purchased

Hi mate! I have the same question as Bassel above, and if i can show the Tables without the ID column. Best regards, Filipe.

Yes, you can definitely show the tables without the id column – the columns can be personalized to match whatever you have in your specific database. And yes, with some small changes, we can make the tables editable / uneditable (for example if you wanted to be able to edit it in an admin area and then show an uneditable version on the frontend of a site). It sounds like this is a feature a few of you are interested in, so I’ll work on adding it as a feature. In the meantime, after you purchase, just send me a message with exactly what you want to do and I’ll send you the code example to get you started. Thanks!


blakito Purchased

Hi escomnet, how are you today? First of all, even trought the code isn’t so easy to customize, you indeed did a great work there! Congrats!

Im planning to use it to list movies launch dates at our small business. So far i sucessfully created the date colum at mysql, got it to show at the index.html and output data properly, but i cannot update any of its fields after this change because php returns me an error at POST that i cannot debug.

I probably missed something, or screwed a sql execute, so would you mind helping me out with this? I need the following columns: Movie, Company, LaunchDate. I know ID is the primary key, but i don’t need it to be shown at this time.

Also, as another user requested, would you mind updating the script to have a public page, so users can only read it instead of messing with the db contents?

Best regards,


Hi Filipe, could you send me a link to your installation I’ll take a look and see what specific errors you’re getting and help you debug. thanks

Amazing Work

Could it load BIG Data with greater than 10.000 in 5 seconds ?

Yes, no problem

Hi, I just purchase your script and install your script I have uploaded sql, and set up db user name, pw, db name etc.. – is all good.

I like to know how do I create a table for my website, where user is able to search and sort according to my own customize field.

Thank You for your help David

Hi David, I didn’t get it can you re-send? Thanks!

Hi, Sorry that you did not received. I just resend using another email. Thank You very much


Ok, got it, thanks! sending you a reply shortly.

Helle, this is a pre sale question.

Maybe it’s too obvious, but to be sure: Can I start with existing tables (MySQL 5) and make them editable with your tool? I have 7 tables the client has be able to edit. Two tables have a lot of columns. Is this a problem, or okay? Is it possible to freeze columns for better viewing? Thanks a lot!