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I can’t login using given demo credentials .

Maybe cookies are disabled in your browser? Or private mode is enabled? Let me know, if this helps

I have same demo issues too.

If you remove the Codecanyon frame it works

Thank you for your feedback. I will fix this as soon as possible.

is this for viewing a mysql database structure via an interface?

yes thats correct. With databasr you can simply display every table structure inside your database. You can add, edit or delete columns.

I like the idea, but noticed one major issue.

When I go to a table that has a lot of columns it spans off screen and I can’t see all of the columns or get to the edit/delete controls without zooming out with the browser. There is no scrolling capability.

An example would be the “american_football_down_progress_stats” table. If you look at it on a lower resolution or zoom in you will see the problem.

Will be following the progress of this app. Like the idea.

Hey clintre,

thanks for your feedback. In the next update there is a new feature called responsive tables. This feature allows you to scroll horizontal to your table. The action column will be always visible.

1. How to add a new column in the table ? I am unable to find that

2. Can we show only the tables we want to show ? I mean not all of them

Please let me know

Sorry it isn’t. Databasr is fully designed and developed by myself. Please inform yourself in advance before taking such statements.

i said so because from menu style to icon to app behaviour, its exactly same

This menu style is very often used. The icon is from font awesome and the app behaviour are default http requests.

Nice Idea, Good wishes for Sales dear :)

Thanks sarah :)

Nice start. I’m really interested in your script, tried to test it but the preview shows just a dashboard simple page. In any case…I’m wondering which Codeigniter version do you support. I’m using ver. 3.0. About feature, do you allow multiple registration users? I’d like to share my DB management with other users. Thanks for feedback… following your project before buying it.

Hello FedericoV, sorry for my late reply. It’s developed in the latest codeigniter version. The user management ist fully on mysql server side. So you can create users on mysql side with some specific permissions and much more stuff.

I want to buy this, however, in the demo I can’t tell what features I will have, or what it is like, no features, no viewing of even test/dummy databases, can you add some and add permissions to demo user to view all the sections of the administration application

Hey VMZE, sorry the demo data was deleted by other testing users. I should disable the delete functions in the demo :P

How secure will this be to use + I have SSL installed on my domain, will this work with that? Many thanks! (All very new to PHP and MYSQL!)

I reported my own comment by accident, oops

Hey bradleymckenny, of course it works. Simply enable SSL for your vhost and force the HTTPS Protocoll on your databasr application.

Hi, I like this concept but was wondering if you would add a feature to be able to import data via this dashboard?

Hey steve, sorry for the late reply. Nice idea. We will add this feature in the next update.

Will this create new tables and/or databases?

Hi, i’m interested, I want to use this to be able to create, modify, delete rows, I think this is possible, is hard to configure? I need php knowledge? Thanks in advance!

Hey, sorry for the late reply. Yes you can create, modify and delete rows. No it’s quite easy. After purchasing this item you get the readme file with the simple install info.

In the Demo, I’ve runed a query with select but always displays all register.. why?

can you paste your query please?

can we import database sql?

at the moment not, but it’s now on the roadmap for the next update

Can I use this to administer a remote database?

yes, you can.

This software is completely NOT useful at all.

If a DB has more then 5/6 fields it’s OK. But when you have moer fields then that phpmyadmin have to do the job.

There is no horizontal scroll so you can only see/edit the first 5 fields.and that’s it.

Try to open a table like countries :(((

Complete shit! and only for children that have a DB with 5 or less fields.

Tried it in all browseres.

Money lost down the drain.

i need is easy way to filter 8 fields at the same time. please will it be possible or can u help my achieve that


hbaggi Purchased

I like your system, it is very good and meets what I need for small customers data management, but you need to quickly add new features, I guarantee you will sell a lot more … I am looking forward to the updates. thank you for dedicating to make this tool so cool.

Lázaro H. Baggi – from Brazil

after install and login become a white page ( the host is not localhost ) may bee is this the problem. I tested on another hosting ther works all good.

Hey neto, can you send me your complete configuration and your error_log file via mail to ? I’m sure we can fix your problem fast.

hi i found the problem and fix it it was in databasr.php and database.php

Is it possible to see the manual ? Demo is empty !