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Interesting one… Just moved this to a new server and it seems that when logging in it simply refreshes the login page now? Look like this has been reported before. But what is the fix?

First of all congratulations for the beautiful work, I am very satisfied with the Script. However, I would like to create a dashboard with graphics, how could I do it?

Hello team

I have created a table and added data of 1500 URLs. Then I have tried making its URL field unique index, but it is not updating.

Although I have deleted all duplicate URLs manually, still it is not letting me mark URL field as a unique index.

Can you please get back to me as soon as possible?

Have couple of questions.

How do you change the main login page logo ?

When i create a new user. The user gets the email with username and password and link to the login page. The link that the user gets contains an extra login at the end of the link, thus leading to a 404 page not found. Where can I edit this this link that is sent to user after the account is created.

is it possible to disable HTML editor option when adding/updating column data ?

Thanks in advance.

The logo can be changed in this view file: /application/views/shared/nav.php

Email templates are located in /application/views/auth/email

It’s not possible to disable the HTML editor option.

When i make an export to Excel or CSV it only exports the number of rows shown in the table view. Of course I want to export all records. Can this be changed?

On main screen it shows all records by default and if the search option is used it displays filtered records. I dont want it to show all records by default, just the ones i speficically search for when the search is used. How do i acomplish this task?

Hello, I find this very intuitive. I purchased it right away! Salute to the developer. Just a question of support please. I see that the export options are not shown properly and they are shown as (adobe flash player) with a grayed icon instead. I am unable to export in any format. How can I have this fixed? I also have the print option not working as well, I don’t see any further options when I click print (as the only shown option).

Any help?

You’ll need to install/activate Flash for the options to work

Your live preview link is broken

Preview’s working fine on my end.

Mate, you previously stated there was a refresh loop bug in the login, in a previous comment. You fixed it, what was the fix? Others have reported the same, no fix yet.


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Congratulations for this amazing solution. Why not switch to HTML5 for the options in this era and move away from Flash ? Thanks !


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Hello – deleting records does not work. Your assistance is required, thank you.

Hi whats the diference between version o server version?