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Please update this. I want Database Application Platform ’s features use on this personal version.

Very different and don’t support me this. Please upgrade and i want buy.

Databased Server is a solution to manage an entire MySQL server with multiple databases and requires MySQL root access (usually means you’ll need a VPS or dedicated server). Personal Edition manages a single database on a server and can be hosted on regular shared hosting.

- Zoe

Problem with import csv

Hi Phoenix2003,

We’re not aware of any open issues regarding importing CSV. Did you submit a ticket with our help desk at

- Zoe


Does this work with PHP 7.0 and 7.1?

And: I want add Google Maps functionality to this, so you can view the list of users, and also view a google maps with the users displayed on the map according to their address field. Is this possible?

Hi MoZub,

Not 100% about PHP7, since the software was developed on an older version of PHP. You might want to submit a ticket through our help desk at to get a developer’s view on the matter. As for integrating Google Maps; with the right knowledge/skillset everything is possible. So if you’re comfortable coding in PHP and JS, I see no reason why this functionality couldn’t be added.

- Zoe

I have a few questions:

1) to change the language that steps should I do? what files should I change?

2) Where do I change the picture size in the home Pahe access, Key file, I have to change the image size.

Problem with Select option Wher i select opsion

Presale question- I would like to know that if I have a web form and when someone submits the information, it will show in database?

hello- ab002017-2d55-415e-b753-09b5d6062569 – 25 Mar 2017 REGULAR LICENSE , For some reason when a user with certian roles on the database logs in, the (PROCESSING) icon stays frozen on the screen and the user roles do not function. Plese advice , thank you

im getting this error on install screen

Not all fields have been filled in correctly. All fields below are required to install Sent API.

Databased cannot make table connection to primary key field. When I do it, then press “Update table”, it doesn’t save setting. The rest of connections work normally. Is this a bug or a feature?

Hi SuperMaximus,

That sounds like a sort of bug. Did you submit a ticket through our support desk at ?

- Zoe

what is the major difference between personal and server edition.??