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Database Application Platform

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Databased is a powerful database application platform. It allows you to turn a MySQL database into a beautiful and user-friendly online application. Use it to create online spreadsheets, maintain customer data, inventory data, sales data, etc.

Manage existing databases or create new ones in within seconds!

Try the online demo at using the following login details:
pass: password

Databased features:

  • Manage existing databases or create new ones
  • Import CSV data to built new tables
  • Import CSV data to add to existing tables
  • Role based user management to restrict access to certain databases or tables
  • Version Control stores previous values when updating a cell or record; revisions can be restored at any given moment
  • Support for relation data and foreign keys; allows columns to be connected to another table restricting input for that column
  • Extended search functions (combine multiple search items using “contains”, “equals”, “not contains”, “greater then”, etc)
  • Uploading of files and/or images
  • Private tables and/or private records
  • Translation ready
  • Beautiful and user-friendly design
  • Built with CodeIgniter and Flat UI Pro

Supported column types

  • Numbers (up to 11 digits)
  • Small text (up to 255 characters)
  • Big text / HTML
  • Date
  • Select (choose from predefined values)

Databased works great for: creating an admin panel to manage existing databases, creating online spreadsheets, share databases and/or tables with other users, maintain CRM data, track sales and/or inventory, etc

Databased requirements:

  • PHP 5.1.6 (older versions might work)
  • Apache web server with mod_rewrite enabled (IIS might work, but you’ll need to create a proper web.config file)
  • MySQL (with support for InnoDB tables and foreign keys, without InnoDB foreign keys will be disabled)
  • Root access to your MySQL server
  • phpMyAdmin access to setup the initial database
  • An FTP tool to upload the files


2015-02-11 (v1.4.5)
- fixed: removal of auto_increment on primary key columns when renaming the column
- fixed: not showing SELECT column type on the columns tab
- fixed: permission issue for non-admin users when returning notes from the server
- fixed: problem with importing a CSV file with less then 3 rows
- fixed: bug with read only access to entire database
- fixed: connections don’t update
- fixed: tableTools 2 Requires Datatables 1.9
- fixed: dbmodel->exists() slow when large number of databases
- fixed: can’t delete record note
- improved: better table connections (proper linked data is now showing, rather then the primary ID's in data table view)
- improved data collation/encoding (data and mysql)

2014-05-15 (v1.4.3)
- fixed: issue with trailing “/“ (causing the data view to display “Processing” forever)

2014-05-07 (v1.4.2)
- fixed: issue with viewing record as non admin user
- fixed: small issue with two broken ajax URLs in the database admin panel

2014-05-04 (v1.4.1)
- feature: image and file uploads
- feature: displaying of HTML in data view

2014-05-01 (v1.3.2)
- fixed: column type matching when creating a foreign key relation
- fixed: can’t delete users
- fixed: CSV data imports now compatible with private data
- fixed: missing name for Column 1 when creating new table
- fixed: column handling for messy column names when adding a new column
- fixed: more flexible URL handling, now with or without rewrites
- fixed: table updates after restoring a record revision
- fixed: removed action columns from export
- fixed: remove columns from new table popup
- fixed: broken URL for deletion of record note
- fixed: search filter broken when using tricky column names
- fixed: missing SELECT column type when creating new table
- feature: brute force attack protection
- feature: multi language ready

2014-14-11 (v1.3.1)
- fixed: can’t delete admin users
- fixed: automatically showing new column details in new table popup
- fixed: better support for messy database, table and column names
- feature: CSV imports for new tables
- feature: CSV imports for existing tables
- feature: extended search functionality

2014-03-23 (v1.2.2)
- fixed: missing primary key error message
- fixed: prevent app from deleting main admin user
- fixed: deletion of tables referenced by foreign keys, throws a proper error message

2014-03-22 (v1.2.1)
- fixed: tables without primary key can not be updated
- fixed: the date fields show through the connected data drop down when editing or creating record
- fixed: issues when deleting records referenced by third table
- fixed: take extra care when updating primary key fields
- fixed: getForeignKey using $db
- fixed: deleting a user role when users are assigned that role
- fixed: date picker positioning issues
- fixed: regular users viewing record see “array” instead of actual data
- feature: implemented select columns (choose a value from several pre-defined options)
- feature: private records (user roles can be set to use private records in certain tables, allowing these users access to their own data only)

- fixed: bug with column positioning when updating a column
- fixed: URL get parameters not being properly decoded
- feature: column restrictions
- feature: date columns + date pickers
- fixed: backquotes for tables and columns in quotes (dbmodel, rolemodel and tablemodel)
- fixed: moved action items into it’s own column rather then the primary ID column
- fixed: CSFR token issue
- fixed: missing data column type when creating table
- fixed: missing date picker after entering the first record
- fixed: bug reg deleting records on a subfolder

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