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Hello! I can’t create database. Can you help me?

Invalid Database. The database: test does not exist on this server. Please contact support at

can you set multiple columns as primary so a user cannot make changes to them?

or at least protect them so users cannot make changes.


I have asked the following pre sales question two weeks ago but i haven’t gotten any answer…...???

Hi, Just pre sale questions:-

- I have noticed that this system is few years old, would it be able to work on recent updated c panel online servers (Planned to use it hostgator servers)? – - - Will the system perfectly works is installed on a folder? eg – Any plan of updating it soon OR it is just done?



srtllc Purchased

I have the same problem as KOMPAST-DESIGN

The script has an issue creating a database after installed. It probably needs to be updated to work with all the changes from 2+ years ago. I have an email to support, with no reply yet.

Consider the lack of communication from the developer before purchasing this script.

Can you provide a screenshot of your database.php configuration file? (make sure you blur/mask out the password).


srtllc Purchased

Can you reply through the ticket I have created? Your support keeps going from Codecanyon to the email ticket I setup. I have sent pictures of all requests and data but not sure if you are seeing them.


srtllc Purchased

This was my fault. I was confused about the Full Root requirement and my shared hosting, which does not support full root. I will purchase the Personal Edition for this.

The program lags when I import a csv to create table, and never creates the table. But I can manually create tables.

Make sure the permissions on the tmp folder are set correctly.

Can i make the rows highlight in a certain color based on on columns data?

I reckon this would be possible, but you’d need to modify the script for this to work.

Is it possible on the import to update an existing field in the table if it is there or to insert if none exists?

I’m afraid that’s not possible :(

csv import does not work, even going so far as 777 on tmp does nothing. if there is a fix please post.

The download folder is missing the install folder, When I downloaded the file orginally it had an install folder. Am I missing something?

The only reason I am trying to reinstall, is because it uploads the csv for creating a table but only puts the headers and no data

Hi dwhisman15,

My apologies for the confusion, I was under the assumption you were referring to the Personal version of Databased. The Server edition does not have an install script, it needs to be installed manually.

OK, I was able to get the install done manually. But I am getting a blank screen when i go to the main page

Does the plugin still work in 2017? Do you currently provide support? Thanks

Yes, the plugin does work. However, we’re no longer offering active support.

Does this plugin support Shortcode? Possible to display data table in a page and display facebook username in a column? Need Something associated with facebook graph api and allow only login with Facebook for users to input the data into the fields. Not sure if give clear question

After install it presents blank page nothing else. I am trying for many months with no success. Tried in dedicated servers

Try editing /index.php and the environment to “development”. This should result in the error being shown on your screen.

After uploading and setup when time of login when I try to login and enter username and password it redirect back to login page.

I like your databased application and i want to buy but i have some questions…

is it possible to create a form linked to the database to allow members to register online with their data into the database?

Can some fields be hidden from the member registration form for only administrative (only admin can update those fields) ?

When members register it possible to record the date they registered to the database automatically ??

We have started customizing the software. Is there scripts for the unit testing available by any chance? I’m willing to pay for it.

Hi chenster,

Unfortunately, we do not have those scripts available :(

Just wanted to find out if you’re still updating this code, Im in need of an Online Data Container like this. Also, if you’re updating are you able to be contracted to modify this script to take User Payments (Maybe PayPal) when viewing the users database? Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi James_D,

Unfortunately, we’re not planning on releasing any updates for this product.

Hi, i have around 50K data from three different databases db1, db2, db3, i want to use your application to display db1, db2,db3 data. Here my requirement is db1 has total 10k records where i want to display 2k for two employees and 2k for another set of two users and so on, how to put limitations like this ? And if one user is putting some notes entries on that record that should be visible to that particular user only, it shouldn’t display to another user. Kindly advise

Hi..after installation of this theme. it works well. but i having a hard time to create new database . i can not create new database . ..still struggling to find a way. I like to know if it is possible that this theme can be installed perfectly at shared hostiing or we need to have seperate hosting.

also if you can help me or have service for installation pls let me know my email is


Be sure you configure the application to use a MySQL user with ROOT permissions; using s regular MySQL won’t work.