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hello.. i want to ask before buy this script

what’s the difference this code with this code (personal-edition with application-platform)

to import data from csv file, how much amount of data can import using this code? I have 8 thousand data, can I import 8 thousand data at once?

and this code no export feature and print feature not user friendly, can i modify if i buy this code?and how to modify?

Invalid Database The database: xxx does not exist on this server. Please contact support at

Can anyone help me?

Does this work with php 7.0

there is any way to create custom columns names? i mean instead of AddressLine1 -> Address Line

using SQL Aliases

After following the install instructions, all im getting is a black page. Have checked both config and database php files. all the entries are right. Not sure why it isn’t working. Can you help

Ok go it working, i can login now, but cant add databases.

getting this error after i enable debugging. Any help would be really appreciated.

A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1044

Access denied for user ‘*’@’%’ to database ‘


Filename: /nfs/c06/h05/mnt/187139/domains/

Line Number: 726


ajitgill Purchased

Have couple of questions.

How do you change the main login page logo ?

When i create a new user. The user gets the email with username and password and link to the login page. The link that the user gets contains an extra login at the end of the link, thus leading to a 404 page not found. Where can I edit this this link that is sent to user after the account is created.

is it possible to disable HTML editor option when adding/updating column data ?

Thanks in advance.

The logo can be changed in this view file: /application/views/shared/nav.php

Email templates are located in /application/views/auth/email

It’s not possible to disable the HTML editor option.

Hello, I need to be able to edit a CSV file online. I assuming I can just set up Databased to work on the CSV and import/export as needed?

Here is a google link to the CSV I am working on.


You can import your CSV into the application and then work on it.

Hi I just bought this tool only I’m afraid my hosting is not suitable for this. Can I trade it for the Databased – Personal Edition because I think that would work on my server. Hope you can help me. Thank you! Best, Merel

The problem is that I think I don’t have ROOT acces