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Hi, I also have a problem like “Asopo” user above to create a new users account. Instead of creating account and displaying them under USERS menu in a list, it creates accounts in my Database next to root account of whole DB server. I have sent you request to Support team. No errors are displaying, creating a new user goes well, I use WAMP server. If I understand new user account can be used to “login” into the system where roles can be set/applied for specific user having different permissions for different tables! correct? I need a few users with different permissions that can login to Databased app and modify records.

System has only one admin account [] [password] and I would like to have a few accounts that have different permission and have access to one database for manipulation its records in tables.

Regards, raffall

Hi raffall,

Have you received a reply back from our support department?

- Zoe

Yes, I got the answer and everything is working on my Localhost. I have sent you one more message yesterday to your support team and i will wait for your answer. thank you for your help.

Hello, I’ve got error when trying to login with a specific user role. Could please help me on this matter. thank you

Hi hjabul,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Please kindly submit the issue through our help desk located at Thanks!

- Zoe

Hello This is Pre Sales Question. I would like to know that if we are able to have front-end data input fields and when someone submits the information, it will show in backend also. A bit like directory. Fields to be access from front-end would be Name Email Phone Address Please provide information. Thank You

Hi InvestBureau,

Yes, you can do those things with Databased.

- Zoe

Hey Zoe, I logged in the Back-end but do not see the option to view form type fields on the front end? Am I missing something? Please share a URL link. ... Thank you

Hi- I have problems with login page. I get it over and over again. I left a message here: thanks


Hi blackmilky,

I am sorry to hear you have not yet received a response from our support staff. Do you have a ticket ID so I can check your ticket’s status? Thanks!

- Zoe

About to buy this because it is literally the exact thing I have been looking for and I have a plan to customize it for a marketing database; however,, since I am an IT guy, I know my workplace recently bought it and couldn’t install it because after plugging in the DB details, visiting the site would result in a “page isn’t working’ error. Any idea why that might happen? Will I encounter problems if I buy it?

Hi EnvatoUser123456,

We are not aware of any open issues with Databased; so we would suggest your employer submits a ticket through our help desk so we can look into his problem and hopefully come up with a solution.

- Zoe

Hi, I send you a support ticket but I don’t have any answer. I have the problem with the login. No way of login. The DB connection is right but don’t work. Please help me. My ticket ID is 3561

I openend a ticket on envato to refund my money. this is not seriously.

Hi Josep_M,

Sorry to hear about this :( However, it’s clearly stated that this product is no longer supported.

- Zoe


First you say that I must open a ticket (in fact you ask for the ticket number) and now you say that isn’t supported. Sorry, but I want my money back please.