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admob ? Interstitial / Banner ?

There is no admob, nor banner.

can you implement admob interstitial ads?

yes, I think only on that page it can be implemented?

Yes, I will implement these soon..

Hi I purchased…. please update with admob

when you implement ads then we can buy it.

I don’t see APK file in download?

I have just included the apk in the main zip. You will get a notification when my update has been reviewed, then download again please.

What software is needed to edit the code of this widget?

Eclipse and ADT plugin, or you could use Android Studio

Hi, how do I open this in Android Studio? Which ever file I try I get errors.

what kind of errors did you get?

I can open the project but when I test run in the emulator I get the message “Unfortunately, DataStats has stopped”

Could you send me the log in email?

Will do. Where do I find your address?

what after restart show N/A?

in how much time you’ll deliver the app?

You can download instantly after the purchase, as we discussed in email.

hello were you able to implement Admob.

I didn’t implement yet.


1. Suppose i limit my usage to 100 MB. Is there a provision to reset usage counter to 30? If no can you provide the same.?

2. How do i reset counter to zero? Manually?

i want to purchase script can u please connect through skype – pradeepgupta.dabra

i have some query before purchase.

Is it possible to install app in multiple Mobile & Can set their WIFI Data using limits through One system, should be password protected.

Kindly Reply Skype – pradeepgupta.dabra Email – pradeepgupta.dabra@gmail.com