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Wonderful Job! Congratulations and good luck with sales. I’ll purchase for my regarding projects definitely!

Thanks @brucealmond! We always trying to do all the best.

Amazing Visual Composer add-on I’ve ever seen in the market. I’ll definitely use this add-on as soon as possible! Great job guys.

Best Regards Alyssa

Thanks so much @alyssaui. When you want to buy/use our addons, they are ready for you :)


Kevin J.

Great job themeofwp. I’ve added to my favorites your items. When the time comes up I’ll be purchase.

Thanks for preferring our items!

Test Drive Sandbox login pass?

Can you give us a bit feedback? did you logged?

ok! I didn’t understant that i can use it when create a page with Visual Composer.

Just you need to add “Data Table” element and set the setting and click to ”+” icon for the nested elements and add your table items. Or you can use “Raw HTML” into the main element. Make sense?

The Live Test Drive is asking for an Admin username and password, what are these?

You don’t need to login and pass for test drive just click to login automatically this url

if you have any problem with login please let me know again.

Can you give us a bit feedback? did you logged?

Pre-purchase question: Can we reorder/sort tbody and table elements ?

Certainly you can do both easily. Thanks for your interested.

here is the 10.000+ records with our plugin

Hi Does your plugin allow an import of a csv, excel table file?

Hey there, thanks for the interest! we are planning to release within one week later or earlier. I hope it works for you. :)

okay will keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks

Yep also we’ll update you about this with this topic!

how many rows can added to one table?

here is the 10.000+ records with our plugin

135 page .. 10 records for each = 10000+ record ??? how come?

Sorry for previous information 1.000+ rows sample 10.000+ lines of code data

Hi, I want create a responsive table showing a list of team members and be able to insert an image of each employee in each row with their details, also one of the columns will link to their profile page, is this possible with this plugin? also it needs to have a search function?

Everything is possible you’ve mentioned with this plugin without the linked table items with an image. But we can update it with image and link support this plugin.

Thanks for your questions and interested.

Jenny B.

here is the 10.000+ records with our plugin

How can I easily copy and paste info from a table in an excel file? So far, all I can see is that I have to add each value manually 1 by 1? I must be wrong.

Hey there thanks for the using our plugin. Fİrst of all you can use like this (Also we2ll add this feature to the plugin.)

Also, you can do that manually. And plugin has predefined templates for this. If you want to see them click on Template’s section in the VC and click to use them with one click.

Regards Kevin J.

You mentioned 2 months ago in another comment that you’ll add an excel import feature to the tool in a week. It’s been 2 months and still nothing.

Also, VC already has a raw HTML element that I can use and if I have to use then why do I even need your plugin? Your plugin is useless…

Yes, you’re right we mentioned that a several months ago but we are planning to add new features to our plugins. As you imagine these improvements takes a lot of time. Why didn’t use live test drive before the purchase item and you didn’t satisfy with the plugin you can request a refund instead of worst reviews or wait for our updates. Also, we never mentioned about in the item details “the plugin does make import data from excel.”

Hello recently purchased your plugin and i cant seem to find where I can add table data? How does it work do I need to add data to my table one by one or can I import an existing table from another source?

Your support site is down I tried to open it to view your forums…

All right then, thanks for your patience! we’ll be inform about the updates.



Is it possible to put a condition to display only some lines on a specific page e.g name=Ketty ?

Thank you

Hey there I think you need to write a custom query like this Q&A I hope those help to you.


Kevin JOY

Hello! Unfortunately your Live Sandbox does not work anymore – the page displays “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”. Could you pleas check? Best regards, Jan

Thanks for the pointed this issue to us. Unfortunately, form some security reason we have to remove the live test.

Thanks Kevin JOY

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)


Great Work, Congratulations GLWS


How can I easily copy and paste info from a table in an excel file?

Hey there simply follow this steps and you@ll see the raw data inside of the data table. You can insert easily like this.