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Hello , I’ am trying to publish a chart on my site and getting a error Invalid JSON string: [] I figured out that this [] represents the title of a chart which is actual empty.

var options = {packages: [‘corechart’], callback : drawChart}; google.load(‘visualization’, ‘1’, options);

function drawChart() {
    var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([["Land","Land"],["China",35451],["Turkey",467],["United States",589],["India",232],["Germany",415],["Thailand",194],["Ukraine",311],["Russia",442],["Vietnam",213],["Netherlands",102],["United Kingdom",51],["Brazil",48],["France",77],["Republic of Korea",45],["Czechia",25],["Republic of Moldova",5],["Egypt",4],["Bulgaria",5],["Japan",9],["Italy",14],["Taiwan",3],["Hong Kong",5],["Hungary",1],["Poland",3],["Colombia",1],["Serbia",1],["Argentina",1],["Greece",1],["Republic of Lithuania",1],["Armenia",1],["Bangladesh",1],["Ecuador",2],["Australia",1],["Norway",1],["Chile",1],["Israel",1],["Iceland",1],["Romania",1],["Zimbabwe",1],["Slovak Republic",1],["Panama",1]]);
    var options = [];
    var chart = new google.visualization.BarChart(document.getElementById('dts-chart'));
    chart.draw(data, options);

In preview mode the chart is shown. Can you please check that issue

Strange, never seen this before. could you please provide us a temporary wp admin access so we can take a look?


nvaley Purchased

Hi, this plugin looks amazing, but I wonder if this is working for Wordpress 4.7. Could you please confirm? thanks!

Hi, We have bought a plugin from you, but we have an issue with it when we load the page it loads all the feed first and then show 10 feeds. I mean to say it slow down the page loading. As on your demo table are loading only 10 feeds. In my case it loads all the table values and then show 10 feeds. Kindly answer me? Its version is 1.2.3.

Some Presale questions for you

1. When using an image url, how does the size get defined in the table? What is the default size widthxheight?

2. You previously mentioned in some of your comments that others asked, that Contact Form 7.

3. If you pull from contact form 7, how does it render attached files that are images or special filetypes like .pdf or .xls

4. How does this interact with Custom post types?

5. Is the data that’s stored in the tables search by wordpress default search?

I’d like to use this plugin as I see it very useful but I’m trying to figure a way on how I can do so.

a. I’m looking to list out themes vs plugin and compare them with one another. So what’s the best way to display this data using a table. Should I make table for every theme and list plugins that will eventually result in hundreds of tables for the various of themes, or is there a way to create 1 table that has a drop down field for Themes, and based on the theme title selected, it will show what plugins are compatible based on the chosen theme that will pull a report generated by users (see blow).

b. I’d like to have users be able to submit the data and have it build itself, rather than manually entering everything. Maybe some how leveraging contact form 7 in which they fill out the fields and the table renders it.

c. Once the data is there, can I export it to any given format, xsl, csv, google spreadsheet?

Hi there, I think I had contacted you in the last month or so about limiting the number of results returned when executing a query.

We have 29K entries in a table and it is taking some time to load – is there anyway for us to have it load one page of results at a time?

I have installed your plugin today and it has left my site extremely slow. I cannt even get the plugin to load most of the time.

I am using excel to upload my date. If I cannt speed this up I will require a refund on the plugin

I am using a csv file to as my data source. I want to have a link column to a page on my web site. Link is not working. How do i fix this Thanks

Any thoughts on allowing MySQL data sources to include placeholders for dynamic queries? I have a data map and would like to allow the user to filter the data and have the map automatically update. For example, my data set includes geolocation data based on timestamped entries. I would like to be able to filter by a timestamp range from the MySQL today to map only a subset of the data.

Pre-sale question. I really like your plugin DATA SOURCE, very smartly done. I’m looking for a plugin that can mainly display maps with datas. The only thing missing in yours is the ability to display html hotspot tooltips. For exemple, I need to display a fruit picture or video by country with enriched text and I need it to be very simple to manage for my client. Could we imagine a little plugin enhancement: to add a custom post type “map items” with “map items categories”, then if we want to make a map with enlighted countries with marker or plain color we just choose the category and it will display in the tooltip the datas from the items in this category. So for exemple, a category “Strawberries Culture in Europe » will have 1 subcategory per country to enlight : France, Spain, Italy, etc then the item for each country tooltip content checked in the subcategory with the country name, also this subcategory could have a color picker to choose or change size of the marker. So it would be super fast and easy to make a beautiful map graph just by selecting the category to display. What do you think about the idea?

Sorry for the delay with the reply. Thank you for your suggestion! I think it’s a good idea, so we will think about adding this feature to the next versions.

Hi, want to customize to support SQL Server DB as well. Can you please guide me with documents?


renaum Purchased

The charts are not responsive to phone rotation. Small charts in vertical orientation aren’t resized when changed to horizontal. You need to reload the page. The same applies for charts loaded in horizontal. They aren’t resized when the phone is changed to vertical.

Is this going to be fixed?

Thank you for your report. Yes, it is a known issue. It is already on our todo list.

Can I still buy this plugin is still active. Can I insert the shortcode in my visual composer text box? Is this compatible with all themes?

Hi, A Pre Sale Question. Can we create a chart on the fly based on data from a Custom post Type created with Wp-toolset? Vijay

I am trying to create a graph for a swimmer for a specific event with his timings plotted against time. Time is via event date stored in a timestamp format and timings are text. Both are custom fields under a custom post type swim times. I am using the plugin Wp-toolset for creating Custom post types and display them

Now this plugin allows Custom search On one page I have a search form which has 3 fields Name of the swimmer (Which is a parent CPT to the Swim Times CPT). Now the parameters are passed using the following url Now is it possible to pass on the parameters dynamically for example wpv-pr-child-of = Swimmer name wpv-course-type = Taxonomy and swim-type = Swim Type

Thanks Vijay

Date Format—> My dates are reported as long strings rather than formated as M/DD/YYYY. How can the format be changed?

I am trying to use the map feature in your plug in. With the known issue of Mime types in Wordpress how do I use the .csv option to upload my data to display a map?

Thanks in advance

Hi have you been able to introduce json sources? I would like to use json sources from an api to create maps/charts. Is this possible with this plugin now? Thanks Adam


Im having an issue.

PHP Warning: fgetcsv() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/copypart/public_html/wp-content/plugins/data-source/classes/providers/csv.php on line 105

I see error on my log files. The file gets to over 5GB very fast.

Please help.


This creates an infinite loop and my log files get big within minutes
Please help

help please!!

Author does not offer any support, this module should not be available on

Hi. Just bought this and it’s nice and easy to use. I see in the comments that it should be possible to group date. I really need this feature. Is it documented somewhere?

Hi, very good idea.

Is it possible to generate dynamic tables for the end user?

Is it possible to download the data, for example from the post table to a file in Excel after making the table?