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I just purchased this plugin and already I love it! I do need some help, however to adjust the x and y axis on the bar graph. I’m looking to have the labels of the cells/ fields be on the bottom (x axis) and the totals (numerical totals/ sums) be the y axis. How do I do this? I can provide you with wpadmin access as well as the purchase code if you need.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for your comment! Sure. Could you please send us more details (what values you want to assign to x, y axises) with a temporary wp-admin access so we can help you with the configuration? Thanks!

You can send us a private message using a form Email CodeTiburon_Support at this page.

Has the issue with Google sheets been resolved yet? I read that after Google changed the way that they handed Google Sheets and that the plugin no longer worked with Google Sheets. I want to buy the plugin but only to use with Google Sheets. Does this work? or should I look elsewhere?

The plugin work with Google Spreadsheets using Publish feature. You can publish the desired tab using “Publish to the Web” option and selecting CSV as an output. The plugin will download CSV file by URL each time, so changes you make to the spreadsheet will be reflected in a DataSource. Please note, at the current version, there are some limitations with merged cells – they are not fully supported.
You can also send us a private message with your docs URLs so we will check how they work with our plugin and show you the result. Thanks!


griva Purchased

Is it possible to give an animation effect to the graphics when it appears?

Unfortunately no, in the current version there is no such option


I already installed the plugin, and I´m getting charge delay of the table in mobile devices, here is the link test:

There is a way to fix that?


This is because your table contains a large number of entries (4635). Please note, all table data (from all pages) is loaded when the page is opened and, unfortunately, at the current version, there is no option to change this.

hi. have a webservice and xlm output for metrics. change every hour. if point this chats to xml onlne, have changes in realtime:::

Hi, I can’t edit the Data charts. Show the message “Don’t load dts-charts.”

Could you help me please.


Thanks this is pretty cool

I have created a Data Map with about 100 Lines, Location defined as Text. It’s working, but very slow. Is this normal?