Data File

Data File

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If you want to store data in a file this class is the perfect solution, you can easily manage the data with no knowledge of how to store it required.

You can use this system to create a comments system or blog, or any system that would typically need a database with a few simple files.
But don’t think of it as something for people with no MySQL access, you could also use Data File to store config information for your project such as the database username and password.

Key Features:

  • Easily store data
  • Easily manage data
  • Can store any type of data
  • Light weight system
  • Secure files
  • Well documented

Documentation preview:
Comments system using Data File:

Comparison with MySQL
Data File
10000 Inserts: 0.02156400680542
10000 Selects: 0.0066959857940674

10000 Inserts: 0.90946888923645
10000 Selects: 0.042078018188477

NOTE: the code for the comment system is also included, as is an example of storing config for a database using Data File.

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