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The sliding does not go smoothly in Firefox, it just jumps very shaky to the next slide. This happens both when you click the next circle and when you click the next, previous and play buttons. Could you provide a fix for this issue?

Another issue: I’d like it to only go to the next event when I click the next BUTTON and when I click a CIRCLE. Not when I click somewhere on the page. I have a video inside the slider but I can’t stop the video because it will just go to the next event!

Are you still available for support at all?

Looks incredible in chrome/IE…but doesn’t style at all with iOS!

What would be the easiest way to embed into a Wordpress page?

Hi, lovely piece of work but my website is built on Wordpress. How can I implement this into one page please? If I add it to the header won’t it be visible on every page?

Thanks Kim

I would like to purchase this plugin, but just need to know if the Read More option works, i.e. does it display a popup window with additional information? Excellent work…

hello, the plugin works on Safari Mobile (iPad) but not on Safari Mobile (iPhone). What could be the problem?


It has animation problem in Firefox and Opera. Did you fix it?

I would like to buy this great script, but before I need a fix with Firefox. As igerards says, the script work fine on IE/Opera/Chrome, but with FF when you click on a date, the timeline jump directly without smooth scroll effect :(.

There is an issue to fix yhe smooth scroll on FF. Download an uncompressed version of « jmpress.js » here : and apply the patch on the « jmpress.js » found here :

hi; is it possible without link tag (#/step-1)?

and 1 more issue: i make “false” to mousewheel but problem this when mouse on the script mousewheel doesnt work for page, how can i fix that?

Hi, I am facing some issue. when I load for the first time TimeLine works completly fine but when I try to load it again it gives me error : Method reselect does not exist on jQuery.jmpress and due to this keyboard and mouse events are stoped working.

hi will this work with joomla?

I love this time looks awesome . Just a few questions ?

1) is it build with Jquery 2) how far back can the time go. Can i take it back to the big bang

Hi, looks great!

Is it possible to display months instead of years? So Jan and Feb replace the current 2012, 2013 in the demo.

Also, can the date format be changed for UK? ( 25/12/2014 )

Hi dregbiin, you can put any text to the year and date label, it’s written in the html so you can modify it as you want! Thanks!

Hi, I want to know that the page stops scrolling when it reaches on timeline.. How can I disable that thing?? And I have disabled mouse wheel scroll on timeline also.

Hi nomi_leo, it can be done by add one line code in to the source code. Send me an email for more detail. Thanks!!!

HI, I mailed you regarding the I mentioned above.

Hi, how do I use this in Wordpress?

And i found this wordpress plugin which may make it easy.

do you have any examples of how this looks when it is not full screen… I would like to integrate this into my site (php) – but I would like to see how it looks first…

Great plugin. I do have a question. When I scroll down the page using the mouse wheel it stops on the timeline. Almost like it captures your mouse and then have to click out and keep scrolling.


webeing Purchased

Hi guys! I need to add an event on milestones or nav click and scroll. More specific I need that when i click on a milestone or scrolling for each content, it adds an in-line style at main dasky div.

Thankyou all!


webeing Purchased

Good Morning, I can’t figure out why the plugin works well on Android Mobile with Chrome, Firefox but it doesn’t works on any iPhone browsing with Safari, Chrome or Firefox. How can I solve this? Thanks